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"Fire and Fury" Is Just Another Distraction

Updated on January 9, 2018

The book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" has become just another attempt to de-legitimize Donald Trump's successes and presidency as a whole. If you look at what has been accomplished by President Trump rather then what the media portrays him as being it becomes clear that his successes far outweigh those of any of his last four predecessors. That is just in his first full year as president.

I know by now your probably already getting ready to leave this article behind and dismiss it as being written by someone completely in his corner but I was not always in his corner. I'll give you a little bit of backstory before I continue. Nine years ago I was a hardcore Obama supporter. Five years ago I was strongly in Mitt Romney's corner. Obama we all know was a strong left-leaning democrat while Mitt Romney was a very left, sort of centered, Republican. One and a half years ago I was looking at Trump as a joke of a candidate. I was sure he wasn't going to be in it to win it. As the primaries wore on and catapulted towards the general elections I realized he was a great candidate with great ideas and not running just for publicity. He was truly an America First presidential candidate.

Now back to this fictitious book created to cause a distraction. Claims have been made by the author that those in his staff are against him and think he is mentally unstable. However, the author himself has come out and said that he is not sure how much of his own book is true. That right there should be a huge red flag even for those who despise Trump. But now if you look at what he has done for this country it becomes apparent that this book is full of bull.

Donald Trump has strengthened the economy ten-fold over the entire eight years Obama was president. He has been able to pass a tax reform that, regardless of what the media says, will help the poor and middle class succeed. They say in ten years we'll be paying more but in ten years someone else will be president and will probably have dismantled his whole tax reform and will have increased taxes for the poor and middle class three-fold. They'll have done it to impress their lobbyist friends and to keep the rich Hollywood elite happy not to help everyday Americans. He has also ended the individual mandate for healthcare which will save millions of Americans money because now the market will be competitive again. You can't force someone into buying something and then expect the companies to lower prices when we all know, just like car insurance, they will raise rates because we have to have it. Another one that media claims and fallacious authors claim is that he has weakened our position in the world but notice many countries have taken our lead and sent jobs back to our country. He has silenced Putin. He has backed cowardly dictators into corners. African American and Hispanic unemployment have hit record lows. He has opened up drilling, although I don't agree with how much he opened it up, to help America become independent of foreign oil. He has positively changed how we are viewed as a country by countless world leaders. He has instilled greatness back into this great country of ours.

So remember when or if you read "Fire and Fury" the author himself said he doesn't know how much of it is true, the media has been caught in countless lies, and America is growing faster then it has in at least a decade if not longer. When he said he wanted to "Make America Great Again" he wasn't kidding. He didn't become president to worship and bow down to other world leaders he became president to do exactly as he said, make America great again.

Do you think, regardless of media opinion, that Trump has done a good job so far?

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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 3 months ago from Orange County California


      After 28 years of bad presidents, bad congresses, economic meltdown, continual wars that we can't win, and taking the debt to $20 trillion dollars, we finally have a business person, and a newbie now politician.

      This is a benefit, because unlike the professional politicians Trump doesn't have to hide what happened to the country under their time.

      It took both parties, working relentlessly to take down the US in a continual decline resulting in 2008.

      Obama then kept us from more decline but couldn't find the incline to put the country's path.

      imo, the unequal wealth distribution in this country is the Internal Revenue Code, and marginal tax brackets to make the rich pay a higher tax is not only ineffective because of the tax outs in the Internal Revenue Code, but it should be held as a violation of the equal protection clause.

    • philolson profile image

      Phil 3 months ago from United States

      I disagree that the tax cuts were solely for the rich. If that were true Hollywood elites wouldn't be so upset about it. I know I'm not rich and the tax cuts will definitely be beneficial to my take home pay. I also know the corporate tax cuts have led to many companies expanding their workforce and handing out nice bonuses because they have more wiggle room to do so. I also know there have been issues in the White House but I also remember dozens of scandals that arose during Clinton, Bush, and , Obama's time in the White House and from what I have seen Trump's are no worse then theirs.

    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 3 months ago from Arizona

      Just finished F&F, there is nothing new there, just finer detail of the last year.

      Now that the tax giveaway for the rich has passed, this is just one of many forthcoming books in attempt to delegitimize DJT further since he was placed there for the sole reason of tax cuts for the rich and corporations.

      DJT delegitimized himself a longtime ago before becoming the POS POTUS.

      His accomplishments do not nullify the WH dumpster fire of the past year.