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Forced Birth and the War on Woman

Updated on February 26, 2015

I am sick and tired of these cowardly Rinos (Republicans in Name Only) and Cocs (Candiates Occasionally Conservative) denying the war on women. One of the ways to get what we want out of people is to threaten to go to war with them. It worked for the Romans, the Mongols, the Nazis and many other great empires. Any time a country stood in their way, these great empires threatened them with harm, and the weaker nations stepped aside. The great conservative empire of men needs to do the same thing with women. Say it bold and say it droll, “A war on women is how we roll.”

Wresting control of women’s bodies from them is a good place to start, “Over the past three years, state legislatures enacted a staggering 205 restrictions on reproductive rights, according to a new report from the Guttmacher Institute. That figure, spurred by record-breaking numbers of restrictions each year since 2011, already exceeds the number of restrictions that were enacted during the entire previous decade. Between 2001 and 2010, states passed just 189 abortion restrictions…” Limits to reproductive choice helps all Americans, god and country, and thankfully, those restrictions are on the upswing.

Planned Parenthood gives us a blueprint for how to wage war on women. These attacks have included one or all of the following actions in states across this great land, “restricting contraception; cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood; state-mandated, medically unnecessary ultrasounds; abortion taxes; abortion waiting periods; forcing women to tell their employers why they want birth control, and prohibiting insurance companies from including abortion coverage in their policies.”

However, we need to go further and institute some of the good ideas promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood, including keeping women veiled and passing laws that require women obey men in all matters, “‘A woman needs to be confined within a framework that is controlled by the man of the house,’ Osama Yehia Abu Salama, a Brotherhood family expert…” And if a man beats his wife, according to Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, Mr. Abu Salama, “‘she shares 30 percent or 40 percent of the fault.’” (ibid) We need to go even further and arrest women for being beaten by their husbands.

Already, manly legislatures are proposing or passing laws to make it illegal for a woman to have a miscarriage such as laws in Georgia, in Tennessee and Utah. Making miscarriages illegal is the next logical step in preventing abortion.

In fact, we need national Rules Against Prophylactic Engagement (R.A.P.E.) to punish women who willfully miscarry their babies or use any from of birth control. While we are at it, patriotic legislatures need to pass laws to make it harder for women to get health care and also eliminate funding for the prenatal care Nazis at Planned Parenthood.

We will of course cut all budgets for abortions. As the bible instructs, we must stop sluts from getting the pill or other birth control. Condoms? Boys will be boys.

We cowed Planned Parenthood into dropping their “pro-choice” framing for their services, and now we need to go for the ovaries. We must force them to drop the label “family planning” for the more appropriate “copulation prevention” and get them to promote more “buyer beware” policies that push, “you bought it; you keep it” policies. Every woman should be forced to watch a video that preaches how “abortion is a sin” before receiving any services at Planned Parenthood.

Liberals seem to be against anything that protects children, and thus, they want to let the fetal genocide continue. We of the Federation of Righteous Christian Evangelicals Demanding Birth Inside Restrictively Trussed Haunches, or F.O.R.C.E.D. B.I.R.T.H., have picked up god’s sword of vengeance to attack, and kill if necessary, anyone who doesn’t value life. As Scott Roeder, the savior of zygotes everywhere for murdering abortion doctor George Tiller might have said, “I did it for the children.”

Now whiny liberals are complaining that god’s pro-life army is attacking them. Well, if they don’t want to be attacked, women should stop demanding rights! Sure, there was Francis Grady of Wisconsin that set off a bomb in a Planned Parenthood clinic, but he was bent on murder because birth control angered him. I'm sure it was some woman's fault. And besides, killing is the right of every pro-life soldier.

Thankfully, Texas has made an example of pregnant teens and arrested them for breaking laws that are not yet on the books. They have been charging women, especially in rural Texas west of I-35, with “reckless child endangerment for ingesting controlled substances while pregnant” even though laws in Texas prohibit charging mothers of fetal endangerment. Good for them brave Texans for arresting those dangerous pregnant women.

Fetal homicide laws have been passed in 38 states making it a crime to harm pregnant women and in some cases for pregnant women to harm themselves. Standing up for the rights of fetuses against the rights of women is a great step on the pathway to salvation. There is a reason we have never elected a women to the presidency and only about 20% of congress is female. It is because we can’t trust women to make the important choices, and that includes choices about her own body.

Thank god for the life-affirming rape Republicans who want to eliminate rape exceptions for abortions and federal funding for the procedure. It makes one proud to be an American to think that women who are dealing with the trauma of a rape can be forced to keep her rapist’s baby. It warms my heart to know that babies will be born to women who don’t want them.

Arizona, while lagging behind in its forced birth legislation, is on its way to at least forcing poor women to give birth by banning insurance services that cover abortions, even if women pay more for such insurance.

Real Americans must all support Scott Walker for president for his continued contrivances in his war on women. He has cut reproductive health access, refused to raise the minimum wage, repealed equal pay for women, supported drug testing for welfare applicants, and fought against unions.

He has also cut state funding for Planned Parenthood (the aforementioned Nazi birth-control pushers), and has worked in the Wisconsin legislature to keep birth control away from women. As we know, the best way to prevent abortion is to prevent birth control; birth control leads to fornication.

Come out of the closet Rinos and Cocs and openly join our crusade. There is a war on women, and this war is holy sh!t.

Tex Shelters


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    • texshelters profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      Certain legislators are fighting women. But I get your point. PTxS

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I'm a woman. Who am I fighting?

      On another note, when in Illinois, Mr. Obama did not stand up for women or their children.


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