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Feeding fear and promoting terror through ignorance

Updated on October 18, 2012

Ignorance Kills

A few moons ago I started to write this Hub but was so incensed by the contents, I took a few weeks off from it... I feel now is a good time to dive in.

My mum forwarded me the following email to which I immediately replied that it was nothing short of anti-Muslim propaganda and then started to research this article to discover the truths behind it. It's a fake. It's a powerful fake because it still continues to land in people's email inboxes and people are still forwarding it. Sensible people are being used by these extremists to spread lies about a race of people... actually not a race, a religion because Islam is worldwide in all colours and countries. If the same were said about another religion, I'd be equally incensed. Hell, lies are told about my faith, paganism all the time and only showing people the inaccuracies of those lies and giving them facts helps give a true overview.

My point here is research your information before forming an opinion, especially where hatred towards a group of society are concerned. Google is a fantastic tool to use as is

To the email, I will comment further after this main body of text. Remember this is still doing the rounds and the damage is still being done.

This is a translation of an article from a Spanish newspaper written by a Catholic Spaniard before the "Danish Cartoon" exercise.

It is not a recent article, but it does make you think. But please do remember that not all 20 million Muslims in Europe have "brought us stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty due to an unwillingness to work and support their families with pride." Unfortunately it is not entire untruthful either. And I wish Europe, as many other countries do, would start to make demands on the quality of people who are invited to come live here.

All European life died in Auschwitz
By Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez

I walked down the street in Barcelona, and suddenly discovered a terrible truth:

Europe died in Auschwitz. We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims.

In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, and talent. We destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world.
The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science, art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the world. These are the people we burned.

And under the pretense of tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism, we opened our gates to 20 million Muslims, who brought us stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty due to an unwillingness to work and support their families with pride.

They have turned our beautiful Spanish cities into the third world, drowning in filth and crime. Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they plan the murder and destruction of their naïve hosts. And thus, in our misery, we have exchanged culture for fanatical hatred, creative skill for destructive skill, intelligence for backwardness and superstition.

We have exchanged the pursuit of peace of the Jews of Europe and their talent for hoping for a better future for their children, their determined clinging to life because life is holy, for those who pursue death, for people consumed by the desire for death for themselves and others, for our children and theirs.

What a terrible mistake was made by miserable Europe.

My reply:

Hitler wasn't a Muslim he was a fanatical Christian. That article originates from an extremist Jew who is trying to say that the millions of Jews, gays and any enemies of the state resulted in the death of Europe? What about the other prison camps around the world? What about Japan - they aren't Muslim killing Jews, they just killed anyone really regardless of race etc. What about the UK and all the other countries who struggled to maintain their identities and fight for everyone’s freedom? This article is an insult to them and their legacies. All it is doing is riling up the masses of idiots who believe the propaganda to believe that Muslims are evil, are a disease spreading thru the world. There was a time when OUR race conquered the world, took over its cultures and assimilated it's populations to believe what we wanted or we killed them. In those days, it was an Empire, these days, its called extremism... go figure.

By the way, the article is a fake -
oh and the email about them not teaching about the holocaust in uk schools is also false

My mum:

Naomi, I don’t take this seriously, I sent it on as I thought it might provoke thought in you, and I was right!!!!!! I have Muslims here, I don’t judge people on class, creed or religion, I was only joking when you sent your response. love you, mum xxx

My reply:

ok... it just does my head in that people forward this shit to others... it can't look good mum.. you didn't express an opinion like 'what a load of rubbish' you have to be careful - copy n paste names into google/search engine and look things up. I've just been thinking of the rubbish in that article and was thinking about Gallopi where all races fought with our troops against the Nazis, that part of the world is mainly Muslim and then there's these lot who invented some of the most important things in the world - all muslim so.... now you know this stuff... forward the info to DISPROVE the lies.

Love you too xxxx

So looking at the information I gave my mum about this trash article. If you look on there never was a plan to stop teaching about the Hollocaust in schools as it would ‘offend Muslims’. Our own education minister decides what goes on the curriculum so if the important message of war isn’t taught in our schools, it should be addressed at those who make the decisions. On that subject my 10 year old niece had to do some homework on Anne Frank. So using the internet, we researched it and I helped her do a three page article about Anne’s world, the Nazi’s and prison camps. There were some pictures of people in the death camps, piles of bodies and the place where Anne died. It was a real eye-opener for my niece. What did her teacher say? ‘It’s a bit harsh’ wtf is this woman on? How else can you describe those places of death and the way Europe was only 60 years ago???? Stupid woman, shouldn’t be teaching.

The claim in the main article about Muslim’s being good for nothing also incensed me so I looked that up too. Throughout time they invented/discovered: coffee; pinhole cameras (10th Century); chess; in 852AD experimental flights and the first parachute; soap; distillation – the founders of modern chemistry; 1206AD crankshafts and other mechanical devices such as pistons and valves; quilting; high arches in architecture creating higher cathedrals etc; 10th century – surgical instruments still used today; windmills; fountain pens; inoculations back in 1700’s before Pasteur’s; 3-course meals; cheques; carpets; 500 years before Galileo they discovered the earth wasn’t flat; during the Crusades, they used Chinese gunpowder and worked out how to make rockets and they are the inventors of gardens used for pleasure. So in fact they invented pretty much the basis of all modern day life? But these were Muslims from all over the world.

Don’t forward those hate-emails and text messages. Sometimes they are funny and we shouldn’t lose our humour and as a nation, we love to take the piss out of everything. Spreading hate in the form of such articles need to be stomped on. The creator of the article doesn’t even exist – a nom de plume for a bunch of racists who pump fear into the world playing on people’s ignorance to spread their message of hate.

Sure I have issues with terrorism but our war on terror isn’t on Islam!


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  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 5 years ago from Yorkshire

    Gillian messaged me "I read your article on Feeding fear and promoting terror through ignorance and was disgusted by your obvious anti-Semitism. Just because an article about Auschwitz and Muslims is circulating does not mean that a Jew wrote it, you have not provided any proof of this so your comment is racist which is a crime in the UK. "

    My reply. READ THE HUB. There are links to the sources of information that said the article was a fake and who it had been written by. I am not anti any religion. I cannot believe you took the time to message me a list of crap that quite frankly has no bearing whatsoever on this Hubs content. Yes there are bad Muslims out there that have done horrible things. And like I have said over and over and over again... there are equal amounts of bad people who are NOT Muslims.

