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Free meals for school children

Updated on July 7, 2017

We all know that there are many poor countries in the world. In every poor country the children are the most vulnerable individuals. Many children in the world leave school because their parents can't feed them, so their parents send them to full-time jobs instead to earn money. Which results children labor problem in the world. For the sake of earning money for living, children labor is number one option for those children to feed themselves and their families. There are over 100 million child worldwide who abandoned school and became a full-time labor. Some of the countries where children labor are common are Sudan, Egypt, Brazil, India and Pakistan. Regardless of their extremely low salaries those vulnerable children most of the time work hard jobs which are dangerous and over their physical abilities. Of course none of them wants to live such a life but most of the time this is the only option they have. Even if the governments abolish children labor that won't be an effective solution as those children and their families will become poorer and that would make their circumstances worse. Extreme poverty leads to many other problems. There are many charitable organisations who feed millions of children worldwide every year but countries with the highest poverty rates reaching children there is very difficult.

Actually there are many things the governments can do worldwide to help end child labor and help children who are extremely poor. One of these solutions are free school meals to all primary schools. If the governments around the world offer free school meals that would encourage better education and the parents would be encouraged to send their children to schools. Governments worldwide should recognize school feeding program as an essential tool for children's growth and development. This solution would attract children to the classrooms. The meals must also be healthy and nourishing. The better children are nourished the better is their education and their future. Free school feeding program breaks the poverty cycle in the most poor countries helping developing healthy adults. The developed countries have already started supplying the poor children with free school meals. One of these countries is the UK, Finland, Estonia, Sweden and the united states. Actually Estonia provide all the school children from the pre-primary level to high school free school meals on every school day whether they are rich or poor. We should all sign petitions and send letters to the governments arguing them to supply free school meals in schools. Children are the future and they are our greatest investment. Free school feeding program breaks the poverty cycle in the poorest countries helping developing healthy adults. Providing free school meals might be the only regular nutrition that those children get all day long. Providing such school meals would critically improve education and reduce malnutrition. I personally hope someday comes when all schools provide healthy meals for all children all over the world.


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