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Farage hopes this will be the breakthrough.

Updated on May 6, 2016
The ever upbeat leader of UKIP Nigel Farage hoping his party will do well across the UKIP because of problems the Labour and Conservative parties are having internally also on anti - EU feelings in the British populace.
The ever upbeat leader of UKIP Nigel Farage hoping his party will do well across the UKIP because of problems the Labour and Conservative parties are having internally also on anti - EU feelings in the British populace. | Source
UKIP banner.
UKIP banner. | Source
Jezza (Jeremy Corbyn) as he is known in the British press has much to prove to his own party as leader and in these elections in the UK.
Jezza (Jeremy Corbyn) as he is known in the British press has much to prove to his own party as leader and in these elections in the UK. | Source
David Cameron may face a hammering in the polls across the UK.
David Cameron may face a hammering in the polls across the UK. | Source

Nigel Farage was quite upbeat today as he announced that UKIP would make a breath through across the English council elections, Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh and the mayoral elections across the UK in cities.

It is possible the electorate fed up of being told what to do by Brussels as they see it will vote out when it comes to the in/out EU vote on 23 June may nail their colours to the UKIP mast as it were. Mass immigration from the EU could also be another thing that makes anti - EU voters flock to Farage's banner and also Obama's view that the British people when it comes to the EU vote should vote to stay in.

Plus the establishment parties like the Conservatives and Labour are in the middle of a sort of civil war. The Conservatives find themselves embroiled in MPs who are wanting the UK to stay in and those who want out while Labour is trying its hardest to show that it is not an alleged anti - Semitic party with MPs and Labour Councillors being suspended whilst an internal investigation takes place.

Jeremy Corbyn in a way has more to prove than David Cameron in these elections as if he hopes to one day take the Labour party to election victory and be the next Prime Minister polls like these will need him and his party to achieve respectable results if not wins. It is imagined in the London mayoral election Sadiq Khan who served as justice minister under Ed Miliband maybe the next mayor of London and the first Muslim mayor of London. His Conservative opponent Zac Goldsmith has thrown everything he can at Khan but is it enough ?

For David Cameron however like his buddy Obama he is in the end game of his occupancy at 10 Downing Street as he will not be standing again come the 2020 election. It is possible by then Jeremy Corbyn if he is still Labour leader maybe facing Boris Johnson or George Osborne as his Conservative rival for the job of Prime Minister.

Farage is hoping the towns of Rotherham and Thurrock will fall to UKIP and it does seem UKIP do connect with much of the British electorate but mainly in England. It was the First Pass the Post system of voting that put a spanner in the works of UKIP not doing well in last year's general election and had the British system of voting been more representative of other parties than it was reckoned UKIP would have had 80 MPs in the House of Commons rather than just the one.

I feel UKIP and I am unshamedly biased in this could given the chance offer a real alternative for the UK. Also how the UK votes in the in/out EU referendum will affect the party but even if the UK votes to remain in Europe there is no reason why UKIP should disband just as the SNP or Scottish National Party did not disband when Scotland decided to vote for staying in the UK.

UKIP advertising sign.
UKIP advertising sign. | Source

A short history of UKIP.

UKIP or the United Kingdom Independence Party emerged out of the Euro - sceptic members of the Conservative party and formed in 1991. They were then known as the Anti - Federalist League and gradually changed their name to UKIP to suit their beliefs.

They were regarded as a one policy party with leaving the EU as their primary goal and it seemed to have no other polices so they became known for a time as one issue party.

However when Farage became leader they developed more policies and became popular as they targeted the UK's Native British working class who felt disenfranchised and left behind by parties such as Labour that had traditionally represented people like that.

Although UKIP describe themselves as a libertarian party political scientists would categorise them as a right wing populist party similar to other parties that have emerged in Europe. These parties like UKIP tend to be anti - EU and against immigration whether it be from the EU or outside the EU.

Nigel Farage their current leader who resigned after last years general election but was given his job back as the party refused to accept his resignation is a very colourful and outspoken person. He loves nothing more than to have a pint down his local and appear to be one of the lads.

He is known for taking on big wigs in the European Parliament and is not afraid to confront what he thinks is wrong about the EU and the UK's membership of it.

The party has sometimes been accused of being racist and while some of their members who have held far right opinions have been suspended or sacked UKIP do have a following if a small one in the ethnic populations of the UK outside the majority Native British one.

Farage himself is from a middle class background and went to Dulwich college in London and had a job in the city. He was a member of the Conservative party but left to join UKIP Later on as the Conservative party did not suit him or his views.

UKIP despite only gaining 1 MP were the third largest party when it came to votes in last year's general election.

In last night's elections across the country it would appear they have done well particularly in the English council elections and the Welsh assembly where it is presumed they have gained 5 seats.

Their big challenge will come on 23 June this year when the British population gets to vote whether it wants to be part of the EU or go its own way and of course as you would expect Nigel Farage is involved with this.


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