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Freedom or Chains?

Updated on March 21, 2012

The United States Government

First let me state for the record that the point of this blog is not to defame the United States. I am just speaking about some of the recent activity I have experienced from other citizens of this country. Their has always been questions surrounding the Government. The main question being What Do They Really Believe? This country is known to be the land of the free and home of the brave, but I have been asked do we really stand in support of the what Government is doing? Do we even know what they are doing? How can we stand in support of something we know nothing about? When I was asked these questions I didn't have a ready answer because truth be told I like to say i'm an educated person who takes a huge interest in stories related to the government and social issues. In fact i was shocked to see how little we really know about the government as citizens. Anyone close to knowing what the government's plans are, is sworn to keep their mouths closed. So why the cloaking device? Well this blog is going to discuss some of the issues that have been alerted to my attention. The point of this is to educate others on what is going on before us. Not to tell anyone that America isn't a great place. The choice is yours and yours alone to decide whether you truly believe we are free or if you feel society has people chained to certain beliefs. I am not posting the government in a negative light of any sort i am simply stating what is already out there. So lets crack this case together. :)

Freedom of Speech?

Okay so with this being in the book of laws for citizens of the U.S. sounds nice right? Well recently i read an article that i will post the link to about a marine that spoke his mind on a page he created on facebook and was asked to remove the statement that he would not follow orders given by the president that violated his rights. The page is being investigated but his main argument was that he has freedom of speech to say what he feels. The government's argument was that he would come under huge trouble if he violated the vow he took to not speak on certain issues that relates to government issues in anyway. So read it for self, here is the link:

This is just one example of do we really have the right to say as we choose? If we do speak against the government or high ranking officials then we can be subjected to possible jail time or worse? These issues are not the front and center of the world wide media because of the nature of it.

So the question is can we really say as we wish? If you really want more info please watch the video. (on the right hand side)


If you are like me and ask yourself how does this relate to you or effects you then take a moment to think about one thing. Millions of people depend on the person they elect to protect us and do right by us. Now those same millions of people have lost their jobs, are homeless, can't afford to pay their bills or feed their family. You maybe asking yourself, so we can only go up from here right? WRONG. Things will not change unless we know who and what the person we put in the office stands for. We have to know what is happening because if we don't then we can't protect ourselves. I'm not saying every single idea the government has for us is bad. I'm just saying that we need to know about it. Stay on top of what is going on and don't count on one belief. Get many. Then connect the dots. Find the truth in each story that repeats. Research it. Keep an open mind. All i'm saying is that with things falling apart before our very eyes citizens are wondering how free are we and will be after all this is over? We all know change is coming but what kind of change? That is what we need to know. A lot of americans are feeling chained to debt, dead end jobs, too surviving these times. So are we chained? Or are we free? This is for you to decide as the reader.


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    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California

      Nice hub.

      Until voters are will to vote for the best candidate without regard to the political party, and to vote incumbents out of office that don't accomplish good for the people, there is no chance that the downward descent of the country will change for the better.

      Remember we are here today because of both parties, and their elected politicians. And not from just one election but decades of elections. The reason is that the voters don't change their voting habits from election to election so the results have to be the same.

      Yes, the control of the country goes back and forth between the parties but this only causes sideways motion, and not forward motion.