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Gabby Douglas of African-America takes Gold in Gymnastics

Updated on August 6, 2012

African American Gabby wins the Gold in 2012 London Olympics

Gabby is a great American Athlete that is an inspiration to all Americans.  Even if Bob Costas tells you otherwise.
Gabby is a great American Athlete that is an inspiration to all Americans. Even if Bob Costas tells you otherwise.

Gabby Gets the gold for the USA in Gymnastics

Did you hear the news last night? African-America got their first gold in Olympic Gymnastics! I was watching the finals and rooting on Gabby Douglas because I thought that she was an Olympic representative for team USA. She was in the running for the overall gold medal for woman’s gymnastics. My friend and I were both rooting her on as she held off a couple of Russian competitors and was finally declared the winner. My friend and I were both proud of the United States and of Gabby Douglas for being such an exciting and skilled athlete. She is a pretty young lady that is full of youthful exuberance. It is hard not to root for an athlete like Gabby. As Americans we should celebrate athletes like Gabby Douglas for putting in hours of training and years of sacrifice to reach the pinnacle of their sports. We were proud to have Gabby wear the USA across her chest to represent us at the 2012 summer Olympics in London.

Gabby's Quote is an inspiration to everyone

"The glory goes up to God and the blessings fall down on me" -Gabby Douglas

Gabby Gets the Gold for African-America

Then all of a sudden Bob Costas came on and announced that the USA didn’t win the gold medal. I was shocked. I thought that Gabby Douglas was from America. Bob Costas told us otherwise. He explained to us that little African American girls from across the nation of African-America will be inspired by Gabby Douglas’s gold medal win. I guess that little Caucasian girls --or boys for that matter-- are not allowed to take pride in Gabby Douglas’s accomplishment. That is when I realized that Gabby Douglas was not representing my country; she was representing a sub-culture known by Bob Costas and others (Barack Obama) as African-America. I was rooting on the wrong country all along. I guess that --according to Bob Costas-- I should only be rooting for the Caucasian athletes from the United States. Those are the athletes that will inspire little Caucasian boys and girls.

Bob Costas praising African America representative Gabby Douglas

Who should Caucasian Americans root for?

It gets a little complicated for us Caucasian Americans when a representative from African-America goes up against a Caucasian representative from Great Britain for instance. I guess that Caucasian Americans should root for the Caucasian representative right? I mean, I want my people to be inspired by his performance not those from a foreign culture? Not the people of some mysterious nation located within America’s borders. Track and field could get messy for us. Caucasian-America will not have many representatives in that sport. We do dominate in swimming though. So maybe Bob Costas will point out how little white boys will be inspired by Michael Phelps. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for that one. If Costas made that statement he would be apologizing for it the next day, and his days covering NBC sports would likely be over!

A commercial offends more people than our nation divided

Anyway, let’s hope that the politicians and media can keep on dividing our nation further. The most important thing for us to do is to keep our mouths shut and pretend like it never happened. It is wise to keep your mouth shut to avoid trouble with your employer on anything that has to do with race. If we keep our mouths shut on anything that has to do with race, we won’t be called racists. Caucasians just need to keep our mouths shut and celebrate the heritage of every race except for the races that white people happen to belong to. After all America is a melting pot, they told us all that story in school. The fractures and divisions in America's culture supposedly make us stronger, so we should embrace them right? We are always to be considered equally American…. unless of course someone of non European heritage excels. Then that person is no longer an American, that person will become a hyphenated American.

Here is the icing on the cake. I was looking for the Bob Costas clip to embed with this hub and guess what the outrage is concerning NBC’s coverage of Gabby Douglas winning the gold for African America? It is not that Costas divided America in order to give praise to the nation of African America. It is that there was a commercial of a monkey doing Gymnastics after his racist commentary. I guess that NBC didn’t get the memo that using a monkey in a commercial is racist. It is pretty pitiful that people in our nation are so brainwashed and cowed into the acceptability of our divided nation that the majority of us are more offended by a monkey doing gymnastics than NBC's Bob Costas pointing out the race of our Olympic representatives. Way to ruin a good moment in American history NBC. Let's keep that racial tension high.

John Wayne explains the problem that Bob Costas doesn't get concerning African-America


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