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Where Does Our Money Go Part 1

Updated on September 16, 2009

Yeah our economy sucks, there is widespread employment problems and everybody wants to fix it but nobody really wants to fix it. All politicians could care less because they are getting their money no matter what, I have yet to hear one government official offer to take a pay cut. They sure as hell aren't trying to spend our money wisely, I won't claim to have all the answers but I sure as hell could do a better job running the United States than these clowns in Washington. So welcome to part 1 of an ongoing collection of hubs looking at where our money goes.

Congress Doesn't Have Anything Better To Do?

First of all how about we address this erection our government has for sticking their noses where it doesn't belong and managing to throw our money away in the process. I could not find an exact figure probably because they don't really want us to know, but I do know that our government has spent over $55 million dollars the last few years worrying about which baseball players are on steroids. WHO CARES!?!? Honestly, let them shoot stuff into their veins to preform better, thats what everybody wants right? Ladies love the long ball right? I say we don't test anybody, we'll figure out who took them a few years down the road when all of their livers, kidneys, and hearts start to fail. Maybe then these idiots will realize what they are doing, its just another part of natural selection really. The idiot who puts to many drugs in his body won't live past 50, its not the governments job to save them from stupidity. 

Its Like Bizzaro World, The Former Wrestler Is The Only One That Gets It!!!!

Honestly who would have thought that Jesse Ventura would be the only politician that makes any damn sense? The government is spending money and man power on policing prostitution when they could flip it and make a profit off of it. 40% of people think that prostituion should be legalized and the other 60% are ignorant because they would rather have police out looking for prostitutes rather than doing something productive like looking for murderers. Worried about STDs? Then you should be for the legalization of prostituion rather than being against it. In Newark, New Jersey 57% prostitutes on the street were found to be HIV positive. However in the brothels in Nevada where prostitution is legal, not a single prostitute had the disease. So wait a second not only are we cutting the billions spent each year on policing prostitution and making a profit, we will also be lowering the amount of STDs contracted each year in this country.On top of that I bet you see a sharp drop off in sexually based crimes across the nation.

Again Jesse Ventura Gets It

Just like with prostitution the government flushes money down the toilet every year policing marijuana when its much more effective to regulate it. Have you ever seen training day where Denzel Washington goes into a classic rant saying "King Kong Ain't Got Shit On Me"? Well no matter how you slice it, when it comes to drugs Marijuana doesn't have shit on tobacco and alcohol. Cancer, drunk driving, domestic abuse, alcohol poisoning, the list goes on and on. Marijuana? Sleepy, happy, hungry. The United States is looking at saving 7.7 billion dollars a year by legalizing maraijuana, see the stats for yourself and tell me exactly why we shouldn't do it.


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