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Two Gay Beating Incidents

Updated on May 14, 2011
Human Rights
Human Rights

What Does The Church Do With Hermaphrodites

People are going to begin to think I am some kind of Gay Rights Activist and maybe I am because I do not see gay I see human. Now comes two stories that have me wondering has the world gone insane or do we really live in a society where people could be denied their basic human rights.

First I must digress, I find the entire idea of two guys having sex a very a-natural idea, to coin a phrase. By that, I mean that it is not something that I would do, but if we examine the food chain, we encounter it through out. I am a follower of Christ, but organized religion has shown itself to be the beast, or the AntiChrist to me. This Beast would deny other humans basic rights while it fans the flame of hate and war around the world.

It's not the body, it's the head. The people who follow the agenda set aside by organized religion allow others to think for them. That head has denied people their basic human rights for an innumerable amount of reasona. Can we just name a few: Africa (almost the entire continent), India, Vietnam, Korea, countless islands, Hawaii, women, African Americans, Irish, Scottish, French, Mexican, all of Central America, Spanish, gypsies, whores, muslim. They truly are sheep led to a slaughter, whether it be theirs or yours.

Now we find out that a young seaman has been murdered at Camp Pendlenton and that it allegedly could be because of his sexual orientation. Andrew Provost was found shot to death in a guard station while he stood sentry. The Navy has someone in custody but has not yet released the details of who and why.

The other incident happened in Fort Worth, Texas where the police raided a gay bar and seemed to get offended when the patrons gave them a few obscene gestures. This group of professional law enforcement agents bashed one guys head in and injured his brain causing it to bleed.

In both incidents, professional people who carry guns for a living did not seem to deal with the issue of people having sex with whomever they choose like professionals. The military I can understand, but police officers getting offended by gestures and losing their cool is inexcusable.

It is time that we realize that homosexuals have always existed. They are not new to the planet and we cannot go around 'stoning' them, no matter how much we may disagree with their preference and YES it is a preference. For those that do not think so, I have two questions. What do you do with people who are intersex, meaning that they have both sexual organs, neither functional usually? And do you remember choosing whether you were attracted to the opposite sex?

Gays are human and as such, they should have every right given to them as a member of the race.


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    • profile image

      Madame X 

      9 years ago

      It is generally a good idea to steer clear of Texas cops . . . but to get to the issue, yes, everyone deserves basic human rights.

    • habueld profile imageAUTHOR

      Bruce Bean 

      9 years ago from Riverside, CA

      I agree.

    • thevoice profile image


      9 years ago from carthage ill

      Your right all people are of God Jesus beacuse we areall human life by birth right human holy faith no loud mouth can stop it


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