    "Muslim inventions - none for the last several hundred years even though they claim many." - and your point is what exactly? The fact the article I wrote the Hub states that Muslims are good for nothing and then I disproved this by providing a list of their inventions, validates my point. The fact they may or may not have invented anything for 700 years (where's your facts on this?) has absolutely no relevance - at all. You still miss the point that they helped invent some of the most important things that modern society still use today.

    "Whilst not all Muslims are benefit sucking parasites, (I work with, am friends with and do volunteer work with many) there is concern about their cost to society" - what was that you said about racism being against the law? Sounds very much like a derogatory statement about a group in society, I think you'll find your comment is racist. How do your Muslim friends feel about your negative attitude to their people?

    "As for not teaching the Holocaust, it is still an essential requirement of the National Curriculum although it is not known for how much longer they will" (link removed because it's rubbish) - you are talking absolute crap and linking to other people who also speak absolute crap and incite hatred against a race.

    Let me say it again. I do not have a love for Islam, I am not a Muslim lover. I am not saying that they are innocent of all crimes levied against them. What I have said over and over and over and over again... is that they are no different to any other religion on this planet. You show me a news report about a peado-ring of Muslims and I will show you twice as many stories about non-Muslims who molest kids. You show me crimes against humanity by Muslims, I will show you the same from other religious groups, trying to wipe each other out in the name of their god. I am not religious. I am a spiritual person. I like facts. I like understanding. I like people to do their research before forming their OWN opinions - not gather them as fact from Facebook or others who hate for no reason other than that's what they were taught. Break the chain of ignorance... look at it from all angles and make an informed decision.

    Oh and this Hub wasn't about Hitler, Gillian. I don't care who he was friends with and what influences they may or may not had had. He was an evil extremist. Just like not all Muslims are terrorists, the Germans had to deal with everyone thinking (and a lot still do) that all Germans are Nazis. Not that long ago it was 'all Irish are terrorists' because of the IRA bombings. It's simply not true and by judging a whole country/faith by a few people's actions, you are doing them a great injustice.

    Take your racist crap elsewhere - consider yourself reported.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 5 years ago from Yorkshire

    I'm now locking down all further comments to this Hub. Whilst on the most part, I have enjoyed reading your views and experiences on the myriad of issues raised by the article and the current social issues where we all live - I can't be doing with the right wing morons who use my Hub to air their racist propaganda bile.

    It frustrates me that people haven't bothered to read the Hub or all the replies in it's entirity before slagging me off for being naïve and up my own arse!

    I am from an immigrant family. I live on an island of immigrants. I was raised to respect other cultures and colours.

    I have seen the news, I have read the horror stories and I have wept at the images of the harsh Taliban rule in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. I used to think Islam was about hate and loathed how they treated their women - then I opened my eyes and realised that those cases are because of the Taliban and that not all Muslim's are Taliban or support them. As someone who has also worked for the Armed Forces, I know first hand that these people are repressed and hate the Taliban in their country - they want freedom and they welcome our Forces.

    The hate-flavour of the month is Islam. It used to be the Irish, Polish, Germans.... open YOUR eyes and see the pattern of ignorance that feeds the hate-machine. You don't have to agree with me and that's your choice. But at the very least, develop your own opinion about these issues because otherwise you're just a sheep! Don't let the media manipulate you into your world views - scratch the surface, most of it is bollox.

    Thank you for sharing your views... were they yours or just recycled? Think about it.

  • profile image

    OldGeezer 5 years ago

    I meant to say "set up enclaves"... I hate typos.

  • profile image

    OldGeezer 5 years ago

    I've read these various postings with interest, and I have to comment that most posting here will not be dissuaded from their opinion, which is all that we have. Our experiences color our opinion, but most of the things posted here are based on opinion, not fact in that it is "true" but rather what is perceived to be true. What I hold to be true will be dismissed by others because it conflicts with what they perceive to be true. I'm part Irish, Italian, and Native American (Apache, Comanche, and Iroquois). As a kid growing up in a tough neighborhood in the US, I was looked down upon by the whites for being "Indian" and looked down upon by the full-blood Natives for being "white". So I understand how hatred works, based on nothing more than just pure ignorance. One thing I do know, have experienced first hand, is that Muslims will smile at non-Muslims and say all the right things to be politically correct, while seething underneath against "infidels" who most assuredly should die. Muslims think nothing of burning the Bible, yet they cry for blood if there is a perceived insult against them, their religion, or their Koran. They have no tolerance for others, yet beg tolerance from host countries that they have invaded, whether it's European countries, the US, Australia, wherever that is not considered a "muslim" country (and I don't wish to argue what is and what isn't considered "muslim country" since Muslims are out to claim the world for their religion in any way they can, whether it's all out war or by being insidious in their flocking to a country to see up enclaves). I've lived with and worked with Muslims for years, and I've heard all the comments about how Christians and Muslims are very much alike. However, I've heard comments when I was thought to not be around about how stupid Americans and Christians are (by these very same people smiling at my face) and that they find it amusing that we are so easily fooled or can be buffaloed by our political correctness in accepting whatever the Muslims say as being the truth, yet the Muslims do not accept what we have to say. Why do they need separate churches (mosques), separate schools, etc? Easy... they want their kids to believe only what they are told, they are not to question the teachings of their religion, they are taught to hate without showing hate until the proper time, they do not want their kids to be associated with non-muslim kids because the American kids will only pollute their kids, etc.). You may not wish to believe this, but it is true... I've witnessed it first-hand, overheard comments I was not suppose to hear, and also have been told that I only "misunderstood" those comments I heard. Muslims are out to convert the entire world to Islam one way or another.... either we will be made to become a "believer" or we should be killed... pure and simple, folks, and I'm hoping I'm not here where the "holy war" truly becomes a war. It is coming unless countries develop a backbone and say NO emphatically to the demands of those Muslims currently living in our "free society" because they want all the world to become "Muslim". I don't care if you believe me or not... that is my perception after years of working with Muslims, traveling with Muslims, and being stationed in Muslim countries while on job assignment (non military).

  • profile image

    JVJBassMan 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, there is more truth in the article (real or not) than is socially comfortable. And before I get lamblasted as a right-wing American. My people have suffered as much as any. I am a Chicksaw Native American. Yes, my folks were not white and we have been removed 3 times by our government and the treatment is in the accurate history books. But we did not go silently. Nor have we stopped fighting. The fight has simply evolved from violence to economics and social battlegrounds. There are people here who would like the American Indian holocaust to disappear from memory too. We relate to and support many Jewish programs to assure that their sufferings (and the sufferings of the millions of "otehrs" killed in that madness), is never forgotten. It is true that Iran, Egypt and others governments and groups deny that the Jewish holocaust ever happened. If that's not ignorance...what is?

