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War on Kindness

Updated on February 15, 2009

The Men & Women who Gave, That Give

This is my very first hub, so please bear with me. I've been trying to learn things here, still learning actually. Trying to think of something to not just write about, but to open the readers’ hearts eyes, and the ears mind. To have them come together with the same thought to be one accord. I pray about everything, so as not to mess up, which I do at times. In the aftermath of my conversation prayers, this came to the front of my mind.

Now some of what I say may offend a lot of people, for which I do apologize now. I mean no disrespect to anyone beliefs, as I hope no one would disrespect me in my own.

I've never considered myself as patriotic person. I don't say the pledge; I will at time salute it. I will not rise for the 'National Anthem', nor do I get into the Christmas spirit. My reasons for these vary, for not rising or stating the pledge I feel that some words within do not hold true, for most in this country. During my very near half a century; I've seen heads of various governmental offices walk away with legal killing, thieving, robbing from the below poor, middle and upper class to line the pockets of fraudulent business men and women. I've seen persons convicted and/or executed being innocent. I've watched the retail stores major and minor ones turn that which supposes to be the celebration of the savors birth and turning it into a monetary gain in order to break even at the end of their fiscal budget year. To walk in a store and see Christmas products in early as August, granted no one knows for sure as to the real birthday of Christ Jesus. The research that I’ve done on it, has his birth happing in October from mid to the end of the month. The calendar months as we know them now were not always so, they were all the same amount of days within each month. Then man, is his ever wanting to improve on the Lords work changed them by taking away estimated 13-15 days away from the calendar year.

I’m a single parent of four three are grown, and have families of their own, my youngest is 17 yrs. Being the only provider, when I was able to work, the pay and the bills never quite seem to meet up. So I had to go to community agencies for assistance when needed. And it seemed to be at Christmas that it was needed most. I never taught my children to believe in Santa Clause, Easter Bunny or other fairy tail people. I didn’t want them to wonder why their class mates (with two in the house or their parent made more money than I.) got so many more toys from Santa or better Easter Baskets than they did. I also did not want them to think that if I lied about that what else I was lying to them about. Children will think of these things, they are the most alert and observant people I know. When you think they are not listing or paying attention that is when they are the most.

The sign up for toys would usually take place in September for December and held at a empty store by the Marines. This one day I was waiting in line and these two female ahead of me were talking about how they had better give them some good toys for their kids, they both were tired of getting junk. One of the female had on a full length leather coat with matching hat, and boots while the other had on a fur jacket with matching fur head band and suede boots. I’m listening to them and watching the solider bring in giant boxes of toys. You could see they had been up most of the night, if not days. Their turn came they grab their bags and left. Not saying ‘Thank you’, a ‘Merry Christmas’ nothing. I my turn came, I had to wait a little longer they had to sort out the toys. The Marine I was talking to was telling me they didn’t have enough toys or worker to help. And that most of them had not been to sleep in a couple of days. Most of the business they went to did not give that year. They could not afford it. I looked around at the faces of despair on these men and I felt ashamed. I wanted to do something to help, to show that I did and do appreciate them. The next year I brought cards to say thank you, and I talked with a Sgt Major about the program. He told me that every year, they have to beg the business, and just people in general to be nice to a child.

These men and women get deployed to countries we’ve never seen to fight, die and get lamed in a war for our freedom. That I personally do not know what started them or what they are about. I just know a lot of very young men and women keep dieing. I sometimes wonder do or did they know why. And with knowledge of those wars, there is a war that goes on here in Our United States to get someone to be kind to a child. So that child can have a smile on Christmas day and throughout the year. I had made up my mind to do what I could to help though not much, but I wanted to do something. I called up the closes Marine unit to me and inquired if they needed some help to please call me. Well the first year, they were so busy they forgot about me that was in 1995, the next year I called again and they called me. Asked if I could be there at 10PM, in the Cold December night they work until 3AM then would be back at 7AM to deliver the toys. Ok 10PM at night in the Cold going through some toys, yeah right. I went, layered up in all. I met a wonderful Woman SGT that was getting ready to leave, that was her last year. I remember when I went up and introduced myself, this look on her face was. She’s here. When we had break time she told me that in all the years she has been doing the toys, and having the various organizations call and want toys and say that they would be glad to come and help. None of them showed, I was the only one that came. And have been going every year.

It doesn’t make sense to me; we look to these wonderful, protector to fight our battles, to die for us, for our children. They have died to give me the right not to rise, not many people know this, but the military is the lowest paid of all. These are Fathers, brothers, sons and daughter, Mothers, sisters, and cousins die for us. I don’t even think my friends would die for me, but a stranger would. And we as the Great Americans we claim can not give something in return, that will not cost us much; we will get in return a reward that you could not put a price on. Just to be kind hearted to a child at Christmas time. This year contact your Marines unit near you or organizations that give out toys. Put your name on the list to enlist in the war on kindness.

I think this should be the new ‘National Anthem; God Bless The USA’, it states  "Gladly and Proudly We Stand"   on the happenings in times here in Our USA.

                           THE GREATEST COUNTY IN THE WORLD


                                                    OUR YOUTH


Our Future

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We All Have a Duty to Serve


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    • Anna Marie Bowman profile image

      Anna Marie Bowman 

      9 years ago from Florida

      I do not know where you lived when you had your dealings with the Marines, and the Toys for Tots program, but my ex husband was a Marine, and we had a lot of volunteers for the program every year. I loved helping out, and it was a blessing to know that I had made a difference in the life of at least one child.

    • Lgali profile image


      9 years ago

      nice hub


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