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For a Better Chicago: The Push for the Recognition of Rights in a Beleaguered City

Updated on November 1, 2016

Sad Facts


The city of Chicago doesn’t need some mediocre film director to force an agitprop movie down the citizens’ throats. The city of Chicago doesn’t need the misdirection of an inept mayor who has steered it closer to the brink of complete dysfunction more so than any other elected politician in recent history. What Chicago ought to institute and recognize are the pillars of any successful city, state, or nation: reason and individualism. With the homicide rate at 51 for the month of January, the focus ought not be on the music scene or the amount of violent lyrics spewed by rappers. Such actions are merely the byproduct of the irrationality that plagues the America’s third most populous city. Police officers ought to be doing no harassing of the populace and more investigative work into how to remove the initiation of physical force from human interactions.

The Cruiser of A Troubled Town


Semblance of Order

If police treat the law abiding individuals as they are, and enforce against the roving packs of animals on two legs which care not for life or any other value, then Chicago has a chance at redemption. But the constant barrage of bullets must come from the failure to acknowledge that there is a separation of those who wish to inflict harm and those who love life and seek to live. Instead of viewing the entire population of areas hit the hardest by violence as factions of thugs and miscreants, the police ought to put the full heft of the law only on those who perpetrate against the individual rights of another citizen. No, it seems that they just piddle about from case to case without offering real solutions to the current perversion of justice practiced by these cops. In order to engender a sense of order among the citizens of Chicago, one of the agencies of the government which should perform the task of protecting individual rights and do it well (the police) ought to interact with the people. By establishing a sense of trust throughout neighborhoods, the police would bring about a better understanding of the role of an officer of the law. Rather than being addicts high on authority, the Chicago Police would roll out innovative ways of dealing with the citizens of the city. Whenever criminal activity would occur, these citizens on patrol (COP) would be able to meet the perpetrator with force. The incentive for a police officer in Chicago to attain high levels of financial reward and status within the rank structure ought to propel them to execute their responsibilities to the fullest. By presenting themselves as the guardians of rights, police officers of cities like Chicago should be more than willing to excel in their profession. And the weekend shootings and murders which take place would come to next to nil if cops would only exercise their power over catching and and ensuring the city’s criminals see justice. The collapse in police and neighborhood trust shows that the people of Chicago where crime manifests itself no longer seek the shield for protection. Now, youths roam the streets as savages desiring nothing but the destruction of mind and body. The introduction of novel ways of dealing with these crooks would spark a revolution in policing and provide the people of Chicago with some semblance of order.

Chicago in Crisis

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Missteps and Miscalculations

Laquan McDonald deserved his fate, but the bungled handling of the matter by the mayor’s office and police officials only worsens the relationship of police officer and civilian. The Black Friday protests of private businesses shows the complete lack of regard for property rights. But before even the police or the people can receive the most ire, Mayor Rahm Emanuel ought to step down from his post. Far too cowardly to own up to his missteps and miscalculations, Emanuel has become the poster boy for government incompetence. For throwing in disarray the entire organization of the police department along with Superintendent Garry McCarthy, he should follow his actions in dismissing McCarthy and resign. He has no concept of rational policy making and the rights of the individual.

Citizen on Patrol


From the Top Down

The wellbeing and safety of the citizens of Chicago should be par excellence. It is to those people that the political leaders owe their highest amounts of respect and dignity. The smart working, law regarding Chicagoans who happen to be caught up in the mayor and police department’s mess deserve better. From the top down, the way that governance is performed from those entrusted with safeguarding rights ought to be done with men and women of thought and action.

The Blue and White



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