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Frivolous: The GOP's Political Theater at it's Worst

Updated on July 14, 2014

End Product of the GOP echo Chamber

Targets of Tea Party Aggression

Why is this President the target of Tea Party aggression?
Why is this President the target of Tea Party aggression?
Such a stark contrast in compensation.
Such a stark contrast in compensation. | Source
My case in point,
My case in point, | Source
Makes sense to me, more money to spend equals more going into the economy and more JOBS!
Makes sense to me, more money to spend equals more going into the economy and more JOBS! | Source
Obstructionist Tactics at their worst
Obstructionist Tactics at their worst | Source

The Padded Walls Inside the Echo Chamber

I'll paint a picture of what I'm guessing the inside of a theoretical echo chamber would look like, one that might exist within the current state of the Republican Party. Three of the four wall would be padded, so that the crazies wouldn't get injured from all of the head-banging that's going on as they're thinking of ways to obstruct or embarrass the Obama administration. The remaining wall would be covered with velcro so they could throw metaphorical tennis balls (ideas) against it, to see what might actually stick.

The Tea Party does what it does because it's what in their own personal interests and not for something as noble as the constituents who elected them to office to be their voice in Washington. The Tea Party came into power because they claimed that Washington was broken, yet their obstructionist tactics only highlight how broken the system actually is.

Once upon a time not so long ago reasonably conservative Republicans did actually come to the table with Democrats to negotiate on solutions to problems that plague us as a society, now they the conservative Republicans are afraid of their own shadows for fear of a potential primary race for their seats in Congress.

House Republicans aren't really concerned about the issues or the solutions to said issues, just blocking this Administration from having any significant positive historical accomplishments to refer to. Issues like raising the Federal Minimum Wage, creating jobs that benefit working class Americans, Immigration reform or improving the economy for the middle class, again it points out their blatant obstructionist tactics.

Despite their efforts the US economy is actually improving, the Dow Jones is at an all time high pushing a historical new high of 17,000, fifty plus straight months of private sector job growth. The longest streak in recorded history, the proof is there in plain sight but the Tea Party is hell bent on distracting the public's attention from those facts.

It's a proven fact that they'll use any and every means necessary to hide or omit the truth with whatever ginned up scandal they can try to sell the American public, like this latest stunt or flawed plan to sue President Obama for using his Executive Orders to do things that they won't do. Or my personal favorites, these so called scandals with the IRS, Benghazi, and Fast & Furious. Let's not forget the Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare as the biggest job killer in America. That theory has been proven wrong time and time again.

I think what bothers the Tea Party the most about the Affordable Care Act, is that it was conceived by a Republican and implemented by that same Republican Governor at a state level but was passed and signed into the law of the land by a Democratic President. For those that are paying attention, I intentionally left out the race card. Thereby ignoring the giant elephant in the room, no pun intended. Oh! I almost forget it was upheld as the law of the land by a Republican leaning Supreme Court of the United States.

Just Keeping it Real

Has the Obama Administration made any real progress despite the Obstructionist Tactics of House Republicans

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    • Warren Curtis profile image

      Warren Curtis Daniels Jr 3 years ago from Buffalo, New York

      Right on!

    • lovemychris profile image

      Cape Wind Girl 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      They are suing him for delaying the small business mandate for a year.....something THEY pushed for him to do!

      If it got any stupider, it'd be straight-out comedy.