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Fight or Flight politices

Updated on April 23, 2010

 As a small kid in the projects I learned a valuable lesson about people. As I remember I was about 9 or 10 years old and bullet proof, only because I had not been tested yet. I remember picking on some old man just setting on his porch minding his own business.I thought I would harass him and maybe even kick his ass. My story begins here, for many reasons this is where my life began not that I understood then but its just how it all worked.

After a few minuets of tauting the old man I think his name was Mr.Tarr kicked my little ass and told me one thing I never forgot to this day, Don"t pick on old people we have done things you only read about and no one is taking away my freedom to set on my porch and do nothing.

Of course I didn't understand what the old man meant at the time but we became friends as he picked on his old 4 string banjo every day as long as I could remember unbothered by anyone.

Little did I know at the time that Mr. Tarr was world war  II vet and just didn't want to be bothered by modern society.  The lesson that I didn't learn was that the hell that this man went through in war was all for me and the other dumb kids in the projects could walk around and do what ever we wanted to, we just didn't know the rules yet.

That is the one thing thing that has always been on my mind ever since this happened to me. What I didn't know was that Mr. Tarr's card had been punched and he didn't have to do anything every again for life, his contributions to society had been with  great loss to him and setting on his porch was all that he could do.

Our country is full of Mr. Tarr's average people  who have made above average contributions to our country with great loss to them selves and their family's.

The phrase Fight or Flight was one of the first things I learned working the back streets of Tampa,Fl. Quite simply it means if you don't stand up for the cause that you have undertaken now you will be running your whole life.

To bring you up to date it'd time for the average person  to get his wings. Fight and don't quit fighting until our way of life is back in our hands and not until then can we set on the porch again and do nothing. We owe a debt to the many porch setters before us that lived keeping our way life alive and a tremendous debt to the ones that gave their lives. The sad part is that the ones who gave of their  life were to young to really understand why. Lets not let their lives and their death be a mistake.

The price of freedom and open government in this county has been great to many, like the saying goes let the other man die for his country he believes in and let our young men and women live to enjoy the rest of their lives as it may be. We have far to many hero's in our country now trying to walk again or see out of one eye or even worse not seeing at all.Lets remember these people who have given so much to so many.

As Americans either born here or moved here give it your all, I know what it's like to move somewhere that you have never been before and try to star a new life, moving to a small town and being surrounded by people who don't know you from come here is hard. But you here know and make the best of it by expressing yourself in voting. This is the one way we can express ourselves  without spilling our blood, there have been many before you that have already done this for you.

So the next time you think your to tired to drive a few miles to vote, just imaging if you had craw through the mud for a mile in snake and enemy infested swamp waters just to stay alive for another day. Let;s get out and walk if you have to and let people know who you are and make a difference this year. Your country and all of its individual Americans are helping to get our way of life back if only for another year or two.  so If we have to do the same thing over and over again  we will do so, it's our right.



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  • thevoice profile image

    thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

    great political hub right thanks