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First, They Came for the Nazis...

Updated on August 19, 2017

Race is not biological, it’s a social construct - but that doesn’t stop racists from trying to oppress. Amerikkka has been quite persistent in its ways – and we probably fooled ourselves in thinking we’d made more progress than we had – but it seems as though its regressed over the past few years, and that ugly backtracking has only accelerated in the past months and weeks.
I could go on and on about the causes: Chambers of commerce set about attaining the Supreme Court, did, ruled that corporations are people and political bribery equals free speech. Once Democrats determined to take the corporate cash they had to agree with Republicans and their mutual sponsors on economic policy, tax policy, foreign policy, criminal justice, and so on. The Democrat raison d’etre became controlled opposition to the left, and since neither major political party any longer represented the working poor the result has been 40 years of wage stagnation as the wealthy have only gotten wealthier and social mobility has ground to a halt.
We’ve slowly come to realize it - or at least feel it. We’ve grown more & more frustrated with our economic circumstances and since we make slave wages and have families to take care of we don’t have time to keep up with all this shit. As such, a lot of people are brainwashed into blaming other poor people who they’ve been convinced to hate largely via an unholy triumvirate of predatory capitalism, Christianity, and white supremacy. And fewer and fewer vote since they correctly feel that both political parties are the same and my vote doesn’t really matter or count anyways...
So, a bigoted charlatan comes along and rides a wave of ignorance and frustration into the White House with just 20% of the country casting a ballot in his favor (less than 30% of eligible voters). As corrupt politicians mount sporadic resistance to his ugly agenda, he sets about ordering immigration raids, ramping up the drug war, implementing travel bans…
Real people are being irreparably harmed and - while 45 may or may not have committed impeachable offenses - all we’ve heard about from the corporate media & politicians of the McResistance whose only aim is to protect and restore the status quo is: Russia, Russia, Russia!
Meanwhile, some good people have set about removing symbols of the seemingly latent racism now running so openly rampant. And a few pricks waving the flags of traitors gather by the handful to spout nonsense. Then, some internet rando convinces pricks by the thousand to gather – some with those same participation-trophy traitor flags; some with cosplay fatigues; and some with nazi regalia, salutes, and chants (all with tiny penises). Inevitably, someone gets killed. Dozens injured. And the cheeto fascist plays patti-cake with this pathetic cast of characters of white supremacy.
On one hand: this racism shit is nothing new. On the other: we have a white supremacist in the White House who’s made it socially acceptable to be a bigot again, and an army of rubes egged-on by a toxic propaganda silo led by white trash like Steve Bannon who want nothing more than to turn the clock back to Jim Crow and worse.
Then we have antifa. I hate what those pricks do after practically every peaceful protest when they show up and start shit that makes everyone look bad in the news. And who knows if those specific pricks are even real antifa or government infiltrators like we’ve seen used for decades. Either way, when fascists arrive antifa are there to meet them.
The question is whether to ignore neo-nazis, neo-confederates, and white supremacists and hope they eventually wither away because their ideas can’t win in the court of public opinion; or stand in opposition when they rear their ugly heads – especially when the dear leader of their ugly ideology and his political party currently control the entirety of the federal government, plus roughly 70% of the states - and the political opposition to all that entails is feeble and with little sign of growth.
The answer to me, I think, is that there are vital roles both for people like MLK & Malcolm X…


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