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 5 years ago from Yorkshire

    He was not a follower of Madam Blavatsky - the 'mother' of the sprititualist church.

    He was a Christian and yes, did look into various other occult following as part of his 'new religion'.

    A group of people intolerant of me? Well luckily they just write bitter diatribes on my Hub. AND miss the whole point that the email, the reason for the Hub is not true, it never happened and by forwarding it to others, you are spreading IGNORANCE AND HATE.

    Senar Bass. If the Muslim doctor was so repressed she wasn't allowed to work - how did she get her education? We all know that women in some strict Muslim countries are not allowed to be educated at all - so how did she get her doctorate? Married into the faith and moved to a strict repressed country? That was HER choice then wasn't it.

    I am not going through the bible to compare anything. The Hub is about untrue emails spreading hate. You can go and find whatever text you want to justify your prujudice and hatred for a race of people. Just like Hitler - hated Jews so tried to exterminate them. I suppose they had it coming to them too?

    If you have nothing constructive to say on my Hub - don't bother to commment.

  • profile image

    Duh??? 5 years ago

    You've got it wrong. Hitler wasn't a Christian. He was an occultist who was a member of the Thule Society which followed the occult teachings of Madame Blavatsky. Hitler was interested in pursuing the old Norse mythology which has nothing to do with Christianity. Just because he was born in Europe and was white, does not make him a Christian.

    It's alright to teach about tolerance, but what do you do with a group of people who are intolerant of you?

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 5 years ago from Yorkshire

    Last comment not approved because you obviously did not even read the Hub or the replies. What you have commented on has been addressed several times throughout. Read it and then come back with a valid point.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 5 years ago from Yorkshire

    I did edit my reply as I'd noticed a typo but it's not shown up. "I do agree with every aspect of Islam" should read do NOT agree...

    I knew that this Hub would generate some hostility and it has. I try to be objective and respectful of others views and experiences but I admit I have grown tired of the 'keyboard warriors' who throw replies at me and then run away without further discussion. But that's the internet for you lol.

    What I ultimately want is for people to check the facts in these emails and facebook status before reposting them and taking them as gospel. Most of them have been created by an extremist believer of some faith who hates the other. Reposting the hate just creates more hate. I'd like to see people stop being lazy internet racists and think outside the flock.

    Do my words make a difference? My intercourse with people who have replied (like yourself Tunde) have given me the chance to see thru others eyes. I reflect on your words too. That's what it's all about.

    Once again, thanks for taking the time to reply. Spread the word =)

  • profile image

    tunde 6 years ago

    Thank you for that well informed, clearly factual and highly objective response. Just reading through again shows what a valuable contribution your comments are to the fight against ignorance and prejudice in religion.

    I must thank you too for the obvious candor with which you answered my question.

    Well done!!

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 6 years ago from Yorkshire

    Thank you for taking the time to post your views.

    I am a passionate person and I suppose you could read my words with hands speaking geastures.

    To answer your question; no I have not read the Quran. I am not Muslim but I was taught about it at school alongside the other 5 main religions (Judism, Sikism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Budhism), alas Paganism is not classed as a main religion even though it's 5000 years old and has many believers.

    I have not read all of the Bible but I do own a copy as I went to a CoE primary school.

    In the Bible you will find such versus as you have quoted... and then you will find some darker ones, mostly in the Old Testament. The Bible contradicts itself in many places. I think this is true of most religious text - it's been compiled over hundreds of years from many prophets/diciples/people. That is true from ANY religion. This is how there are extremists within EACH faith who will quote their holy books words to fit around their personal views and agenda. Sadly there are many who do follow the book to the letter but only SOME of their book. For instance, I personally believe that the teachings of Jesus was about love and compassion. His teachings have been twisted and corrupted by those who re-wrote the Bible. That is also the problem with the Bible, it was re-written by a king with his own agenda. The King James Bible is not a valid or true depiction of the original works. I am sure this could be applied to other holy books.

    Islam and Christianity are very alike and some theologists belive that Jesus set up Islam when he faked his death and fled to India. Jesus is a revered Prophet of Islam too. There are negative aspects of both faiths. I am appalled by the reports of how women are treated by the Taliaban and some (not all) Muslims. I do agree with every aspect of Islam but ultimately I have been told by those who have converted to Islam that it is a peaceful faith promoting love - very much like Christianity is supposed to be. The Church has been anything but peaceful. History is littered with holy wars.

    I would like people to be objective. I would like people not to be caught up in the hate machine. Islam is not a heinous religion, just as the others are not. EACH religion has extremists; EACH religion has terrorists; EACH religion has those who follow the holy teachings in peace and love; EACH have factions within their religion with varying degrees of views on how their holy book is to be interrepted. What is said about Muslims applies to EACH religion.

    I watched Make Bradford British on Channel 4 - I highly recommend watching this social experiment. The black lady on there did not realise how racist she was to 'Pakis', when she as a child had been racially abused because she was black. She went on to say that in her day it had been the black community targetted in the same way that the Musims are now targetted. This is what I have said a few times in my above comments. When I was a child it was the Irish that were terrorists and I bet for everyone reading this, you have your own experiences with a section of society that have been seen as bad.

    I cannot quote the Koran as I have not read it. I was surprised to be told that if you read the holy script the wrong way (ie left to right, rather than right to left) then those words are evil and of the devil (or their equilivant). I have Googled for 'peaceful quotes of the Koran' though:

    "Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy handhold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things. (The Noble Quran, 2:256)"

    "Again and again will those who disbelieve, wish that they had bowed (to God's will) in Islam. Leave them alone, to enjoy (the good things of this life) and to please themselves: let (false) hope amuse them: soon will knowledge (undeceive them). (The Noble Quran, 15:2-3)"

    "Say, 'The truth is from your Lord': Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject (it):......(The Noble Quran, 18:29)"

    There were whole forums devoted to these quotes. If you would like to read more, then they are out there to be discovered.

    'Whoever controls religion; controls the people' - I can't remember the name of the Roman Emperor (was it Nero?) who said that, but it is as true today, as it was then.

