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Fun facts about Bill Clinton

Updated on November 21, 2016

1). Hillary Clinton is his weakness

Let's face it, Mr. Bill Clinton had quite the run in office while he was there, both professionally as well as personally. He has had his share of affairs some we know about and some we don't. However no one has kept his attention quite as well as his beloved wife Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Most people think that he has had it easy with his wife after his very publicized affair while in office, but the walls of the white house spoke and turns out when his beloved found out about what he was up too, he got a lot more than what the media let out, int he form of a lamp to the face.

2). He only applied to one University in his life.

Mr. Bill Clinton it seems has always been a man on a mission, and he knew exactly where he wanted that mission to begin. He wanted it to begin in the halls and walls of the famous Georgetown University in Washington D.C. After all why not attend university in the same state you would soon be working as well as calling home.

If only we were all lucky enough to confidently only apply to one school and get accepted, no back up plans necessary.

How many terms did past POTUS Mr. Bill Clinton serve in office?

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3). School came pretty easy for him.

From high school to college, Mr. Bill Clinton was always a focused and diligent student, dedicated to academic success. By the time he made it to college he was awarded many scholarships that paved his way to Yale. At Yale he continued on his academic trail of success and naturally he secured his degree in Law. This is not all he secured at Yale University, as while he was always focused he also found some time to play and during that time he was luck enough to meet his beloved, then Ms. Hillary Rodham. He has and always will he quite the all-rounder.

4). He helped his brother out while he was the POTUS.

While Mr. Bill Clinton was in power he gave a presidential pardon to his half brother Roger Clinton Jr., who at the time was serving out a prison sentence for cocaine possession. His brother was incarcerated for a year after his conviction for his offence, but soon thereafter was granted a presidential pardon. Mr. Bill Clinton also had his criminal records expunged.

5). Bill Clinton was impeached.

On December 19th 1998, Mr. Bill Clinton became the first president to be impeached since Mr. Andrew Johnson in 1867. Mr. Bill Clinton was impeached because he lied while under oath and this is considered perjury.

6). Bill Clinton confesses to everything.

Bill Clinton has a history of admitting to being human and making some of the same decisions that another person not in his current position would have made. Some of those admissions over the years have been, admitting to using marijuana, switching from briefs to boxers as well as to having at least one affair behind Hillary Clinton's back. While we are sure there is a lot that he has not admitted to, we have to admit that sometimes when he feels like it he can man up and be quite honest.

7). He has worked his way out of debt before.

After his stay in the white house as POTUS, the Clinton's have acquired a massive amount of legal debt that needed to be taken care of to avoid the poor house. Being the charming and intellectual speaker that he is known to be, Mr. Bill Clinton along with his beloved wife proceeded to rack up millions of dollars doing speaking engagements. His fee for speeches while he was POTUS nearly tripled after, thus making him quite the mint to clear up all of the incurred financial troubles during his tenure.

8). The Clinton Foundation has made him rich.

Critics argue that the foundation has had a lot of misleading dealings as well as shady practices when it came down to the money reaching its intended targets. There are even some reports of errors being made on tax return forms in the past.

9). When his father died he was born.

This particular fact is not at all fun, however it is reported and therefore should be noted that when he was born his father William Blythe had died 3 months prior in a car accident.

10). His last name is not from his father.

Mr. Bill Clinton adopted his Step father's last name Mr. Roger Clinton in his teens.


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