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Gaslighted Mind Control

Updated on April 30, 2020

Gaslighting is a Form of Mind Control

What is Gaslighting?

If you are a fan of old black and white movies, you've probably viewed the 1944 movie, "Gaslight." This American psychological thriller film was adapted from Patrick Hamilton's play Gas Light of 1938.

The basic plot is intriguing when you consider that the main character, Paula is in a very vulnerable state of grief over the death of her famous actress aunt.

The nuts and bolts of the plot is the sleazy character, Gregory Anton, whose manipulative charm is used to control Paula. In this film, Gregory believes Paula knows where her aunt's famous jewels are and plots to weaken her mental state in order for him to discover the jewels he greedily lusts for.

The term gaslight refers to the method Gregory used to make Paula believe she was losing her mind. He couples this with a few other well chosen schemes like hiding a brooch he gave her and his watch and insisting she misplaced them.

He repeats these schemes so often, Paula believes she is losing her mind. Gregory eventually seeks to isolate her from society by claiming her mental state is fragile.

When the gas lights in their beautifully appointed home flicker on and off, Paula is told by Gregory she is imaging it. In truth, he began a search of the attic for the jewels and every time he turned on the gas lamps in the attic, the lights below flickered.

Gregory needed to make Paula believe she was going insane so that when he found her aunt's jewels, he could have her committed and receive full monetary value for the jewels.

By making Paula believe the things that were happening were caused by her losing her mind, Gregory exacted total control of her mind.

Gaslighting Today

Today, there is a subtle effort to gaslight the public in ways many may not be aware of. It can happen in the workplace by employers and fellow employees. It happens in the media and politics.

The signs of gaslighting include the finite description of the gaslighter personality traits.:

1. Gaslighters create their own reality.

2. In their twisted world, they are always right and everyone else is wrong.

3. Everyone but the gaslighter is misguided, uniformed and inferior to their intellect.

4. The major goal of gaslighters is to deceive and to obfuscate to gain control of how we think, act and speak.

5. The gaslighter is intent on domination of the twisted world they create.

Why It is Difficult to Spot a Gaslighter

One reason it is difficult to spot a gaslight on sight is their propensity to present a diametrically opposed image slathered in charm or the facade of superior intelligence. This is the bait used to gain control. But it is bait that is often difficult to notice until it is too late.

Keep in mind that a gaslighter has a goal. Keep in mind that a gaslighter also wants and needs something from their prey. Just as Gregory needed to charm Paula while in a state of grief, he also had a darker motive. He needed her to be weakened mentally so she would admit she knew where her aunt's jewels were even though she had no idea of their location.

By dimming the gas lights of our minds, the gaslighter grows ever more powerful and controlling until their goal is reached.

How often have we encountered fellow employees who are intent on controlling others they work with? How often have we encountered individuals with an obsession for control who will begin with a pledge of undying friendship only to play out in a series of actions their real goal of control?

The Real and Present Dangers of GasLighting

There is a real and present danger of gaslighting. It is a form of persistent, obsessive, manipulation and brainwashing. It causes victims to to eventually go from being charmed to doubting themselves.

The ultimate danger of gaslighting is loss of perception, self worth and identity. Medically and psychologically, a gaslighting constitutes a severe form of mind control and eventually psychological abuse.

The Visible Signs of Gaslighting

To protect ourselves from gaslighters, it is important to know the warning signs. These include:

  1. Gaslighters tell blatant lies that seem out of context with facts and evidence. .
  2. Gaslighters are heavily invested in denial. They deny what they say and do even when you have proof. This is how they weaken your mental state as Gregory weakened Paula's. They make you believe what you know you saw is not real and only in your imagination. Their capacity for denial includes insisting you did not hear what you know came from their lips.
  3. Gaslighters need ammunition and will use whatever they know you consider sacred and dear as their ammunition.
  4. Gaslighters rely on confusion as a mechanism to achieve their goals. They know people in a state of mass confusion are weakened.
  5. To a gaslighter, everyone else is a liar and no one but the gaslighter should be trusted.


The Most Important Thing to Remember about Gaslighters

The sum total of a gaslighter's goal is to make their prey question their sanity. When they confront a mentally strong individual, the gaslighter will use whatever ammunition needed to cause doubt and begin the process of questioning one's sanity.

Thus rejection of facts, evidence and undeniable truth is not a challenge to any certifiable gaslighter. Mainly because they know what every human fears most is the possibility of their mental faculties being unstable.

Should they ever be challenged in their attempt to reach their goals of mind control, they are not above resorting to libel, slander and obnoxious, even savage public attacks.

No surprise then why a gaslighter views medical, scientific and educational experts as potential prey. These are individuals who stand in the way of a gaslighter's goal of mind control.


What to Do About Gaslighters

Medical and psychological experts all offer basically similar suggestions for what to do about gaslighters. This includes:

  1. Learn to recognize what drives the gaslighter's behavior.
  2. Choose a reaction to their claims that does not buy into their need for you to defend yourself.
  3. If you know you saw something or heard something, there is NO need to second guess your sight or hearing skills.
  4. If the gaslighter is a family member or friend seek professional help if gaslighting continues on a destructive course.
  5. Get as far away from the gaslighter and don't look back. A gaslighter is acutely sensitive to signs of regret from their prey.
  6. Remember ONLY you can allow anyone to manipulate your mind. Don't allow it. Ever.


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