    This Hub applies to ignorance and hate towards any race of people. Be they black, Indian, Muslim, Jewish or anyone different to 'white'. Hate is evil, it is poison, it causes wars, it kills indiscrimately. I hope I have raised points about how general statements of dislike can apply to ANY of the other religious communities on our little planet. I can only speak from what I was taught as a child by my parents; my experiences with the many people I have met; the documentaries I have watched and my personal beliefs. I do not expect everyone to share these views and I conceed there are bad elements out there... I just ask that you look at the whole picture.

    Thanks again. I hope you do not perceive my reply as aggressive, I was writing with passion. =o)

  • profile image

    tunde 6 years ago

    I am surprised you are wondering why your comments are longer than the hub. Although I commend your letting Stuart's response stand, I really can't see that its been very you. Just a joke!! The French say "to speak kindly does not hurt the tongue". What you are doing could be such a powerful tool to help bring folks together for meaningful informed discussion that could build bridges of understanding and tolerance across gulfs of hate and ignorance. And I strongly believe you could have a healthier debate and perhaps even many more contributions if you set the tone by being a bit more civil even with those you disagree with. After all doesn't the tolerance you rightly espouse support that basic tenet of human interaction: "I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it"?

    May I add this one comment I do hope you will let it stand, because it is actually at the same time a challenge: Kindly confirm, if you have read the Koran (the Muslim Holy Book), if there is anything in it that is the equivalent of the following:

    "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...if you love only those who love you what reward will you get".

    "Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge...on the contrary if your enemy is hungry feed him, if he is thirsty give him something to not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good"

    The question is very simple and quite specific, and it doesn't call for argument just evidence. Is there anything in the Koran which is equivalent to the foregoing??

    You don't have to provide the reference in the Koran. If you quote I will find it.

    Thank you again for the good work you are doing to help people....well think!

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 6 years ago from Yorkshire

    Indeed, both fanatics of their religions but very extreme in their perception of the respective holy books and both that Christians and Muslims alike wish to distance themselves from as these evil men have got the message of their religions totally wrong. They do not truly represent those religions. Which is the whole point of my Hub. It wasn't the German's view of the master race, it was a Nazi belief - a lot of German's suffered the same fate as those your father witnessed. I think it's vital to carry on telling the stories of suffering to every generation and holocaust survivors have been to my son's school to tell his story. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • profile image

    esterr 6 years ago

    I believe a major belief of Christians is "love thy neighbor as thyself." I don't think Christians [as you calling Hitler] wish to destroy Christians. Certain Christians are fanatics. Hitler may have followed some of those teachings, but as a Christian, could not have conceived of slaughtering children. White, German, Christian children - but he did. He ordered the deaths of Catholics. Of Christians who were dwarves, midgets, who had mental, emotional or physical defects.

    My father is a holocaust survivor. He was in Dachau and Auschwitz. He was alongside Jews, Christians, Gypsies... soldiers from many countries and civilians who did not fit the German view of the master race.

    He saw thousands of people die - and he will tell you not only of the Jews - but of all the others- the Slavs, the Russians, the Italians, etc.

    If you can lump Hitler in with Christians - then lump bin Laden in with the Muslims. One fanatic? Two fanatics.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 6 years ago from Yorkshire

    "This is the subject of some debate. Estimates have ranged everywhere from 26 to 1200. The one partial list of names of Muslims who are known to have died as victims of the 9/11 attacks puts it closer to around 60. This information came from

    Not counting the 19 terrorists themselves (who at best can be called "fringe" Muslims), there are several dozen of the victims who were known to follow Islam, and likely several dozen more amongst the variety of ordinary citizens killed in the attack."

    10% of those who were killed were said to be Jewish. But at the end of that terrible day, they were just people. Thousands were only found as body parts, hundreds were never found at all.

    The whole world watched that day in horror. A few arseholes cheering in the streets is a minority. Just like the same bunch who burn poppies in the street. They are not a true reflection of the majority.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 6 years ago from Yorkshire

    Some of your points are valid but ultimately, your whole response is just condescending and you think I'm some fluffy Muslim lover. Well I'm not. I just call a spade a spade and I think that they are getting an unfair press. Just like the Jews did not so long ago... as you mention Pearl Harbour. What has that got to do with the price of fish? Japan was our enemy and they attacked as that is what happens during WAR. The allies retaliation was to drop an atomic bomb on them killing millions of innocent people, forced to live under their leaders actions of warmongering. Has the fallout cleared from that dreadful day yet? No.

    You must be truly ingnorant to think that there were only Americans that died that day in the twin towers attack. What are you saying? That every one of them was a white or non-Muslim? Facts mate! Go and do your research and come back and give me facts! I can bet you that 3000+ families from ALL walks of life, religion and race all had their lives destroyed that day. I have watched the documentaries from the people who lost someone that day who have FORGIVEN the attackers and not only that, hold no hatred towards that religion.

    Those were TERRORISTS who committed those crimes. Do preach to me about terror attacks when I remember only too well the 7/7 bombings in London. As a kid I grew up with constant news reports about IRA nail bombs in SoHo London, Manchester city centre - years of it! At that time it wasn't Muslims that were the bad guys - everyone said it was the IRISH that were all terrorists. You don't hear it anymore do you? IRA and other Irish terror groups are of Christian/Catholic origin. Wanna argue those facts? Grew up in the UK during the 80's did you?

    I do not need to go and live in Iran or any other of the Arab states to get facts. I only have to walk down any street in the UK and ask an immigrant that has fled their homelands to escape the tyranny of their leaders and fanatical religious leaders.

    The family that run the local Indian take away are from Bangladesh. I had a indepth conversation with the son the other day about his perceptions of other relgions and who he sees his family in British society. His parents back home feed the poor. The call beggers in to feed them and make sure they have something to wear. The restaurant even has a collection pot for money they pay back into their own communities to help those who are in dire need. How he described the world and how he wanted to help it was great. He said that they gave to others who had nothing, so that the person in turn would gain faith and help others too. How is this philosophy from an evil race of people? How is it any different to what a true Christain would do? Or who Budhists conduct themselves etc etc etc. There is NO difference.

    I just Googled religion in Iran. Guess what. Iran is the home of the largest Jewish community within a Muslim dominate country. There are also other big pockets of other religions living there. The world's issues with Iran is mostly about their nuclear program and oil.

    I do live with the people of most races actually. This is called the United Kingdom. We are made up of many nations of all faiths, races and political beliefs. I walk through my town and I mostly hear Polish dialect. I suppose you're going to besmerch them next.

