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Islam Is 100% Incompatible

Updated on February 5, 2020
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John Harper is a freelance journalist/radio presenter and free speech advocate. i

But it's not about Tommy...

When I first wrote this Tommy Robinson had been imprisoned for telling the truth about Muslim rapists and pedophiles, by a government who were intent on trying to keep the 'Islamic problem' tightly under wraps... since then the UK has chosen a different route, one that promises freedom from Centralized unelected government to one where the people will finally be listened to, or else, and where the politicos are aware how close 'we the people' are to losing their rag about what successive governments have allowed to happen.

But 'Tommy' is an assumed name in the first place, Tommy is Stephen Lennon, he assumed the pseudonym for obvious protective reasons, although the media have long ago destroyed that; but Tommy is also a title for the British soldier, that indomitable creature who seems so benign and insignificant until he is forced to fight.

And Tommy Robinson is exactly that man.

This article will try to provide an overview of what I think is actually happening, I present it because although I am passionate about stopping what is happening, I am a realist, so not actually involved for some simple reasons:

  • I am 68 and live in the countryside in Spain.
  • I have always been a non violent person.
  • I can assist this movement better from a strategic position, than hurling bricks.

You may also be an activist for or against free speech... that seems weird, that there are people against free speech, but they exist, so there must be people who believe speech should be limited according to their preferences.

Tolerance it appears only operates for what they say, not for what they disagree with.

But the point of free speech is that it protects the right of people to be wrong.

Start here...

Understand how Tommy thinks...and why!

OK, we are officially OFF the reservation!

This next video is kind of outside of my normal thinking... the guys worshipping Woden and wearing a Thors Hammer, but hey! - I have read near every Bernard Cornwell book on Anglo Saxon Eng Lund and how it became what it is, and as an obvious Anglo Saxon myself..... I forced myself to watch him... attack Tommy, but then it changes, and what he says made it worth listening to his pagan pitch!.

Calling keyboard warriors...

I spend an inordinate amount of time on FB trying to provoke awareness in people, those same people Tommy identified, the 30 who don't really care about politics.

As I am primarily concerned with stopping Islam invading the western world, and replacing our very 'flawed' civilisation with their 'perfect' one, I have found a ever growing number of videos that speak the truth, it's just inherent in them, and which explain not only the problem, but the solution.

I really do not wish to see civil war in the UK, but fear I will, because the 'British Tommy' the ordinary bloke who really does not care, is beginning to care, and having limited education or exposure to the wider world, most folk awakening react to their new understanding of the problem, rather than respond.

We have a battle between our civilisation and theirs, we want them to adapt and adopt ours, they have plans to make our civilisation submit to theirs.

What you do with these videos determines who wins, and whether we need to resort to mass killings to regain Europe, or can divert it by simply being British and swallowing up their youth into the joys and pleasures of living in a society where you can actually be wrong and know that your right to be wrong is protected, and in fact you will not be killed (by us) for setting yourself free from an evil ideology and enjoying what the west offers.

Now having said that... there are many points of what Muslims believe that I concur with, they are more right in many ways than any mainstream lukewarm church are.

What I object to and will fight to destroy, is the absolute insistence that they have ANY right to tell anyone else what is right or wrong.

Throwing homosexual's off rooftops is wrong, whoever you are.

  • Paedophilia is wrong no matter what.
  • Not allowing anyone their equal rights is wrong.
  • Not allowing people to leave your religion is wrong, and demonstrates that Islam is not of Gods plan.

So it's a mixed bag, I agree with much of the criticism Islam aims at the west, but disagree with their way of handling it.

Use anything in this article to present information to others.

Good tune, could be 'our' anthem?

The crux of the matter...

In 1973 the Arab states waged war over oil... they actually staged it becuase of how they lost the Yom Kippur war they started.... the rest is history, and you can read it on the link below, 'cos there is no point in me paraphrasing it for you, do your due diligence!

Or a short video...

Part of the deal....

Faced with an emerging Arab ability to damage the West, the elites rapidly changed horses, the deal done allowed the Arabs to start colonising the Western world with a view to bring about a worldwide Islamic State... as elites they cared not one jot over who controlled the worlds people, as long as they controlled the money.

Watch this one for sure....

Now we get to the plan...

The one mentioned in the video, which you should share widely please, because the more people made aware of what we have been duped into the better.

