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Gun Control Law- Senators on the Take?

Updated on July 28, 2014

Do guns kill people?

Most people would say that people kill people and they are most likely right. People with short fuses, people that aren't use to using a gun, etc. are dangerous around weapons of any kind. Irresponsible people that leave guns out on the night stand or the book shelf where kids can see them and take them are to blame when something goes wrong. It's all about the people.

A Proposition everyone can live with...

Instead of letting the senators get rich "on the take". Make all guns legal with a certificate of training to use the weapon and register it, regardless of the type of weapon, so there is no fear of having it taken away.

In a perfect world, this might work, but in our world, it will never happen. The NRA uses fear to keep gun sales high and the ammo at such a limited amount that it can cost more for ammo than the price of a gun. The senators wouldn't get anymore lining for their pockets and that just can't happen.

So once again, the American people will look the other way, until the other way isn't what they want and tomorrow will be another day in the cycle of corruption, misrepresentation and sadly the American way.

While I love my country, some days it amazes me at the behavior of our own people.


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45 Senators Vote- 42 of Them on the Take Per Say

Ok, just to set things in perspective. In Texas, it comes as no surprise as to how our senators would vote. They are Republican and pro-guns. However, it wasn't even shocking that 42 of the 45 senators were Republican or that 4 Democrats sided with the Republicans.

The real shocker here, was that 42 of these 45 were on "the take" sort of speak. Let's say these Senators were cops and they were taking money from the "bad guys" to look the other way. They would be on the take.

So, what is the difference if a Senator takes money from the arms dealers/manufacturers or their agents and votes to make sure they keep on making money?

We have heard every excuse under the book to include blaming Pres. Obama for the gun violence. The lunatic fringe is dancing in the streets right now because they get to keep their toys and so they will look the other way at the fact that the Senators were bought and paid for by the gun makers.

Sadly, that has become the way of doing things in Washington and all over the world. Call it naive, but not really. This has always been the case, it's just that in today's technological world it has become easier to get information out and even so, the politicians don't care what they look like to the American people as long as they can line their pockets.

The Right to Bare Arms

How quickly the constitution comes up when talking about gun control. "I have the right to protect what is mine, it's in the constitution." can be heard every day these days. Well, the constitution was written before they had repeater rifles, military weapons have come a long way since the musket and ball. So when it was written, guns were much simpler.

Today with the advancement of technology, folks want to have "fun" guns and will pay a dear price for them all in the name of the constitution and the right to protect what is theirs.

A case can be made though that today's society, drug dealers and gangs don't go to gun shows or the local gun smith to buy a gun. They purchase them on the market and therefore buy military style weapons, even armor piercing weapons. How can an individual protect themselves against that with a shot gun? They can't.


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