    Religious courts. That is a hot potato and not up to me or you to dictate too is it. Down to our government to sort out. The way it was explained to me, it's like a church committee. They go to their elders about family matters and it gets sorted out. I belive there's something similar for Jews and I know for a fact the Church do it too.... people go to their religious leaders for guidance. How many stories have you heard about the hirachy of the RC church covering up child abuse stories that they knew about? It was reported to them, they ruled on sending the priest on or sacking him and covering it up. What's that if not a court of sorts?

    My whole point of opinion is that any thing you can levy against Muslims, can also be levied against any other religious group. Muslims settle in communities - so do Jews, Hindus and Sikhs. They all have their own fanatical factions within their religions. At some point all of them have committed acts of terrorism. Go look at the Middle East conflict and all the killings going on in Gazza strip.

    Our cultures are compatible. They have been entwined with our own for hundreds of years. If you'd read the FACTS I'd posted, you'd have seen that. So many things you enjoy today are because of a Muslim inventor.

    Excuse me for seeing them as people rather than a colour or faith. I think what I'm trying to say is - you're a racist ignorant man, who is arrogant enough to give himself the moniker of Mr Right. None of what you said are your personal experiences. It's just social racism being repeated. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • profile image

    Mr. Right 6 years ago

    All I can say is try to convince the families and loved ones of 3000 Americans who died in the twin towers that Muslims are wonderful people. And subsequent to that the thousands of USA soldiers that died fighting these fanatics in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Do these fanatics represent all Muslims? Perhaps you recall them dancing in the streets on 9 11. Do they represent all Muslims? Who can say for sure; however, one fact that is irrefutable and that is Sariah Law cannot trump local and federal law. Yet those Muslims that practice Islam do not have a choice to abandon sharia law or just pick and choose parts of it. If you are a true Muslim practicing Islam, you have to live by sharia law.

    The UK is having a problem with these people. They tried having separate courts to no avail. Is that not ridiculous? Everyone living in any state have to live by the laws of that state.

    And please do not bring up Pearl Harbor. Had the USA invaded Japan a million Americans would have lost their lives. There is a thin line between being civil and fanatical.

    Perhaps the author of this site should go and live in Iran. For only when you live with the people of any race or culture can one speak with any authority and rightfully, that includes myself; however casual observation suggests that at this time our culture and theirs in not compatible.

    I look forward to your report and experience living in Iran.

  • profile image

    Wayne Webb 6 years ago

    How true, Ignorance kills. Prejudice kills. Religion kills.

    It's the same old "us vs them" mentality. Fake Christians are the worse. They have the Truth:: The God who shed His blood and died for all humanity said "Love thy neighbor as thyself", "do unto others as ye would have them do unto you" etc etc. But how many practice it? No, we just keep hating on "those people"

  • profile image

    Brian 6 years ago

    Blue crow, your right the individual does make up a group, and the group does direct the momentum of a society. But how does it work when, every one is entitled to their opinion, but unless your opinion is the same as the vocal minority, your voice is seen as illrelevant. For every Ghandi and Mother Teresa there are 2 Stalins.I think we only see our society socially advancing over a 100 years, because every year we see members of our global village writing and acting in a manner to discredit their fellow members

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 6 years ago from Yorkshire

    Thanks Brian. The individual makes up the collective though so we can only hope that one person can make a difference to those around us. Like Ghandi and people like that... one voice trying to change the world. I hope I get the chance to travel one day, I'd like to open up my world more and gain greater perspective. =o)

  • profile image

    Brian 6 years ago

    Being Australian I can see Peters points quite clearly, and having travelled a bit I have seen racial fear/hatred in the countries I have visited. It seems people are the same the world over. Something I picked up from reading the SVR article is that history stays the same and leaders of countries dont learn from it. If we did a time line we would find that mass killings and mass hatred of peoples thoughts are always occurring and will continue to occur. Why? Maybe because there are always people who like to kill others when they know they will never be penalised for it. People will always fear and despise because they are afraid to learn about how others think. Can we as a society and a race change? I dont think so, I think the individual can, I think the group cant.


  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 6 years ago from Yorkshire

    I can't believe my comments are longer than the actual Hub lol... oh well. I like how challenges are made but no one bothers to carry on the debate after my reply. Oh well.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 6 years ago from Yorkshire

    Hi Guest, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I suppose our chavs are like your trailer trash but with more style.

    I think you raise a good point there. That England (not the UK) has surpressed many peoples throughout time. Imperial rule over half the world, wars thought for that countries land, people killed in the name of King/Queen and Country. Every single continent has endured our exploritary ventures. They took things that were sacred to those peoples and put them in museums. It's true.

    As far as I understand it, when the Partition of India happened in the 1950's, as they were part of the Commonwealth, they came here to settle down. There was a big influx of immigrants from the Carribian and India. The way I argue the point to people who say about having too many 'pakis and blacks' in the UK is that WE went there first. WE were in their country and it's a two way street. Being part of the Commonwealth entitles them to be here too. Well, that's how I see it. Plus it's the least we can do considering how we raped their countries for resources and supressed their people with our civilisation!

    If you are at school, the internet is a main resource of information. History lessons don't just come from a book. So I don't believe that you don't utilise this resource in your studies. But that's neither here nor there.

    Am I anti-Christian? Simple put... no. I am however, anti-hypocrite. I have had my fair share of people claiming to be Christian and being far far far from it. Once such example is being kicked out of Brownies (like girl scouts) for taking my little sister to church. This was done by the RE teacher who ran the Brownie group and endorsed by the vicar. My crime? None, I disobeyed her by doing what my mum told me to do. What happended to 'bring the little children un to me'? My whole family were kicked out of anything that woman ran in the village. For nothing more than being a good Christian child. Then there's the Alpha group in the town I used to live in where they preach at you.... those who preach the loudest are actually known cocaine dealers and pimps! They are not true Christians. I am more Christian in the way I conduct myself but I'm not, I'm pagan by definition. I was raised Church of England. I know how it's supposed to be, what is written in the bible and the true meaning of what Jesus tried to teach. His message was one of love and acceptence. Look at your own countries Christian sects with their hate speech and intolerance to blacks, gays and how they pick bits out of the Bible to work towards their own twisted view point. Wasn't that famous evangelical preacher who condemned prostitution get found with a gutter whore? His congregation forgave him after sobbing and pledging to God to change and then he did it again! Isn't the KKK a fanatical sect of the Church? I think you'll find they are.....

