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Feast or famine

Updated on May 26, 2009


As a result of recent food safety issues a bill HR 875, The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 introduced by Rosa Delauro - a democratic representative from Connecticut - in February of 2009. sounds innocuous enough - even comforting This bill goes too far by assuming that all food sold has crossed state lines,even food sold at local weekend farmers markets ,roadside stands and CSA's .I remember when Clinton was president,he was trying to make it illegal to grow food in your own backyard garden.

HR 875 as it is written today, could very well mean the end of the vibrant and growing local foods movement. Yes - if it passes - it could herald the death of farmers markets, most CSAs, farmstands and even small organic farmers.

Please oppose HR875. This bill is not about food safety. It is about putting small local farmers and farmers markets out of business. The bill’s promoter Ms. Rose Delaura is married to a political consultant who has worked for Monsanto in the past.This corporation is involved with selling seed that is genetically modified to farmers,who were required to sign a contract in order to buy Monsanto's hybridised or genetically modified seed.They make most of their money by selling pesticides and herbicides not seed They use their pesticide and herbicide resistant seed to sell their pesticides and herbicides.If health and safety is the primary purpose of this legislation maybe congress should take another look at pesticides and herbicides .

Please support local food by opposing this bill.Also this concept of a Food Establishment as a separate entity from a single farm or a single restaurant seems a bit confusing

you can vote for/against H.R.875 at:

Here is an online petition you can sign to help stop HR 875:

Food safety

Do we need to require small local organic farmers to register with the federal government for food safety purposes?

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