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FEAR: Public Enemy Number One

Updated on July 14, 2015

Does the Concept of (Gun Control) Provide a False Sense Of Security?

In the wake of the (Sandy Hook) school shooting, as well as others like Columbine and the Luby's shooting in Texas years ago, gun control is a necessary thing. But how far does it have to go in order to give people a sense of security about gun owners?

Extensive background checks should be mandatory in all cases and some guns, like semi-automatics, should be banned. A person doesn't need a semi-automatic to protect themselves, their home and their family and a person certainly doesn't need a semi-automatic to kill Bambi in the woods. So ultimately, that type of gun has no purpose in civilian hands. It also seems wrong for gun manufacturers and enthusiasts to use tragedies to drum up gun sales by generating fear in the public. The truth of the matter is, no matter how extensive the background check is or how responsible the gun owner is, guns aren't the variable factor, people are.

People are unpredictable. If a person wants to kill someone, there are many ways to go about it. Using a gun is just one method. If a person wants to get a gun and they don't qualify legally, there is probably some black market gun pusher out there that would be willing to sell one out of the back of his trunk. So why does the government get involved and send a false sense of security to the public? Why do gun manufacturers prey on people's insecurities and fears about protection and security? It's a sad thing, but the reality is that there are some really desperate people out there that get a charge out of hurting others. No matter what anybody does to protect themselves, there is still no guarantee of protection--not from the (Second Amendment), the government, law enforcement or gun manufacturers.

So what does one do? It seems fitting for one to arm themselves with the truth. If a person likes guns and wants to own one for whatever reason, including protection, that's okay. A person should just be aware that they have a right to own the gun, but it's no guarantee that they're safe, as a result. The American public should steer clear of fear mongers and understand that the government and law enforcement can only do but so much to protect the public. Only through education and awareness about guns, gun possession and proper conflict resolution among our school children can help stem the tide of needless violence in our society.

How Do You Feel?

Does owning a gun make you feel safer or do you believe it draws bad karma?

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© 2013 Dana Ayres


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Great point ronbergeron. I thought your comment fit well with this Hub because you both advocate education to curb gun violence.

      Most of all, I agree when you said: "I don't think guns are the problem. I think the problem is that people lack respect for each other, themselves, and their society."

      I say that all of the time. Guns have been around forever, but this phenomenon of random mass killings is relatively new. I think we are losing respect for a lot of things, but I think you forgot that we are also losing respect for guns.

    • ronbergeron profile image

      Ron Bergeron 

      3 years ago from Massachusetts, US

      No, I understood the point of your article. I think it would be more persuasive without the apparent semi-automatic/automatic confusion and with a photo of an actual firearm rather than an air pistol.

    • kndashy41 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dana Ayres 

      3 years ago from Houston, TX

      I suspect that you completely missed the purpose of my writing which is to inform the reader that more guns don't solve the problem of gun violence in our society. Education and awareness allay people's fears and destroy age-old stereotypes and assumptions that aid in the violent, gun-toting "culture" that Americans are known for the world over. Thanks for the comment, anyway.

    • ronbergeron profile image

      Ron Bergeron 

      3 years ago from Massachusetts, US

      I suspect that you're confusing "semi-automatic" with "automatic". With a semi-automatic, one round is fired each time you pull the trigger. It can't fire again until you release the trigger and pull it again. The same is true for revolvers, bolt-action rifles, and most shotguns. One trigger pull = one bullet fired.

      An automatic (also known as "fully-automatic") firearm continues to fire rounds for the entire time the trigger is pulled back or until it runs out of ammunition (or malfunctions). One trigger pull = one or more bullets fired.

      I agree that fully automatic weapons don't have a place in typical home defense. Semi-automatics are just as valid and useful as revolvers for defense. Semi-automatics are also very common for sport (target, hunting,etc.) shooting as well. It's more a matter of personal preference and suitability for the particular task.

      I don't think guns are the problem. I think the problem is that people lack respect for each other, themselves, and their society. Most of the troubles start there and cause a variety of problems in many different areas. Guns are often the tool of choice for the people causing the problems, but they use other tools as well.

      Suggestion - Replace the photo of the CO2 pellet gun with one of a real gun. I think that would be more suitable to the topic of fear and gun ownership.


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