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Fisherhaven Today

Updated on April 25, 2019
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I global Quality Consultant, a passion for food, photography, places and people mainly because I am still trying to understand each genre.


China Marais gateway to Fisherhaven. Fisherhaven has been around quite some time and has a history well worth researching if you have a mind to add perspective to the Fisherhaven of today.

Situated on the R43 between the much vaunted Hermanus and Botriver or Kleinmond depending on your direction of travel and final destination.

It is a quiet rural village flanked by the R43 and Hawston to the East, lagoon to the North West, the sea to the South and tantalising close across the lagoon to the West the Wine Farm Estate housing numerous private properties close at hand but financially out of reach to most. But there as in Fisherhaven, there is currently an active new build occurring.

There is a lot to keep you enthralled with Fisherhaven, not least it's horses and human inhabitants who hail from the four corners of the earth as well as those from nearer places. The flora and fauna, the lagoon and the beautiful backdrops abutting the Atlantic Ocean to the South.

It's 2019 and today communities across South Africa are facing challenges on an unprecedented scale. Apart from the worlds most uneven distribution of wealth, political instability, widespread corruption resembling a place where the rule of law places a very poor second to ill-gotten gains, mal-practices, nepotism, inept management and stewardship, a cavalier to the Judicial System and where Government controlled entities are bankrupt and in total disarray and not one of those holding power being brought to book or if that is the case there has yet to be a guilty verdict let alone a jail sentence.

To be taken for fools, without respite means that until there is governance that the whole of South Africa can look to for guidance, jurisprudence, responsible policies, total transparency and candidates who are worthy to hold high office and with the all important issues of violent crime in South Africa, mobilisation of disruptive forces to push a land grab agenda and social upheaval we all have to look to ourselves and our own.

Fisherhaven is a microcosm of the rest of South Africa and carries with it the shared burdens of South Africans at this time but also there own peculiar version of issues that need to be addressed on a regular basis. As inhabitants of this wonderful place, we have to step up and meet the demands where others fall pitifully short.

The Fisherhaven Neighbourhood Watch has its AGM at the Yacht Club on Saturday 27th April which coincidentally is Freedom Day, an omen in these trying days. For us as inhabitants should attend to see how we as a community can join hands and force out the current trends which affect us as much as the rest of South Africa.

However, it takes commitment, fortitude, teamwork, direction and a willingness to be part of a positive force in a negative environment and limited assistance.

Points to Ponder.

Fisherhaven is the area currently enjoying a building upsurge enhancing the village and bringing new blood and ideas to our home.

We need to encourage development and embrace new like-minded neighbours.

Fisherhaven offers tranquillity, privacy but as of today not total security

Free to build what you like within Municipality regulations leaves a lot of artistic design input as can be witnessed throughout the village.

Without wildlife preservation, the only way we will be able to relate to the creatures of the planet will be through digital images and audio tracks.

We need to preserve our environment and penalise those that wilfully endanger our species, flora and fauna.

One of two social venues open to the public. This restaurant compliments the popular Blue Roof offering an alternative venue and alternative cuisine.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but to keep the breathtaking scenes and everchanging moods we have to be vigilant.

Where there's water there's a sailor and where there's a sailor there's a watering hole. The Fisherhaven Yacht Club is one such venue which offers much to those that attend and enjoy the camaraderie.

As many mood changes in a day as a couple of women, I've had the good fortune to know end on security because on Saturday 27th April we all have the opportunity to have our say and help make the difference.

Remember, ┬┤If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem┬┤.

If you can't get motivated for your self get motivated for me.

Check Whatsapp for times.


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