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Florida dumps milliions of tires into the ocean, creates algae bloom, by LAW reduces water quality! IT ALL STINKS!

Updated on September 7, 2016
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David W. Pressler Retired Miami Dade County FireFighter, Designer Builder monolithic concrete off the grid homes and safe rooms, US Citizen.


Port Everglades Dredging cost

Broward County Commission approved millions of dollars to dredge the channel at Port Everglades. This is the same Commission that approved the removal of 700,000 tires putting out a bid with no minimum number to be removed and at a price per tire, Ludicrous! Broward and the State of Florida Department of Environmental will spend 2 million dollars and leave 600,000 tires in the ocean after 2 years of picking a tire one at a time out of the ocean, LUDICROUS! millions more will be spent and most likely damage the reefs more, Ludicrous!

If only a tub grinder had been incorporated into this project most if not all of these tires could have been removed. Follow the money.

No fish in the ocean

After a week diving BVI no fish larger than 3 feet were seen by any of the 8 divers excluding sharks. VERY ALARMING From information I am getting from around the world this is what is being found! So removing or not of these tires will make little impact on what has already happened.

Recently local station WSVN did an expose on these tires. Once you watch the entire segment do you get the impression that the only danger is in that specific area and that eventually in the future they will decompose?


Listen to one official state that wherever a single tire lays NOTHING grows beneath it. Currently these 700,000 tires are in a somewhat confined area stacked in some areas. Not one mention of what happens to all of these tires once a 30 foot tidal surge hits that east side of the reef these tires lay on?

In the future the Eastern Reef of Florida will be known as the Spotted Reef. Each spot that one of the 700,000 tires lands on NOTHING will grow under it BUT hopefully enough inside the hole.


My 2 Cents David W Pressler

Flawed Bid

State of Florida Department of Environmental put out a bid announcement without a minimum number of tires annually to be removed and price per tire. IF the goal of this bid was to remove ALL of these tires then this goal failed before announced. The total amount of tires that will be determined is based on the lowest bidder and the 2 million dollar budget. At $16 per tire the use of mechanical machine on site would deplete the budget within months instead of 2 years. FATAL FLAW! LUDICROUS!

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Technology today, a working platform / crane with long reaches and tub grinder, can be located on this site without damaging the reef below. By using a machine, versus manual labor to stack tires, it is estimated that 360,000 tires can be removed in an 11 month period and All of these tires in the scheduled 2 year plan, say those WatchDogs in the shredding business. Stacking tires one by one, leaving 600,000 tires in the ocean, NOT a good plan.

EMAIL Florida Officials Tell them you want more for your 2 million dollars and to remove ALL of these 700,000 tires!!!!!!!!!!!

LIKE US and PLEASE inform ALL of your groups about this pending monumental disaster that nobody has a clue about. Out of sight out of mind is what the State of Florida and Broward County would hope this project maintains that status, will you let them?


Florida Discharges create algae bloom on the East Coast of Florida

Florida's Department of Environmental has allowed millions and millions of gallons of fresh water to be dumped into the salt waters of the Atlantic Ocean, LUDICROUS! This process has taken its toll on the reefs down stream. Where once you had pristine coral you now have beige looking barren reef with what looks like red toilet paper stinging off of whatever is growing above the reef. Most recently Florida's latest dumping created an algae bloom that covered 100 of miles downstream. LUDICROUS!

Florida Fracking and saving the Everglades


Florida lowers Water Quality standards?

FOLLOW THE MONEY! So as to be able to get FRACKING into Florida the Florida Department of Environmental will now reduce the water quality standards, LUDICROUS! This following the disaster created by the discharging from Lake Okeechobee into the Ocean that created an algae bloom for hundreds of miles. OUTLAW FRACKING!

Can lime sludge save the Everglades?

FREE filtration material refused by Florida?

FOLLOW THE MONEY! For over 20 years DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie watched as millions and millions and millions of good clean fill was dumped into lake fills and not reused, LUDICROUS! For over 20 years DRD Enterprises constantly contacted both the South Florida Water Management and Florida Department of Environmental about the valuable fill going to waste and the various re-use money saving opportunity these agencies had, FREE LANDFILL!

Good growing material

South Florida Water Management analysis

The South Florida Water Management was contacted 12 years ago suggesting that lime sludge ( calcium carbonate ) be used in the reservoirs being designed in Palm Beach County. Samples were taken and analyzed. Once found to be clean free of contaminants several thousand loads of lime sludge were hauled to Palm Beach County. In the reservoirs created in Palm Beach the intent is to slow the flow of water from Lake Okeechobee down stream into the Everglades like ti was naturally. South Florida Water Management found that layering the beds with several inches of lime sludge gave a good base for new growth using FREE material.

Above ground catch basins

FOLLOW THE MONEY! For over 20 years Florida has at times experienced droughts or fear of salt intrusion into the fresh water table. For over 20 years as DRD Enterprises dumped millions and millions of clean fill into lakes attempted to contact authorities on the re-use of this valued material, no responses other than the SFWMD. Even the SFWMD could not see the opportunity to collect clean fill and do something with it. My suggestion has been to create above ground berms large enough to store millions and millions of gallons of water discharged from Lake Okeechobee. Calcium Carbonate in baby powder form once dried will go back to its original lime stone state so dense little percolation will happen and what does will be finely filtered. This idea also fell on deaf ears. Reason for above ground berms and not digging down is due to Florida's water table. BTW a berm only needs to be 3 to 4 feet when encompassing large tracts of land nothing like a 8 foot dam resistanting a large amount of water pressure.


FOLLOW THE MONEY! Ever wonder why good ideas do not get done? Follow the money. Not taking free fill? Florida Attorney General conceals conspiracy?

Florida Department of Agriculture Senior Counsel Hall declares that a tornado / hurricane proof concrete storage shed is NOT a useful farm structure? Florida allows DeSoto County to assume authority of the Florida Department of Agriculture declaring certified aqua farm is NOT a farm but manufacturing facility for resale? Demand for Evidence NONE? Florida Attorney General spends Florida tax payers money preventing the disclosure of evidence, LUDICROUS! Florida Tactic corporations cannot file Civil Rights complaint MUST hire a law firm! Bankrupt by acts of Florida now must hire a law firm to fight Florida? LUDICROUS!

Inspector General Sears declares that an official of the Florida Department of Agriculture, Mr. John Costigan, has the authority to declare guilt and need not provide any supporting evidence! LUDICROUS! Can there be guilt in America without evidence?

Request for an impartial review allowed by every citizen of Florida denied by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Community Affairs? Complaint against Counsel Costigan with the Florida Bar for unethical practice of declaring guilt without able to provide evidence is OK by them?

By every legal tactic Florida's Attorney General has denied revealing evidence of guilt. When there is no evidence and an Attorney General knowing this in doing so has committed a violation to the Conspiracy Act of 1964.



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