    Now back to the invading the world and making it our own. This country's official religions is.... Christian. Not Roman Catholic - oh no, they were burnt at the stake for being different. More Catholics burnt during Queen Mary's reign than the whole witch trials. Infact, the Troubles in Ireland are down to our Monachy wanting a divorce so he formed the Church of England! All the hate between the two faiths has killed thousands and for what? A royal divorce? They believe in the same God, Mary, Jesus ... what sort of God faring folk are they? Wanna talk about Irish terrorists? What faith were they again? Killing in the name of.... ???? That's right.

    And how many millions died in the Crusades? Christians went off (lead by the King) to tell another nation that their religion is bad and to convert or die. When I visited Turkey I bought a blue eye charm. Do you know what they are? They were worn on the saddles of Muslim soldiers to ward them against the evils of the 'blue eye'. These still adorn the homes to protect them from the evil blue eye - ie the English invaders. As far as I see it, the Church started that war. Look at all the unrest in the world today.. how many people are being butchered because of their religion? Christians are being killed in parts of Africa. But the fact is, we assimulated their race to an alien religion. Then again, the UK was assimulated too!

    Do I think that the Church is responsible for mass murder in the name of their God throughout our history? Damned right I do! Do I think that ALL Christians are bad - no, I certainly do not! The point of it is that I am a friend to all faiths and races. No other religion has done this so wholesale. I am not saying that there are not other fanatical factions within other religions that do subscribe to terror and killing others that aren't like them. The whole point of my Hub was to illustrate that we shouldn't just pass on a racist email. We should check our facts and then form our own opinions.

    Is England really a caged animal? I don't know. I live here it's hard to see it from the outside. Why do you think that? I'm interested to know. Suppressed - nah, us Brits are repressed. Famous for our British reserve lol.

    My final point is that it's a bit rich for us 'whites' to moan about Muslims when our own actions have been less than wonderful. I am not my country. I am not my countries actions. I am ashamed of how England destroyed the native tribes of the Americas, Austrailia and many other places - including Wales, Scotland and Ireland! I am not English. I am British. I am part of it ALL.

    It's generally polite to introduce yourself or at least put a name to your post at the end. That kind of thing just enforces the negative sterio type that Americans are rude and have no manners. As I know a few, I know that's not true.

    Cup of tea?

  • profile image

    Guest 6 years ago

    You last comment surprised me blue crow, all those different groups of people with names ive never heard of. Im american. But after thinking about it a little bit its not surprising that all the segregation(which is what it sounds like to me) is occuring. From my History classes its very clear that Britain is a country that has suppressed many people and probably caused the problem of racism and discrimination yourselves. Im not well informed and i dont really have the time to research on the computer( thats because Im flying all around all the time and going to school) but who are you to even talk if you live in one of the most liberal and socialist countries in the world and are so suppresed and like a caged animal you dont even realize it? And you also make examples of christians like to the extent that you yourself should be considered ignorant and discriminatory.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 6 years ago from Yorkshire

    p.s I agree that our governments need to stop pussy-footing around and draw the line to 'creeping demands'... but another point I forgot to mention is look at our own culture of Chavs. I'd rather live in an area full of foreigners than amongst chavs.

    Granted our nationals are not all chavs but they are an unsavoury bunch that don't work most of their lives, live off handouts and just take take take whilst wearing the latest trends and living way beyond their means. I think that what occurs on Jeremy Kyle is sadly a true reflection of a lot of what goes on in the UK. We really should stop worrying about what Johnny Foreigner is doing and sort our own folk out.

    Illegal immigration and our governments failure to sort it out is another rant.. and I mostly agree with the sentiments there. They shouldn't be here - kick them out. If they are burning poppies and causing racial unrest whilst enjoying the comforts our liberal country - send them back to their own lands where they'd be put to death for speaking out against their homeland government. There are genuine asylum seekers - my family was one of many. We integrated into the community (not without predujuice from others) and paid our taxes, married and had kids.... we put into the country that gave us a home. And that's how it should be for EVERYONE LIVING IN THE UK.

    Can of worms opened lol..

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 6 years ago from Yorkshire

    Debate is discussion. When someone replies and doesn't put what part of a comment (of which there is alot) they are responding too, it's difficult not to reply generally. So my apologises if you think I'm being a self-righteous twat but it's not really my fault he can't communicate himself properly is it? *shrugs*

    I usually have to deal with other people's over inflated egos online, my patience wears a bit thin with keyboard warriors, I can assure you though that anyone who knows me, will tell you the last thing I have is an ego problem! Anyway...

    Some interesting points raised. It's good to see actual experiences expressed rather than some of the comments I've rejected, which were racist and did not present an argument for their viewpoint.

    Stuart. Facts mate... some good points raised and I concurr there's too much generalisation. But I did say it was from MY worldview, MY experiences and it's not just one Muslim family I knew/worked for.

    Peter, also some good points. I have family and friends in Oz who do have the same gripes about immigrations issues. Tis funny that both our isles are made up of immigrants, especially Austraila. I know exactly what you mean about how they build their own and keep to their own and don't really integrate into the home country. That is true.... but thinking on it, they are not the only race to do this. My nan lived in Golders Green in London - she was the only Christain in the street. The Jews there have their Temples and fairly closed community, this is also true on large areas of Manchester (according to a tv documentary that was on the other week). The Sikhs also do this - in Hitchin where I lived most of my life, big Sikh community and a few converted industrial units to use as their Temples. They have their own laws too - one case in the paper was about a young girl in their community who was abused by a holy man at the Temple and they dealt with it 'in house' then handed him over to the police. There are large pockets of Polish people all over the UK; Eastern Europeans; Romany gypsies.. then look at the traveller community - they definitely keep themselves to themselves, are a law unto themselves and deal with their own problems without going to the system for help - the police usually will not go onto a travellers site! My dad's van was nicked by some pikeys (and they were pikeys by definition rather than a derogatory term) and the police would not go on their site to retrieve it - so my dad and brothers had to go themselves tooled up. How is that right?

    We are all supposed to live under the law of the land of the country we reside in. Sharia law has it's place but should not be in place of our laws. Dealing with family matters etc, I can see where it works but I'm just as outraged when the fanatical side of their laws are implimented. I'm fairly sure that within each religious community be it Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, traveller.... all have their own taboos and 'rules'.

    I was raised Church of England until I worked out it wasn't for me, I then worked with the Spiritualist Church (SNU) as the Secretary until I discovered that what I had always been but didn't know the label, was 'pagan'. I've encountered my fair share of predujuice from bigots and even from those within the huge and varied group that is 'pagan'. There are some Christians who denounce spiritualist for 'speaking in tongues' and others who are open minded and don't see the spiritualist as a threat. I am also a great-granddaughter to an Italian immigrant that walked his family across Europe to escape the Nazi's.

