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Free the Jailed Journalists 2: The Iranian Update

Updated on September 26, 2017

"Goodwill Gesture"

It’s a great thing that journalists like The Washington Post’s Jason Rezaian and other American citizens have been released from the oppression of an Iranian jail. But can’t we ever not do a an agreement with Iran? From the summer 2015 nuclear “deal” to this current negotiation over a writer, a pastor, a Marine, and a figure whose background has not been detailed, it seems like the United States must appease and adhere to the demands of a totalitarian state. Why is it always at the expense of America’s national defense that she interact with the hornets’ nest of terrorism? Why does America put up with it? What can this nation do to ensure that her people never experience the hellish conditions of some slave pen like Iran? To grant Iran a “goodwill gesture” is to allow a dictatorship to show the pretense of a legitimate state.

A Credible Threat

By continuing to appear weak on the world stage, America sets herself up to be chewed up by any despot with the means to seek to take down a giant with clay feet. Until Iran and other countries reverse their wicked ways of sponsoring and supporting terror cells, denigrating its own citizens, and accelerating the hateful clamor expressed against America, then that nation will be viewed as a credible threat and profound enemy. The United States ought to exert full force and retribution against Iran. She ought to assert herself selfishly and effectively to eliminate the threat posed by this evil regime. It’s common sense that you don’t do deals with those who desire to see your head upon a stake and the rest of the population herded into serfdom under Sharia law. So, for the President Obama administration to go on like nothing's wrong with the bastards in Iran only tells a tale of kowtowing. This current administration (like the Bush one and even those before it) forgives repeatedly the transgressions of persona non grata: Iran. As Elan Journo points out, from the November 4, 1979 Iran hostage crisis to the October 23, 1983 Lebanon bombing which stole the lives of 241 US military personnel, to the June 25, 1996 terrorist attacks on the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia where 19 US service members fell dead, Iran has supported death. And of course, some of the al Qaeda operatives attended sessions in explosives construction. As a result of the attacks both foreign and abroad against Americans and Westerners, the epicenter, Tehran, Iran ought to be leveled.

The Great Satan


Equip Herself

This militaristic strike ought to spell a defeat for the menacing factions of Iran and a warning to any other country who would dare cross the United States. What America ought to refuse to do is remain mealy mouthed about Iran’s bloody past and intentions for an even bloodier future. She ought to rise up and address with complete conviction and purpose the halt of all of Iran’s goals to supplant whatever remaining freedoms that Americans and the West enjoy today with submission. In stark contrast the church and state combination which Iran has set up, America still has a fighting chance to not cower in the hour where her strength is most needed. The US should not be offering clemency to the very people who pursue constantly the death and destruction of all things related to the “infidels.” What the US officials should have done and still should do in the case of current and future imprisoned American citizens is demand that they be released or be met with force. America ought to increase her role in safeguarding the values of the American people. In order to do this, she wouldn’t even have to use too much of the strongest fighting force the world has ever witnessed. Instead, she would equip herself with just a fraction of the full capacity of the US military and launch an attack which would be on the offensive. Iran’s power is scant in comparison to the little if any might that the United States exudes today. It is because of the milquetoast actions of America that emboldens and strengthens the resolve for Iran to fund terrorism and pursue the capacity for nuclear war. Even if Iran never pulls a trigger or detonates a bomb or braces those who want to murder Americans, its history ought to be enough to demolish it and allow anyone remaining to rebuild their own nation. The funneling of billions of dollars into Iran only means that the liberties of America and the West will be further endangered.

Journalist (and others) Freed

Engender a Spirit

With the jailing of journalists and fighters and religious leaders who present ideas which conflict with Iran, that country only shows its backward and malicious intent. The fight ought to be in challenging the ideas which propagate Iran’s collectivism, altruism, and mysticism. The bureaucrats whose sole function ought to be to protect individual rights, ought to be men and women of thought and action. Just as the Founders exhibited the principles of reason and liberty, so should current and future politicians demonstrate the ideas and put them into practice. So, rather than shrinking in fear against the the threat of Iran and others, America ought to project the individual as the symbol of all the goods and services which this country and the world cherish. It is up to the leaders of America to engender a spirit of resilience and to repeal and negate deals, negotiations, clemency, mercy, allowances, or any other irrational way of dealing with murderers. For the sake of liberty and the ability to live life unburdened by the travails of America’s foes, this country ought to reexamine the founding ideals of the past and forge on with absolute confidence for the future.

The Revelation


The Swap


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