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Finnish and French Leaders: Give the UK, an Ultimatum.

Updated on September 19, 2019

Emmanuel Macron and Antti Rinne.

Emmnuel Macron.
Emmnuel Macron. | Source
Antti Rinne.
Antti Rinne. | Source


French President Emmanuel Macron, it seems, doesn't have much time for the British. As French - British relations go, historically, that wouldn't be too surprising, given the oft, love-hate relationship between us and our cross Channel neighbour. A man who styles himself, on Napoleon, it's not surprising Macron, would say "Good riddance" to us Brits.

Mr Macron had a meeting with Finnish Prime Minister, Annti Rinne, both agreed that the UK should submit amendments to the May deal, before 30 September. Why the Finnish Prime Minister, should be so hostile to us and so touchy-feely with Macron, is beyond me. It's possible, that the long drawn out affair of the UK leaving the EU, is starting to grate on some European leaders.

Between the two leading EU leaders (which Macron and Merkle obviously are) of Angela Merkle and Emmanuel Macron, it is Macron, who has been more hardline about wishing Brexit was wrapped up, done and dusted. It would also seem, Antti Rinne is also fed up of Brexit and wants it done too.

Antti Rinne has told news media, that unless the EU receives amendments to the already agreed EU - UK deal, before the deadline of 30 September, in his words, "It's over".

The amendments must be put in writing (again according to Rinne, by the deadline date). Boris, meanwhile, is sticking to his guns, about the UK leaving the EU, on 31 October. This is despite, parliament, (currently suspended by Boris) making a no-deal option illegal.

Meanwhile, the case against Boris, suspending parliament, until the Queen's speech, carries on. Ironically enough, the 14 October, is the day of the Queen's speech, to her ministers, on the day of the anniversary of the battle of Hastings (make of that what you will!). The charge brought against Boris, by Gina Miller, former Prime Minister, John Major, and opposition parties are serious indeed. The charge is that Boris suspended parliament so that a no-deal Brexit could not be debated in parliament. Thus, allowing him, (Boris), to get the UK to leave the EU, with no deal, a dream come true for the hard right of the Tory party (many of whom, are now in Boris's cabinet, like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Dominic Raab and Priti Patel). If Boris, is found to have broken the law, in suspending parliament, for his own ends, what then? Meanwhile, Boris's defence argues, that what the Prime Minister did in suspending parliament was perfectly legal.

Boris, meanwhile from 10 Downing Street, says in interviews and puts out statements, that a deal is doable, before, 31 October.

Boris and Jean-Claude Juncker.

Boris Johnson.
Boris Johnson.
Jean Claude Juncker.
Jean Claude Juncker.

Other EU Nations Yet to Agree Macron and Rinne's Brexit Plan.

Despite Macron and Renne agreeing that the UK has until 30 September, to submit amendments to the existing May deal, other EU nations have yet to agree it.

Currently, the European Union (EU) has 28 member nations, including the UK. The UK remains a member of this bloc technically until we leave (if we leave) on 31 October.

Finnish Prime Minister Antti Renne and French President Emmanuel Macron said they agreed, 30 September as a deadline, because that would give the EU, more time to agree the UK amendments. There is an EU leader meeting on 17 October, which Boris, will attend, representing the UK.

Macron and Renne, it would appear, hope to have the amendments to the existing EU - UK deal by then. Of course, all this is speculation, any amendments submitted by the UK, will at first have to have the other 25 EU nations, backing the French and Finnish plan. Even if all EU nations accept the French and Finnish plan, there's no guarantee, the EU will agree to any UK amendments. There's also, no evidence, that the UK will indeed submit such amendments, in which case, can the UK, leave the EU, given the sovereign British parliament, has ruled, this course of action is illegal. What about if come the 31 October, Boris, ignores, the ruling of parliament, that a no-deal is illegal? Also, if the high court rules Boris has broken the law in suspending parliament, again, what then?

Jean Claude - Juncker, has been informed of the French/Finnish agreement. The reason, why Finland, has a deciding hand in the EU's approach to Brexit, is that it is currently head of a body of the EU, to decide such matters.


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