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Stop Killing

Updated on December 29, 2014

Is Islam a peaceful Religion ?

There are some things in the world that are unthinkable , one among them is GOD. Many people in the world believes that GOD is love and caring .But there is no such thing as love when you have people, who can hate other people so much that they can justify killing others in the name of GOD and be in peace. There is no such thing as GOD.

Islam means peace ? yes but it also means Surrender, Submit, Obey , Sincere

None of the above words seem pleasant to me except Peace.

If there is a GOD, who is loving , There is no way he will ask you to surrender at the first place, God should and will never care about people's submission if he is truly embracing human kind and loves them.


Lives lost in 2014

"I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels . strike off their heads , strike off the very tip of their fingers" This is quote from Quran about the non-believers of Allah. This was a statement given by Muhammad when Islam was spreading and needed a desperate push. But is this still a valid quote when rest of the world is trying to live in peace.

The below list are number of people lost lives for someone else's cause of Religion.

1: NIGERIA - 700
2: IRAQ - 800
3: Afghan - 200
4: Syria - 150
5: Pakistan - 400

Yemen , Somalia , Saudi Arabia also lost significant lives as a result of some Islamic ideologies practiced and preached by wrong Doers, who will not be pardoned even by Allah.

Reasons and Demands:

Yes Muslims were massacred by Christians in the holy wars and crusades and still there are some christian countries interfering Islamic state's politics and trying to gain profit out of it , but that does not give anyone the right to practice nonsense and kill innocent people.

In reality all the above mentioned countries are Islamic dominant countries and many of them died are peaceful people who practiced Islam and worshiped Allah.

Demanding Everyone to follow Islam and demanding followers of Islam to kill unbelievers is outrageous and unacceptable at any cost. You cannot impose your beliefs on others .

Terrorist Groups:

Taliban -meaning Student , Tehrik-i-taliban (Pakistan Talibans), Boko Haram(Nigerian Islamic Extremists), Al-Qaeda (means building Islamic foundation).

Most of the attacks in 2014 were directed and executed by the above extremists groups.

Is there any way Muslims can live in peace?

I have seen a video in which school children from Pakistan were reading their own essays about the Atom Bomb that Pakistan developed and equipped in their army . I can see such hatred in the kids tone and words, i could not understood what could have made them hate India and its people so much. Such kind of hatred is not encouraged in Indian schools or Colleges what so ever.

More than 10% of Islamic population is living in India, when the country was separated yes the separation was a disaster and many riots happened between Muslims and Hindus,

But now there are no riots in India and i can proudly say Muslims in India do not hate non-believers , they live in peace with other religions , Now I have friends who celebrate Ramadan , who celebrate Diwali and who celebrate Christmas. Islamic states can learn from Indian Muslims who practice all of Islams words including Peace.

"There shall be no compulsion in Religion " also a quote from Quran.



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