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Farage Challenges Jezza to TV Debate.

Updated on May 6, 2019

Brexit Party Leader: Nigel Farage.

Labour leader: Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking on Sky News, on the Sophy Ridge Show, Mr Farage, revealed he would love a live TV debate, with Labour's, Jeremy Corbyn. Such a TV debate should be aired before the EU elections, in June.

Mr Farage seems, to feel that there are many disaffected Labour supporters, who have or would come flocking to his party, 'The Brexit Party'. Certainly, Mr Farage may have a point, those on the right of Labour, that is Labour voters, not happy with the parties surge left, may find a happy home in the Brexit party. Also, those Labour voters, who voted to leave, may be attracted to what Nigel Farage, has to say, about leaving the EU.

Mr Farage has said, Labour's policy on leaving the EU, is unclear. Mr Farage again may have a point, it seems on Brexit and on other issues, Mr Corbyn appears to show an air of 'couldn't care less'. Of course, that may not be the case, but that is how it comes over sometimes, with Mr Corbyn, on the media.

Sophy Ridge asked Mr Farage, who the unknown donor was, who donated £100,000 to his party's coffers. Mr Farage, shot back that he would not reveal the name of the donor, at this present time. However, Sophy Ridge continued to press Mr Farage over the matter, who said if he revealed who the donor was, the media would be camped outside, his house.

Sophy Ridge, rhetorically, pressed home the point again, about the anonymous donor. Mr Farage, somewhat annoyed by now, said he would reveal the name of the donor, after July.

Mr Farage made a point of his own on the programme, saying would Sophy Ridge, push 'Change UK' (Remainers party) over who funded them? To which Sophy Ridge replied she would, this seemed to satisfy Mr Farage.

Despite, Mr Farage, dismissing his old party, as a thing of the past, UKIP, are still around. Their leader, Gerard Batten, having hired, Tommy Robinson, as a so-called advisor, appears to have, reinvigorated the party. In 2015, the last local elections before last weeks local elections, UKIP, were wiped out in many parts of the country. With many ex-UKIP voters, instead, voting Conservative. Last week, at the local elections, UKIP, managed to hold what seats they had and avoided destruction. Since the shambolic mess, the Tories have made of trying to get the UK out of the EU, it is possible, one time UKIP voters (who voted Conservative) have come back to the now, Farage-less party.

When the time comes, for the EU parliamentary elections, leavers will have a clear cut choice, between UKIP and The Brexit Party.

Firebrand supporter of The Brexit Party: George Galloway.

The Brexit Party.

Founded by Catherine Blaiklock.

Party founded in January 2019.

Party wants to fight elections in the UK and the European Union.

Catherine Blaiklock stepped down over alleged Islamophobic Tweets.

Nigel Farage became the new leader.

Party is described as politically on the right and Eurosceptic.

Eight MEPs have since joined Brexit Party.

Despite having only one policy, that of removing the UK, from the EU, Farage said the party will publish, manifesto, on other policies, after the EU elections.

Farage states on the party's website, getting the UK out of the EU, is but the beginning, for the party.

Wants to challenge Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, to a TV debate, before EU elections.

Tory heavyweight, Ann Widdecombe, has joined the party and will more than likely, be standing, as a candidate for the party at EU elections.

Sister of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Tory arch-Brexiteer, has joined the party and will be standing in Peterborough by-election, on 6 June, Annunziata Rees-Mogg.

On the party's website, it announces, "We are the 17.4 million", referring to the 52% of the UK's population, who voted leave in 2016.

Brexit Party is expected to wipe the board of other parties come the EU elections, with most damage, it is speculated, being done to the Conservatives.


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