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First Truthers, Then Birthers, Now Warmers?

Updated on November 26, 2009

It's a Conspiracy I Tell You!

All groups of conspiracy theorists seem to get nicknamed. They get names like "Truthers" for those who don't buy the official story of the 911 attacks. Another is "Birthers" for those like myself who believe President Obama's birth certificate he showed us was actually Photo-shopped. I'm sorry I got a B+ in photo editing in college. I could have done a better job on that forgery. Parts of it pixilate at different zoom than others. Even some that just want political action get the nickname "tea baggers." That is for those who go to "tea party" like rallies. If Sean Hannity had ever been to a wild party like the ones I went to when I was younger he wouldn't be using that term on the open airwaves. Let's just say it's not a "family values" term.

We now have the term "Warmers." It's for those who believe that climate change or global warming is not caused by carbon emissions but from other causes. I'm also one of those, so call me a Warmer.

When I woke up this morning it was 8 degrees Fahrenheit. That is unusual for this time of year, although not unheard of. You can call it anecdotal evidence, but it is still evidence. If you want hard evidence, you'll have to look at the emails that were hacked from a University computer. They really need to get better security.

Let's first look at the terms they are using. The term global warming was too specific, too biased sounding, and too easily attacked by hard science. They needed a vague term, one that didn't sound too left-wing and one that was harder to pin down with actual provable data. They invented climate change.

They (the elite globalists) didn't actually invent climate change. Climate change has been happening since there was a climate. The fact that it is caused by humans is the part they want us to swallow. One volcano spews out more carbon than all of the cars, trucks, trains and planes that have ever been run. Why aren't they crying that we stop volcanoes? I'll tell you why. There's no money to be made by the elite bankers who will be in charge of it all.

When political activists pose as spokesmen for the scientific consensus, they do science a great injustice. Science loses it's credibility when data is skewed to one direction or the other. science cannot afford this, especially when the boy who cries wolf isn't the one who actually saw the wolf. I'm sorry but Al Gore is not a scientist. He's a fear-mongering politician. Isn't it funny how they all do that? Bush Jr' used to cry "Bin Laden, we got to get Bin Laden or they will attack us again!" Then he goes after Saddam. Now the lefties are crying "Carbon, we got to get rid of the carbon or the sea will rise!" while they are really going after our money. Do you think they are going to tax the countries whose main source of cooking heat is fire? No, they will just tax us.

It begs the question why. I'll tell you why. If we are taxed for carbon, we are taxed for everything. Everything! So it is not bad enough that we borrow all the money get from the the Federal Reserve private bankers, but we must give it back to them in the carbon tax, while paying interest for the money we borrow.


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    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      I am not sure about the birthers but I am with you and the warmers. No way on the truthers. Secrets that big can't be kept. So, I'm 1 yes, 1 no and 1 maybe. Not bad. :)

    • Portamenteff profile image

      Portamenteff 8 years ago from Western Colorado, USA

      Since you want references, sure. My little 86 credit stint in college gave me a good grasp of citing sources. Since hubpages is not college, you'll have to forgive me if I don't use APA or MLA formats.

      On the warmer view of mine:

      I downloaded the entire dataset including documents and emails. It even contains source code. You can find it here

      It is a .zip file that contains binary code, scripts, Microsoft Office documents. You should read them before you debate me or it won't even be a fair fight.

      On the Obama birth certificate: I wrote an essay about it after extensive viewing and analysis with the professional photo editing software called GIMP. I'll have to dig through some old data storage DVDs to find it. I'll be sure and send you the link as soon as I script it into a web page. It doesn't require PhotoShop or any of those to question Obama's logic in this matter. If he was indeed born in Hawaii like he said, why doesn't he just produce an actual birth certificate (not a copy of certified live birth) and be done with all of the lawsuits that are pending? He's got tons of lawyers instead. What his campaign website released was nothing like a real birth certificate. Mine has my mother's doctor's name, my mother's name, my mother's maiden name the time of my birth, date, hospital, father's name. What he gave us had none of that.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Your birther and warmer views put you in a small minority and make me wonder what sources of information lead you to these far out conclusions.