We truly have ALL been duped, across all the political spectrum, the elite puppets; A.K.A our politicians have been prepared to dupe us all, maybe in ignorance of the truth, possibly in agreement with the long term aim of a globalist 'paradise' they were creating.

We are being colonised....

The Strategy for Islamic Cultural Action outside the Islamic World

Catchy title and a totally overblown document that despite it's gilded terminology does explain what their plan is... you can read it in the link below, but as someone said, its boring, so in a few paragraphs I will paraphrase the intentions... but still do your due diligence by at least trying to read the pdf...

From the document...

Whats this actually mean?

Definition:  We have no intention of assimilation, except YOU being assimilated into OUR Islamic system.
Definition: We have no intention of assimilation, except YOU being assimilated into OUR Islamic system.
Definition: If we cannot keep our children ignorant and brainwashed, they will leave Islam.
Definition: If we cannot keep our children ignorant and brainwashed, they will leave Islam. | Source

This article is in no way exhaustive of the problem we face, but it is important to get people who have formerly, or are currently, slumbering under the misapprehension that "it's all going to be OK", awaken to how we have been stitched up like a kipper by the slow global creep of their subtle deception methods.

Each step taken slowly and carefully, so as to not awaken the people to what they are doing.

1973: Oil crisis, solution is the slow destruction of our sovereignty, this is achieved by conjoining the UK with the EU in a comfy "we are all pals" manner

Trust me I'm a professional politician... 2013

This is the same 'Lord' that is currently trying to tell us to stay in the EU
This is the same 'Lord' that is currently trying to tell us to stay in the EU | Source

They knew what they were doing...

In collaboration with the Oil Kings, both Arabic and Western, and the intended 'Federal United States of Europe' - they were deliberately diluting the sovereignty and stamina of the British people to resist the invasion of Islamic immigrants they were encouraging.

Then of course Germany opened the floodgates to swamp Europe.

Long but worth watching... at least if you are new to this!

Why are they afraid of Tommy?

Tommy Robinson is a threat to the elites and obviously all those swamp dwellers who are complicit in this mass deception and intended genocide, for that reason he has been shut down, hopefully only temporarily, if they could, they would kill him, except they fear the reaction from the non Islamic people they describe as 'far right' but are actually just normal.

The following video will explain that clearly... the whole thing (after the first 47 seconds!) is worth watching, the relevant part is shown at 17.15 minutes in.... why the establishment want to stop Tommy...

Meet the man....

This is not finished...

Not this article, and certainly not the movement to regain our freedom, but for now I will post it, but add to it as time and material permits.

Those who understand, must awaken as many as possible to the threat we are facing, because time is short, fortunately the 'undoing' of this situation is possible, if the following steps are taken:

  • Brexit, preferably a hard exit if need be, anything that gives us freedom from the EU.
  • Stop consuming rubbish, from the media, from advertisers, from the BBC and most TV shows, and especially from the globalists.

    Shop local, from a British owned shop.

    Cut your spending by at least 10% for three months, and donate the savings towards any of the movements that are fighting for your interests.

    When you do this, you cut off the lifeblood of the globalists, and they will start to implode.

    This will be painful for you, but critical for them, they exist on your money, cut that off and their debt mountains collapse, and we need to collapse them. Sorry.
  • Removal of the whole existing parliamentary parties, this should be done at the ballot box, unless they obstruct the process.
  • Election of a Peoples Parliament made up of widely experienced people who had been elected by their local citizens, not bussed in from Westminster.
  • Rescind all and any agreements with the Oil Kings and Elites to start draining the swamp.
  • Establish a new way of governing the country that guaranteed that the wishes of the people, were what controlled what was done.

More of that later, for now, if you feel this may have merit in awakening sheeple back into people, share it please, we have millions to awaken.

I promoted the Tommy petition and was in really early, as I write we stand at just over 575,000 people who have supported free speech, and have seen through the pathetic actions of the elites, actions which have solidified opinion and opposition rather than suppressed it.

Maybe 'they' have planned this imminent conflagration?

Perhaps this is also part of their plan, to start another war that will kill millions?

Whether they have or not, is actually irrelevant, for the situation is only going to deteriorate.

Make your mark...

Do you agree with the statement "Islam is 100% incompatible with western civilisation"

See results

Is Europe being invaded by Islam?

See results

I'll leave you with this gem...

I'm an Englishman... excellent to watch

© 2018 John Harper


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