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For the Sake of Civilization- What are real problems & solutions?

Updated on June 25, 2016

a video that is part of the new synthesis for a Communist Revolution

Let's be real on Civilization here

Invasions have been justified for the means of civilization. For decades, from ancient empires until now,, the means of invasion would be persuasion, besides force and violent encounters. The persuasion that will take place is convincing people on the "discovered" land that their culture is not advanced enough, and that they must transition to the invaders’ way of being in order to be considered civilized and powerful.

This is ironic for many reasons. For one, we have learned a lot from the people who were invaded or wiped out. For example, in the book, “Guns Gem and Steel”, readers get an understanding of why bow and arrows were tools that were more environmentally sound than the gun. This is an example of how our modern technology has created harm to our environment. And this is the reason Native Americans never used the resources they had, to create what would be harmful to the environment. Instead, they would use survival tools that were in fact more creative because it served its purpose without side effects to its surroundings and the people using it.

As a culture, we have grown accustomed to side effects. We use prescription drugs, cleaning supplies and products that have millions of side effects. And we do it with the mentality that it is better for us. The industrialized society has convinced us so. And it has done so for their financial benefit at the expense of our well-being. And it has done much more than just convinced us to use certain products. The government has convinced us that we have enemies. Just like the Native Americans were once enemies, the enemies’ face has evolved with time. But that enemy is still a group of people who are living in a land that the U.S is trying to control so that American citizens can have the “luxury” of the supplies we need in today’s industry. One of the books that depicts this reality is, "The Race for What's Left" by Michael T. Klare.

Now we are reaching a point of ecological exhaustion from decades of war and the industry’s functions. This calls for a time that we must be willing to transition back to how nature intended us to live. Of course I don’t mean wiping out every modern technology or making every area rural. But we must transition in a way where things are more ecologically balanced, and most importantly, that it is done with the inhabitants (the people & animals) in mind. But how is this possible? Although we have destroyed other countries enough to say we are living comfortably here, we are still surrounded with millions of reasons to want a change in how our system operates. So what does it take?

Bob Avakian speaks on this in the video, "BA Speaks: Revolution- Nothing Less!" This is not to create hype, Nazi propaganda or any other assumptions that might surface when reading this suggestion. Actually, even searching Nazi Germany in Wikipedia will allow you to find the true definitions of that society, which is classified as that of free-market (money being spend on military through racist initiatives & profit-driven markets) & fascist regime. This is the state in which we are living in now. And the reasons we need a revolution.

This is a major reason to dive into Bob Avakian & the RCP in the U.S, who not only have the necessary knowledge, but are preparing for a revolution and building a new society. So going back to the video, "Revolution-Nothing Less!", Bob Avakian speaks a little about environmental issues (among other topics), and he speaks on this book, "Guns, Gem and Steel." Avakian speaks on the author's excellent examinations of the history and current problems of the environment, but how he tries to find solutions within the system. Now, I understand why the author does this. Like I said before, we are at an age where we are trying to find out what we can do as individuals and groups of people. We don't think about dismantling the system because we see how many revolutions failed in the past (though the Russian & Chinese revolution did experience many accomplishments during their genuine Communist history before it reverted back to Capitalism- and these accomplishments took place while the U.S had the wide-spread phenomenon of the KKK).

This information alone, regarding revolutions, is vital at examining why revolutions have failed, how we can succeed in today's time, and how we can continue transitioning to a society that does not go back to Capitalism. Bob Avakian analyzes this through his New Synthesis of Communism. Not a synthesis that has necessarily disregarded things learned in the past, but a synthesis of combining all these experiences and then advancing the science of Communism at a level that we need in today's time.


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