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Firing,Violations of Ceasefire,Shooting Down of Drone by some Pakistani Rangers in Line of Control

Updated on July 19, 2015

Line of Control




The Chinese Drone Shot Down by Pakistan

This Chinese drone was shot down on Pakistan occupied Kashmir by Pakisatani soldiers who falsely alleged that it was India spy-drone which crossed the border.
This Chinese drone was shot down on Pakistan occupied Kashmir by Pakisatani soldiers who falsely alleged that it was India spy-drone which crossed the border. | Source

What Happened

What Happened

Pakistani Rangers shot bullets in the areas of R.S.Pura and Akhnoor. They threw bullets targeting five Border Outposts of Border Security Force of India. They thus violated ceasefire treaty between India and Pakistan. In addition to this, they falsely complained that Indian Drone landed on Pakistan. Though later China confessed that this drone was theirs .

The firing on the international border in Jammu district on Wednesday by Pakistan Rangers took the life of 42 years old Poly Devi ,a resident of Akhnoor sector and hit six others civilians were 24-year-old Ramesh Kumar, 38-year-old Usha Devi and one Surinder Singh including constables YP Tiwari and Anjani Kumar of 89 battalion of BSF seriously . Usha Devi was sent to Pargwal village hospital while two other injured persons were sent to the Jammu city hospital for treatment. The massacre happened when the state government was busy for making arrangement for the visit of the Prime Minister of India.

On Thursday, Pakistani rangers attacked some villages and five border outposts in borderline in Jammu district again. They aimed at the sheds of B.S.F.(Border Security Force-Indian force) and were throwing bullets and mortars continuously. The Rangers aimed both five Border Outposts and civilian areas at Bhalwal Bharth, Malabela and Siderwan along the border .Three mortar shells were thrown to Kanachak sector along the IB. The 21 Chenab Rangers of Pakistan did the ceasefire violation from their Azam, Peer Garana, Melabela . Jawans (Indian soldiers) started to protest after the Pakistani rangers had thrown mortars at 1.15 a.m. at R.S.Pura sector in Jammu. After failure or retreating in bullet-attack against Indian army, Pakistani rangers started to throw 81mm mortars in the areas of Taiwan and R.S.Pura. Abruptly Pakistani Rangers started firing of 82-mm mortars along with the IB in Kanachak sector at around 3.40a.m. at dawn. The battle continued till 5.30a.m.The area became a battlefield. The Pakistani rangers who kept themselves hidden having entered into India, were being under combing operation by the Indian Army. In this adverse situation, Pakistani Rangers were making sniper attacks again and again.The eighth ceasefire violation only in the month of July by Paksitani soldiers made Indian Army compelled to stand against the attack.

Drone Issue:

Pakistan complained that India sent a drone for observing over the border-line. It was in the area of Bhimwar .Pakistan shot the Drone and made it to land on Pakistan. They complained that this drone crossed the border line after watching the area. Dawn news says, "violation of Pakistan's territorial integrity" has been stated by Pakistan Army as the reason to crash the drone. The allegation has already been denied by both the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force (IAF). They said that no Indian drone had entered into the land of Pakistan. It was in news that the drone was of Pakistan. They destroyed their own drone and tried to put the blame on India. Foreign Secretary S Joy Shankar had said the "photograph of the drone in question indicates that it's not of Indian design, nor of any UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) category held in the inventory of the Indian armed forces.It appears to be of Chinese design, and is commercially available off-the-shelf."

The ruling Communist Party of China (CPC)-run People’s Daily is the Chinese official media It disclosed that the “spy” drone which had been shot down along the Line of Control(LoC) by the Pakistani Army, was made in China. It reported in its website that the drone was “recognized in Beijing as the Chinese made DJI phantom 3,” .

What is Drone?


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

They are shaking hands with a hope to rejuvenate the relation of India and Pakistan.
They are shaking hands with a hope to rejuvenate the relation of India and Pakistan. | Source

Why such Event has Occurred

Reasons :-

Intrusion :

On 13th July some armed terrorists tried to trespass along line of control at Balauni in the district of Poonch under Akhnoor sectorin Jammu. They could not protect themselves against the bullets of the Indian Army and hid themselves in the hilly jungles.Indian army stopped them to intrude into Indian peaceful land.

VIP’s Visit to Jammu :

The centenary celebrations of former state Finance Minister Girdhari Lal Dogra would be celebrated on 17th July in Jammu where Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi had been scheduled to attend the occasion.

Eying to SAARC(South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation):

Next year, the 19th SAARC assembly will be attended by Modi in Islamabad in Pakistan. It will be his first Pakistan visit. Pakistani troop has been violating the bilateral ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC) and the International Border in Jammu and Kashmir since the first visit of a very very important person from the Central government in the state.

Russian Peace Treaty Russian is Broken

Both the Prime Ministers, from India and Pakistan had made a treaty to start a peaceful, unbreakable journey by both the countries. They shook hands and made some promises there. They made a long meeting. Both of them agreed to make arrangements for normalcy between these countries including the matter of Mumbai Attack. They promised to organize meetings of military level on the anxiety in border. National Security Advisors from both the countries would sit together in Delhi to discuss about all related subjects. It was in Ufa in Russia .

The success of the meeting between Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was in mush discussion by political persons. The anxiety of India is to be the subjects of line of control of Pakistan and Kashmir principle. The continuous ceasefire violation by Pakistani rangers is a matter of grave concern.

Important Persons

Narendra Damodardas Modi
Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif
Prime Minister
T.C.A. Raghban
High Commissioner
Abdul Basir
High Commissioner
Rajnath Sing
Home Minister
Ishak Dar
Finance Minister
Sushama Swaraj
Foreign Minister
Some important persons from India and Pakistan are enlisted here.

Pakistan Violates Ceasefire


Responses of India and Pakistan

Indian Response:-

Central Home Minister, Mr Rajnath Sing called an emergent meeting in this issue after the 48 hours attack by Pakistani Rangers There were Foreign Minister Mrs Sushama Swaraj, Manohar Parikkar,National Security Advisor Ajit Doval in this meeting. Center said that Kashmir problem would be treated with intense awareness. D.G. of B.S.F. Mr P.K.Pathak met National Security Advison to give him the report of the present condition of border. He advised even to speak with the government of Pakistan. After this, the meeting was held. Indian Foreign Secretary, Mr Joy Shankar said that India is a peaceful country and is eager to maintain a peaceful relation with Pakistan. But no grace will be entertained in respect of security of the country.

Pakistan’s Response:

Abdul Basir , Commissioner from Pakistan in India was introduced about the matter by Ajit Doval, National Security Advisor. Joy Shankar complained why did Pakistan not complain if India had broken ceasefire.In Pakistan, Nawaj Shariff called Indian Commission and complained against India. Pakistan complained on Drone issue. Foreign Minister of Pakistan Izaz Ahmed Chowdhuri protested strongly before Indian High Commissioner T.C.A. Raghban on the complaint about the violation of sky-line . He also complained that B.S.F. attacked Pakistani Fuklian-Akhnoor sectors. Sartaz Aziz, the National Security Adviser of Pakistan said some days ago that no bilateral meeting between India and Pakistan would be organized without the issue of Kashmir. Relation could not be better. On 10th July, the finance minister of Pakistan , Mr. Ishak Dar said in Pakistan that if India tries to show aggressive attitude , it will receive a strict reply . Pakistani soldiers have been attacking since this comment.

Easy to say

Who is responsible for the hostility ?

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