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Filipino Hangout At Yahoo Answers

Updated on March 20, 2011

People Power

For decades now the chief export of the Philippines has moved from natural resources to human resources.

Initially they were called OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers.

But I guess in this politically correct age, it was changed to OCWs or Overseas Contract Workers.

And lately, they added a more contemporary term to call the thousands of Filipino workers who fly out of the Philippines day-in and day-out (it sometimes boggles the mind how there are still Filipinos left in the Philippines, of course the Philippines' birth rate is also rising so I guess that evens that out, but that's another issue altogether).

But fast forward to today, these modern day Filipino Heroes are now generally called as Global FIlipinos (or Global Pinoys as some locals might put it).

And we are not even factoring the thousands of Migrant Filipinos going to the US, many parts of Europe, to Australia. New Zealand and in many other countries too many to enumerate.

And add to that, the thousands of Filipino Sailors the Philippines ship out regularly because not only are the Filipino worker in demand on land but they are the most sought after people to work in the open seas.

So think about it, aside from Friendster, aside from MySpace, aside from Facebook, aside from Twitter, aside from Flickr, aside from Youtube, aside from Skype and aside from all the other websites where Filipinos all over the world meet and greet, Filipinos in the Philippines and Global Filipinos have been found hanging out at Yahoo Answers Travel Philippines.

What is Yahoo Answers Travel Philippines, well it should be a forum to ask for and give out answers to Travelling to the Philippines. But if you know anything about the Filipinos you would know that aside from travelling, aside from helping people even total strangers, aside from texting, aside from taking a shower two, three, four times a day, aside from chatting and aside from eating six, seven, eight times a day they love to talk about anything and everything under sun.

Yahoo Answers

Now why at that particular category? Well your guess is as good as mine. I have been a regular at Yahoo Answers for three years now, and when I got to finally check out Yahoo Answers Travel Philippines, I found out that there already is a Community of Filipinos both based in the Philippines and outside the Philippines, as well as Expats in the Philippines who have been hanging out at that place.

And why not? For aside from being totally addicting, just ask any regular YAPPER (yes they also have an apt name for themselves) they just can't stay away from YAP (Yahoo Answers Philippines) even if they tried. And believe me many regular YAPPERs have tried and many have failed miserably.

There is also the enigmatic Yahoo Asia Community Manager and the ever twitting Jonas Del Rosario who is a Filipino by the way and is very popular with regular YAPPERs who look to him and his staff for all their YA issues and problems. And believe me as well, there has been some issues in there. For imagine this, try putting in one forum, all the homesick OCWs in the Middle East, all the newly Migrants in North America, Europe and Australia many of whom want to go home and add those who are in the Philippines some of whom want to change places with them at a heartbeat, plus throw in the die-hard Filipino Fanatics with the FIlipino Bashers, then there is bound to be some issues there.

And lastly there is that other Online Filipino Hangout place "Tambayan" courtesy of Mr. Jonas himself, the Yahoo Answer Philippines Blog.

So if you are a Global Pinoy, if you are an expat living in the Philippines, if you are a Filipino who have strong feelings about your country (either you love it or you hate it, no in-betweens), then I urge you what ever you do, DO NOT EVER GO visit YAP, less you might catch the YAP Bug as well. For I don't think they have found the antidote for it yet.

So beware and don't say I didn't warn you.


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  • J@ps profile image

    J@ps 8 years ago from Southern California

    Thank you dyesebel!

    But I don't think I'm nearly half as good as you are.

  • dyesebel10 profile image

    dyesebel10 8 years ago from USA

    excellent writer.. thanx.