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Fighting For Gun Control in America

Updated on June 21, 2019
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  

The Reasons for Gun Control Laws

© 2015 Missy Smith

Are you ready to join the fight and speak out for gun control? There are so many tragedies plaguing the US today, because of guns and people who are fighting for the old 1700s second amendment decree to bear arms. However, times change, and sometimes we have to re-write history.

Back in those days, the right to carry a gun seemed more logical than it does today. People lived off the land. They killed their meals themselves, and they fought wild animals that threatened their livelihood by taking their crops. Sure, they also had to fight bad guys too, but that was a long time ago. It was a common way to survive. With fewer law enforcement, with less people period to help defend and protect, it was feasible to carry a weapon.

Skip ahead a couple of three centuries later and population has risen by leaps and bounds. Crime has risen. Along with that, mental illness has come about and political and religious wars have reared their ugly existence. For this, it is unwise to think a world of easy access weaponry is sensible. We have more different types of weapons and guns than, as they say, Carter has liver pills. We have all types of handguns; single shot, revolvers, and semi-automatic pistols, just to name a few. We have long guns; shotguns and rifles, for example. Not to mention; Military type guns like machine guns, that now you can buy right out on the street in your local pawn shop and gun shows.

What?? Is there something wrong with this picture? I think so, and if you don’t after all the recent mass shootings through these few years, well, you certainly should. It’s not getting better; it's getting worse. We expand through the years; we invent more and more. We do not live in simple times anymore. We are an over populated world that has borne more mental ill individuals from the hectic, competitive, life styles we live now.

I’m not lying and you who are reading this know it; Sandy Hook Elementary 2012, Fort Hood Congressional Event 2009, Tucson Congressional Event 2011, Aurora Movie Theater 2012, Charleston Church 2015. The list goes on, and now, in recent days, have had another; The Oregon community college shooting.

So what’s the answer, more guns? No, that is not intellectually sound thinking is it? The answer is fighting for stricter laws to be put in place. The answer is getting Congress off their amendment war in order to restore a peace in today’s world.

Calm down gun lovers!! We are not saying the hunters, law enforcement, and militaries are going to lose rights for heaven’s sake! We want better background checks and medical records to be made accessible before an individual can buy a gun. We need the mental ill patients, the serial killers, and the drug dealers to be put on a permanent lock down from purchasing weapons.

This is my way of fighting this. I wanted to get my voice heard on this subject. It is a necessary discussion we all need to have. Share this hub if you agree with me. Let’s make a change!

South Carolina Church Shooting

Outside the Charleston South Carolina Church mass shooting
Outside the Charleston South Carolina Church mass shooting | Source

Charleston Church Killer

facebook profile of a killer
facebook profile of a killer | Source

President Obama speaking on the recent Oregon mass shooting

Aurora Movie Theater Shooter

The deranged face of the Aurora movie theater killer
The deranged face of the Aurora movie theater killer | Source

Guns Aren't Gods

So you think guns

Will set you free?

Please don’t insult

your own integrity.

Guns do nothing

but kill things off.

They solve no

issues. They serve

no cross.

By accident or on

purpose, does it

even matter, let that

bullet fly and

your life may shatter.

One single person's

bad day, equals a

flock of innocent

lives taken away.

Senseless is what

it is, a piece of

steel is what you

get in place of

A life that can

no longer exist.

So, again, gun

lovers, state

your case to

all who will listen.

However, most

Of us will only

hear your

ignorant opinions.

Outside Aurora theater

outside Aurora movie theater where the 2012 mass shooting took place.
outside Aurora movie theater where the 2012 mass shooting took place. | Source

Gun Control

How do you feel about stricter gun control laws?

See results

The Army Veteran Hero of the recent Oregon mass shootings. Imagine that an army guy who didn't carry a gun and fought back anyway.


The President speaking about one of the most heartbreaking mass shootings Sandy Hook

AR-15 found in Classroom 10 at Sandy Hook Elementary


Hollywood talking about Gun Control Demand a Plan...

Cruel Reminder

A little girl died

in that school

that day, and

A little boy’s

mother was

taken away.

When you can’t

watch a movie

in fear of gunfire

or go to church

in your best attire...

be certain to know

the devil is near,

he can appear in

all things even a


Pull him back

you just make

him stronger.

Go ahead make

him chuckle with

Pride as you kill

another in his


If you don’t think

my words are worth

the read, keep your

blindfold handy.

You will certainly

need it as you

continue to fight

for a 1700s second

amendment right.

Times do change


do you want to

keep dying or would

you rather make

that change…

Thank you John Hansen (Jodah) for sending me this. It makes serious points in a comedic way.

A Powerful tribute to the children and teachers killed at Sandy Hook Elementary

© 2015 Missy Smith


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