    I'm trying to think of the correct way to term this and do all those points you raised justice. Each area has it's own unique communities. I went to Dublin and the locals moaned about all the Chinese and Polish. I go to Bradford and it's spot the white guy, same with Luton. Bedford has a big Italian, Indian and African community; St. Neots where my nan lives, they moan about the Polish and Africans. I grew up in Hitchin - very diverse town with pockets of all races/creeds/religions that happily turn out for the Sikh march through town etc etc. If I'm to be honest about closed communities in that town, it would be the Jehovah Witnesses.

    Ask yourself this. If someone different to you walked down your street which was mainly one nationality - do you think they'd feel out of place, welcome? I just don't see the world like that - I see it as a street I'm walking down, that it's another encounter with something that I don't understand yet - gives me a chance to learn from my experiences. If that makes me a self righteous twat - then fine! I'd rather be that than blind to the world around me and an intolerant bigot.

    Debate is about facts. If someone says Hitler hated Christians when he was a fantatical one - then I'm gonna call you on it with sources of FACT.

    The Hub is about how this email and many others spout ignorance about a race of people who in their own nations, worked with the allies - they did not have anything to do with the camps in Nazi Germany! Fanatical right wing bastards did that.

    The UK people are made up of immigrants - check your history. Christianity is an immigrant to these isles, just as much as Islam, Judism and the others. We were assimulated to new ways of thinking and doing - just like every other culture that has migrated to other areas. That is true. I cannot dispute if they then disrepect their new land and cause the locals to dispise them. I don't think I've said that at all throughout any of my replies.

    My point is that the article was false - it continues to be spread around my sheep who are too lazy to look up facts before forming an opinion OF THEIR OWN and passing on the hate. Maybe this attitude is WHY these different nationalities/cultures/religions keep themselves to themselves?

    Stuart was rude, I agree Peter. I won't report it this time and I did allow his comment to stand because some good points were raised.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences

    Naomi (Biblical/Hebrew name meaning 'pleasent')

  • profile image

    Peter Laffrey (Australia) 6 years ago

    G’day Lady,

    My name is Peter, and it’s not a pseudonym. I’m an Anglican though I believe in “spiritualism” rather than religion. I now live in Australia.

    At seventy-four and a bit I’ve managed to cram a lot into my life … some good, some bad … but always trying to follow my fathers ‘motto’ in life that “The practice of Justice is the essence of rationalism”.

    The Rodrigez “newspaper” article is still being floated by email … to which somebody has added a fair bit (Is that what you call a blog? Don’t know all this Internet jargon). Anyway on receiving the email I decided to check it out for a reason that will become clear. The “intent” behind the SVR article is quite evident … and that’s assuredly undesirable … but the content does resonate with a lot of folk who are actually experiencing it … because it “speaks” of the here and now.

    Now first let me tell you Lady that I studied with Muslim’s (both at boarding school, Uni & working career – total 32 years … that included three India/Pakistan conflicts) … I fought with them, befriended them, lived in their homes, hunted with them and even played soccer for a Muslim team. They were always gracious, kind and totally apolitical. BUT that was India in the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. AND the wheel has assuredly turned since then … Mind you it took Christians in the Western World a few hundred years from the Renaissance to find enlightenment; and still struggling with it … but nevertheless has given us a free democratic society (with all its faults) to live in.

    I cannot comment 1st hand on the UK, US & European experiences with the 1st & 2nd generation Muslims living there … BUT the situation in Australia is less than encouraging. The vast majority of older migrant Muslims have settled in and accepted this country as ‘home’ … but have their children integrated into Australian society? Sadly the evidence is to the contrary. We are a nation of 220 nationalities … and with (again sadly) the exception of the Muslims; integration has slowly (and sometimes painfully) taken place. No other immigrant nationality (who far outnumber the Muslims) have continued to live in “enclaves”, none have built their own schools and with a few exceptions none have built massive structures to their faith (to which they are definitely have a right) … but have become centres to preach hate (which I wont repeat) against our culture and society. None of the others have stridently demanded their own (Shariah) laws, or the right to a dress code for their women (which as you know is not a religious requirement). And none of the others want Australia to be anything but what it is; while the Muslims openly advocate for an Islamic society. Ranting Mullah fanatics? Yes! … But happening too often. And has it done their faith justice? No! And has it served the purpose of integration of the Muslim community in the eyes of ordinary Aussies? No! And are the vast majority of moderate Muslims fighting this aberrant behaviour? Again No! That dear Lady is the reality … and from it stems the “hate mail” (of which I disapprove) against Muslims.

    Nevertheless; we don’t want the experiences of UK etc. to take hold down-under and I for one believe in the need to raise the public conscience for a sensible but positive rejection of their “creeping demands”. I am willing to send you per email/post my “essay” and strategy for action; if you like.

    Kind regards … Peter.

    PS: Stuart is right I believe in his critique … but NOT his unforgivable rudeness.

  • profile image

    Stuart 6 years ago

    aitchenuu was talking about the article. The fact that you assume he's taking a stab at you is, to me, an indicator of sheer ego and possibly paranoia. I would like to help.

    On Jeff's tangent and on your response, I wouldn't say that it is difficult for people to condone the grievances that occur in their cultures. 1 in 100 people will probably say something about it, and 1 in 1000 will actually stand up against it. I admire your hub and what you aim to achieve, but I disagree with your debating style which is aimed towards proving your own arguments right more than actually taking advantage of other opinions to improve your own.

    1.4 Billion obese people condone the 1 billion starving by not putting down the fucking fork.

    Who knows how many christians condone pederasty by not boycotting their arcane religion and the vatican?

    And as Jeff put it, how many passive Muslims condone violence by not rising up against the radical element of their community?

    I'm not condoning the content of the article (which I agree is false), but in many ways it does ring true about a culture that although creatively and intellectually successful, is HISTORICALLY violent. I guess this is true of all races at some point in their history, and Islams response to the western world is in no way unprovoked.

    This article is a call for hate and is unjustified as you say, but the comments you receive deserve more attention. You tell Jeff it is a broad generalisation to assume a culture condones violence because it barely opposes it, but you claim to know what Muslims are like based on a family you worked for. One family.

    I am commenting to say well done in your attempt to eradicate complacent ignorance in internet users.

