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General Muhammad Buhari’s Second Missionary Journey

Updated on April 1, 2015

On 28th March 2015, history was made as Nigeria decided her next president. The people’s choice, Retired General Muhammadu Buhari who was one time military head of state is back as the democratically elected president of the federal republic of Nigeria. This will be the General’s second mission journey.

The March 28th election was the fourth time the General came out to be elected. He failed in his three previous attempts yet he refused to give up. It shows that failure is impossible to those who try to keep trying. His victory at this time is vital because he won at a time Nigeria needs a general.

History was made because it is the first time an incumbent president will lose an election in Nigeria and the first time the ruling political party, PDP, will lose power. Therefore, his victory is a warning to Nigerian politicians who have, in the past, depended on election rigging to win elections. This shows that if elections are free and fair then politicians will sit up and work because they will appreciate the fact that the people have the power of the ballot.

The outgoing president, Goodluck Jonathan, who unlike other Nigerian politicians did not see politics as a do or die affair, congratulated his opponent which shows that he welcome the decision of Nigerians. Consequently, it is expected that President Goodluck is willing to support the president elect.

Buhari’s decision to return to power means he has an unfinished business and Nigerians hope he will be the agent of change which is the APC slogan. Consequently, the general and his cohort have to make Nigerians proud. This is first time APC will rule Nigeria and it will be to the best interest of the party to be the change Nigerians want, especially in the fight against corruption.

That is why Nigeria needs a General.


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