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Updated on January 13, 2016

Let us be honest with ourselves. Just imagine if Late General Sani Abacha was still still alive.

Will we ever hear about the Abacha loot? The answer is left for you to determine because as far as i am concerned, all the Presidents that ruled Nigeria after his demise became richer than him but the fact that they are still alive makes their wealth clean, their wealth was not acquired fraudulently and they did marvelously well for the Nation.

Where is part of the returned loot?

In the hands of Sabo Dasuki to procure arms for the Nigeria military to fight insurgency and there was a siting president who at least presided over the deal. Each government that came after the military junta of General Sani Abacha made tremendous recovery of the funds he looted, these funds were not stacked in his house in Kano or in bank accounts in Nigeria rather in foreign bank accounts among which is an account in swiz bank.

Call a spade a spade...

Late General Sani Abacha deserves respect not the mess been done to his memory because $100 million dollars was recovered sometime from a Swiz bank then $26.4 million, £19 million and the list of recovered funds goes on and on but the irony is that all these recovered funds were re stolen, the funds never got to serve the purpose why they were returned or recovered.

Imagine if Abacha was alive and handed over power to this civilian dispensation we see in the country today, he would have been the greatest leader Nigeria ever had, there will never be Abacha loot and there will never be recovery, he would have been father of the Nation and will forever be remembered for being instrumental for the development of the Nation and will be more powerful and influential in today's democracy, much more than IBB and OBJ joined together.

One of the agendas of the Federal Government of Nigeria is to fight corruption at the highest level and the current President under whose watch $300 million part of the Abacha looted fund in a Swiz bank is about to be returned to Nigeria has been blocking all loopholes in the country, he has done wonderfully well since he took over the mantle of leadership.

Nigerians have so far seen powerful elements been arrested for looting and embezzlement of which the former National Security Adviser to the immediate past President of Nigeria is facing the Buhari fire and some prominent figures in the Nation have being linked to the same scandal, some of which are Mr. Jafaru Isa,Mr. Raymond Dokpesi Mr. Olisa Metuh. However, why is it that some people returning money received from Dasuki are not prosecuted or squeezed by the EFCC?

Since there is this issue to trace all stolen fund and return them to the country, my question is this...

They were stolen under the watch of a President, that President is not Late General Sani Abacha so why is it that so far the only stolen fund discovered and made public is that which was stolen during the Abacha's Administration?

Late General Sani Abacha deserves Honor and respect, he was one of the greatest Presidents Nigeria ever had, he made life easy for Nigerians irrespective of what critics say about him. He fought corruption to the maximum while in office but paid dearly for that, yet his memory is being tarnished.

Who came before him that did not loot and who came after him that did not loot? Why is it just Late General Sani Abacha? His death is shrouded by mystery to cover up the truth, there is the apple story, the Indian lady's theory, a whole lot but there is no way the truth can be taken away from us because some people knows the truth, see the extract below...

"Again, I must reiterate that the issue of my Boss dying on top of women was a great lie just as the insinuation that General Sani Abacha ate and died of poisoned apples was equally a wicked lie. My question is: did Chief M.K.O Abiola die of poisoned apples or did he die on top of women? As I had stated at the Oputa Panel, their deaths were organized. Pure and simple!"- Hamza al-Mustapha.


"For all i know as a concerned Citizen, Late General Sani Abacha did not loot, he knew about the men coming after him so he hid enough money to avoid looting"


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