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Support Hillary Clinton with a Song

Updated on July 28, 2019
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Robert is an author, artist, graphic designer, and photographer. He has been experimenting with building electronics.

One Voice is Amazing but Dozens Make a Point

I love watching groups of people singing song using only the sound of their voices. Is something magical about being able to make background music with just the tones of your voice or the clicks and pops you can make with your mouth. Bringing the sounds together with a group of people makes it even more impressive because you're integrating The talents of many different people to build something that is beautiful and can move people. This is why this video was put together because it moves people in a way to support Hillary Clinton for president.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not a Democrat and I don't know if I'm going to be voting this year mostly because I don't like either candidate but the ability to sway people's minds with just music impresses me.

The video above contains people from all over, people of many different races social lives and experiences, people who believe in something and band together to support someone they believe in.

Music is Emotion

The reason we like music so much is because it makes us feel. Sounds and melodies and words that mean something drive emotions within us to a point where we will take action. Many times we will get up and dance, pulling other people off their chairs and getting them to dance with you, feeling the rhythms within the moment to be happy and to enjoy the time either with the music by itself or with those around you.

These emotions we feel may only be with us for a moment, for the few minutes we are listening to a song they will well up within us and make us want to move. Music is powerful because our emotions are powerful. We will try to feel those emotions over new again by listening to the song over and over again. What's really powerful is when you could find a series of songs that make you feel the same way. If you could create an hours worth of music that will keep you in that high emotional state that you really found something beautiful.

There are people all over the world who create music to feel this way. They use their emotions to build music, to create something to share their emotions to transfer what they are feeling to other people. It amazes me how strong just the Millatti can transfer from one person to another just because of how that person is feeling when they are playing or sing it.

Can a Song Sway Your Vote?

If you watch the song and it brought an emotional moment to your soul, could it sway you to vote for someone you were not planning on voting for? I think this video and the music behind it is very strong. I think it's something that will strengthen the people who already know where they stand but I'm not so sure it will change anyone else's mind about who they are voting for.

For one reason the song really has nothing to do with political statements. The song has something to do with standing for what you believe in. I almost think they need to write a specific song about what Hillary stands for. If they want to sway the minds of undecided voters they need to show what Hillary stands for, show what she is trying to do in our country.

This video was created for the Democratic convention. It was created to build up the people who were there and get them excited about the election and vote for Hillary Clinton. For this reason I believe the video did exactly what the creators wanted to do.

An App to Make Your Own Acapella Song

I discovered an app that allows you to build an acappella song yourself. All you have to do is record the different parts while listening to your video through your earphones. It creates several video frames and splices them together so you can have a melody. It seems like a fun app to play with. You could even get your friends involved and have them seeing the higher and lower parts that you cannot sing. Then you can share the video with all your social media friends.

Know Where Hillary and Donald Stand on the Issues.

I wonder how many people are voting based on what they see on TV, on the social media explosion about the election or just based on whether or not they like their perception of the two candidates. I wonder if people actually do the research on the issues to find out where Hillery and Donald to stand on the things that they care about. If not they might be making a bad choice based on uninformed information.

There are a lot of disagreements between the parties. Donald Trump thinks that we should lock down our borders and force anyone who is not here legally to leave America where is Clinton is more interested in turning these illegal immigrants into citizens.

Donald Trump seems to be pro-life with a few exceptions including the health of the mother, incest and rape. Clinton seems to be pro-choice with the exception of pregnancies in the third trimester. These are things you have to think about. What do you believe and which candidate supports the things that you care about.

Going to Jewel is another big issue. Donald Trump wants to make sure that the good solid citizens can be armed if they so choose. Clinton wants to make it more difficult to get a gun, making it harder for terrorists and criminals to get their hands on them.

there are many other issues that you should read about. Know what they stand for about taxes, health reform, foreign policies, gay marriage and a dozen or more issues that are important in today's social environment.

search "election 2016" and Google will show you the issues and what the candidates have said on each subject. This will help you make an informed decision.


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