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Forgetting FEMA: Why the Government Agency (and many others) Ought to Go out of Commission

Updated on October 24, 2016

Do you approve of FEMA?


FEMA is the problem

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is not only gravely impractical but utterly immoral. As it is a government agency which protects no individual rights, it ought to be abolished. In fact, it violates the rights of Americans by taxing them to pay for ineptitude. With the 2015 flooding of the East Coast and the remembrance after a decade ago of the deficiency that FEMA displayed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Americans ought to realize that such agencies only hamper and hinder rather than protect and preserve. Private organizations like the American Red Cross (ARC) ought to be hailed as viable responders to disaster to provide relief. But this also means local and state governments ought not to respond to natural disasters. The right’s criticisms mainly aim at the incompetence of the agency (which is evident) but most fail to consider the unethical nature of FEMA and other government groups. What makes the abolition of FEMA and others so pertinent is the fact that it thwarts individuals from choosing to be helped by capable, private means. The seriousness of the hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and other natural phenomena ought not be in the hands of the government. Companies and charitable organizations, in the demise of FEMA and other government, would offer an abundance of materials, supplies, food, water, toiletries. Companies would seek a profit and charities would be willing to accept donations to further the cause of providing optimum care. While FEMA has floundered in the face of adversities of the past in its almost four decade history, private institutions would bring about a sense of order amidst catastrophe. Employees and volunteers alike would benefit and trade with victims. The heroes of such organizations like ARC’s Clara Barton ought to be emulated and immortalized. For their courage and strength in delivering competent assistance, the corporations and charities ought to be commended. For its inability and unwillingness to recognize that its efforts represent boondoggles, FEMA and its ilk ought to be condemned. Of all the controversies that ARC has encountered, they cannot compare to the many backward policies established by government to respond to disaster. Non-profits and for-profit companies have a role in the promotion of the individuals of which they consist. The trade of morality and monies ought to be more than enough to suffice for all parties. Doing away with FEMA is only a fraction of the government which needs to be eliminated. Let it stand as a start.


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