    I am also commenting to encourage you to be less of a self righteous twat.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 6 years ago from Yorkshire

    How so? I'm not pro any religion, if anything, I'm anti religion. Explain your comment please.

  • profile image

    aitchenuu 6 years ago

    Simply anti-Muslim in the guise of being pro-Jewish.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 6 years ago from Yorkshire

    That's a fairly broad generalisation there Jeff. That's like saying every Catholic that doesn't speak up about their clergy molesting children condone it.

    Not speaking out for fear of reprisals is probably true in a lot of cases, for a lot of people, in many cultures and countries.

    Have you any personal negative experiences with the faith? There are plenty of examples I can give about how Muslim women are treated but once again, these are the fanatical of the faith. Which you also get in Christianity with those who think homosexuality is a sin and follow the 10 commandments to the letter. There are sections in most religious books, that if you followed only those commands, would be seen as fanatical.. depends on the depth of your faith in your religion to how far you go defending it. You only have to look at Ireland's religious issues to see that it's closer to home, white and not Muslim.

  • profile image

    Jeff 6 years ago

    I like to find the truth as well.

    The problem that I have with the supposed non-radical

    Muslims is that they don't speak out nor attack the radical element (hardly at all).

    One of two things is happening as a result.

    1) They are going along for the ride for whatever reason. I've had Muslim friends tell me that they fear the radicals, so they don't speak up. To me, that means that they are not being true to their religion.


    2) They actually feel empowered by the end result of the radicals (the abolition of all other religions).

    I'm just being logical. If the supposed "good" Muslims think that their radical element that is causing literal Hell on this Earth are bad or wrong, then why don't the estimated 1 billion Muslims rise up and get rid of them?

    Why not? It must be that they agree with them.


  • ArtzGirl profile image

    ArtzGirl 6 years ago from San Diego

    Awesome Hub!!! What a great thing to write about! I'm a new fan of yours! You have some great insights!

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 7 years ago from Yorkshire

    Hate speech gets deleted from my Hub. The world is a big place and I make no claims that I know what goes on in all of it. Your comment Birdog just highlights what an ignorant f*cktard you are.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 7 years ago from Yorkshire

    We actually if something is fake it's not real so that also would mean by definition that it is inaccurate. It is based on lies, propaganda and misdirection. So no, it's not even remotely accurate.

    If you are referring to how some elements of a particular faith/culture behave, that isn't typical of all (eg) Muslims throughout the world. Just how those extremist Christians dressing up in white hoods and hanging black people isn't typical of all Christians. You can't tar all people with the same brush.

    I'm not informed. I just have my eyes open to the world around me and that is how I perceive it.

    Google isn't Wikipedia. That link was to quotes made by Hitler about his faith and his world-view. DIRECT QUOTES.

  • profile image

    CoRoRoy 7 years ago

    Blue Crow.

    Just because it's a fake doesn't mean it's not accurate.

    And Google can give you any conclusion you want.

    Surely an informed individual like yourself does know that.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 7 years ago from Yorkshire

    Actually you are wrong. It took me all of 10 seconds to verify that Hitler was a fanatical Christian by typing it into Google. It's a shame that you didn't take time to research this before accusing me of ignorance. Here's one source there's several pages, feel free to read up.

    Millions of peoples of all faiths, colour and social background lost their lives mate. As the UK official faith is Christianity and at that time when all our countrymen went to fight the evils of Hitlers fanatical beliefs - then yes scores of Christians lost their lives... in in other parts of the world, they died alongside Muslims, Jews and every other denomination.

    So your point would be.............? You have the world of knowledge and information literally at your fingertips - try using it to broaden your mind. Peace.

  • profile image

    Donotslander 7 years ago

    Hitler was not a Christian. He hated Christianity. Christians got in his way. Please stop this ignorance as well. Multitudes of christians lost their lives trying to wake people up to the evil of Hitlers propaganda and plans.

  • earnestshub profile image

    earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

    Love Dilbert. Very succinct and enjoyable hub.

    Thank you.

  • ltfawkes profile image

    ltfawkes 7 years ago from NE Ohio

    In this age of mass communication, 24-7, it's possible to find any "expert" claiming anything anyone can imagine.

    Those looking for hate-mongers don't have to look far.

    Those seeking truth have to work much harder, but it is the duty of every truth-loving person to do the work.

    This hub gives an excellent example. I respect you for being willing to do the work to find the truth. Thanks.


  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 7 years ago from Yorkshire

    I worked for a muslim family - very nice people, couldn't do enough to help me out of a bad situation.

    I don't live in India and yes I live in my own world - the same one you're living in.

    What is in that article is fiction - none of actually happened. It's bullshit. It's propaganda to raise hatred against a race of people. Just like Hitler did with the Jews. I'm not having that on my planet. And I'm not having it on my Hub either.

    If YOU have issues against Muslims in your country, then I'm sorry to hear that. That does not mean that the article is true. The article relates to Europe and the world wars... and like I said, it had nothing to do with muslims.

    Every single muslim I have met are people I would spend time with. I'm white, I'm female and I'm a pagan. I expected some hostility from them because of the things I've read and through conversation, it turns out they are no different to me or many other people. They just follow a religion. There are elements of that religion I do not agree on but that also applies to many other faiths, especially xtainity. Those are my feelings but that doesn't mean I get to tar a whole race/religion because I don't agree with it!!!

    So YOU open YOUR eyes and wake up because YOU are part of the problem.

  • profile image

    Rajiv 7 years ago

    I believe that either tou have not experienced Islam, or you live in your 'own world'. I live in India and see these muslims and their activities on a daily basis. The reality is what was written on that article.

    Wake up before it is too late.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 7 years ago from Yorkshire

    Thanks Steve x

  • Bard of Ely profile image

    Steve Andrews 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

    Excellent hub, Naomi!

  • profile image

    Paul Bills 7 years ago

    Well said Naomi! The fact is that Islam brought many of today's 'necessities' to the world we know. In Southern Spain you can still see, and visit, beautiful architecture from when the Moors (Islamic) occupied the country. Much of the major tourist attractions (when you get past the Fish n Chip shops) along the southern Costa's are the old fortresses and suchlike. To deny the impact Islam had on Spain is to deny the culture of the nation.

  • Blue Crow profile image

    Blue Crow 7 years ago from Yorkshire

    Thank you

  • GmaGoldie profile image

    Kelly Kline Burnett 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

    Sadly this is a necessary article. The hate items I have no time for - why put forth the effort to hate when life has so many wonderful choices. You nailed it - it is ignorance.