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Breaking All Boundaries

Updated on September 17, 2012

A Child's Perspective

Perhaps it was being an idealistic child but I believed when I was young that the world could unite and we would all be better off for this unification. And so I set out to make it happen and I lived without boarders and boundaries with the knowledge that there were other cultures but nothing would be a barrier to my fellow brothers and sisters of the world.

Berlin Wall Speech

While in Europe

 Somehow I remember relations between the USA and Russia much kinder in the 1980(s) but I was looking at it from the perspective of a child.  But it is true national security rests on an open society.  It is very hard to monitor what is secret and relations have improved between the USA and the former Soviet Union.


And then I remember this moment in my childhood.

Berlin Wall Falling Summary

World United in Celebration

 And the world celebrated in the belief we could be united not by an ideology put by a purpose to be one.  And we were all happy.

Berlin Wall Falling

Do you believe international relations are better or worse since the BErlin Wall fell?

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For a child of the 1980(s) having lived through the Fall of the Berlin Wall it is so difficult to imagine why our country would ever put a fence up against the Mexican Boarder. And I shrink in what our true intention is as we embrace Mexico and its' citizens.

2 Girls Crossing the Boarder

History Repeating Itself???

I have to ask you my reader, is history repeating itself? Is this another barrier that must be broken? Because this isn't what I signed up for. I like Mexico, just as I liked Berlin.

Or Is It A Matter of National Security?

Is the Fence Necessary to Maintain National Security?

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Fence Posion to USA/Mexico Relations

Is the Fence Toxic to USA and Mexico's future relationships?

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Mi Casa Su Casa

Mi Casa Su Casa?

I really need clarity for my readers on this. Because I watched George Bush tell Mexico that his house was their house but fails to mention the big fence.

In 2012

It is hard for me who had all the ideas of unity as a child to see what has become of globalization. Amaericans being treated so horrifically so undocumented vistors take up goods and services allocated for this country. This was never the intention of globalization in 1980(s) and so because free trade has not been free but an economic boom for the oil industry and abused so badly the only retreat we have is isolationism. It is sad because I am and was a believer until I saw my beautiful ideas of a united world so badly abused in the name of capitalism.


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