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What is Genetic Mutation and Alteration of Flesh: Survival of Humans !!!!

Updated on May 8, 2014

DNA and Genetic Mutation

Is Genetic Mutation or Alteration a good idea?
Is Genetic Mutation or Alteration a good idea? | Source

What is genetic mutation?

Genetic mutation is a change in the blueprinting material used for reproducing and replication. RNA and DNA are the materials used in the building blocks and structure of the genes and flesh. When the DNA or RNA are damaged, changed or altered, the reproduced cell, gene, organism or flesh can be changed to form a whole new creature. Is the survival of humans possible? Will the survival of the DNA be unchangeable for the future?

According to the Wikipedia, changes can result from viruses, radiation, certain chemicals or by errors in genetic recombination. Changes can also be made in the laboratory with different technology that is available and accessible.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering, according to Wikipedia, is when the genetic coding, DNA or RNA is changed or altered by human intervention, by technological means. This can be done by destroying the DNA of the egg and replacing this genetic makeup with other genetic material from another source.

In the name of research, science, military, weapons, agriculture, technology or population, Genetic Engineering has been given approval to many experiments and activities.

As to this being safe, there are parts of the DNA and RNA that are known and unknown and the introduction of this genetic material replication into another organism, plant or creature may not show for generations.

What is Being Done? GMO's

So of the food crops have been genetically altered, as well as some animals. What, if any, are questionable?

These are called Genetically Modified Organisms, which are organisms that are not the original form, but has been altered into a whole new creature, plant or organism.

The corn crops have been altered and genetically changed to produce a better crop, a more resistant crop and one that performs well in the presence of herbicides. Some of the genetically altered corn can be used by the farmers for animal consumption, because the cows have stomachs that can break down the complex kernels but can not be used for human consumption.

But what about those cross-breeds and genetically altered organisms that are questionable?

Would genetically crossing a strawberry and a cod-fish cause any harm or any reason for concern. The cod is a cold water creature and the scientist want to have a strawberry to withstand the cold climates. For all those vegetarians, what kind of flesh would this be? Would it be animal or plant?

For those who think about mishaps, think of a spider and a goat being crossed. The logic behind this scientific alteration of the genetic makeup is that the spider has a web that is much stronger than steel, so the thought that the goat's milk would be like the spider web.

Would it be ok to introduce genetic material into a pig for the pig to grow human parts for transplantation? Some scientist are thinking money and having a ready supply of human grown parts for replacement would mean lots of money for investments. But still is the question, it is ethical, moral and safe to do so?

Now what if there was some really big company who wanted the monopoly on all the food crops of the world. All that company would have to do is genetically modify the seed crops that would not allow germination of any more of the offspring seeds.

How do the scientist play God, when the outcome is so uncertain? When the scientist cross lightening bugs with mice, glowing jelly fish with monkeys and dogs, what is not being reported is what should be in the news.

What happens when something goes wrong?

The really big avian flu pandemic that happened back in the 1918 was a virus, H1N1, that killed millions of people in the United States and surrounding countries. Now there is a more deadly virus, the H5N1, which could affect up to 97% of the population of the world and could kill up to 50 percent of the people it infects. This virus was not airborne until lately, but there were scientist that mutated the virus that would make it airborne. Even a cough or sneeze could send the deadly virus to anyone around.

The military has been experimenting with other microorganisms that could be potentially deadly out of the laboratory setting. These microorganisms and viruses are contained in areas that seal their contents to the lab. The genetic engineering and mutation of these organisms would seem to have deadly consequences if a breach of containment would happen.

The monkeys, fleas, ticks, viruses, plants, seeds, animals, people and whatever is being changed with their genetic make up combines a slurry of genetic material for the future. Hiding somewhere in the DNA, RNA and genetic material could be some unknown creature, deadly flesh eating bacteria, pandemic type virus or venomous bugs that could wipe out man kind.

The Dangers of NON-Natural creation

The law of the land goes to says that the strongest survive.

When man steps into the picture of God, Nature and Natural, the selection that took millions of years to shape, could in fact, change over night, to create monsters, creatures and deadly situations that could threaten the life on this planet as we know it.

The plants, animals and creatures that are on this earth has been in a steady-state, in which one limits the other and over population does not take place, because of prey, loss of habitation and lack of vegetation. Species and the natural environment create a balance of nature that exist to control all species and protect the environment and ecosystem. When genetic engineering and modification of plants, animals and organisms, the balance of nature could become unstable, possibly destroying the natural balance of nature or destroying the reproductive ability.


For all the good that genetic modification brings, there are those people, those companies, governments, politicians and those corporations that spew greed, corruption, dishonesty and turmoil. There are those who want to seek revenge, power and wealth. The unleashing of the crossbreeding, genetic alteration and modification for good still has its unknown, but to have people to purposely create deadly organisms for gain is evil, for sure.

War has been on Earth since history was started and many ways was invented to destroy the enemy and opposing countries. What could be unleashed on the enemy by creating mutated, modified or altered organisms or creatures could be cooking in the laboratories of dictators, rulers or the military at this moment.

Once created, can these organisms, viruses, biological agents or creatures be stopped or halted?


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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you, slcockerham, for your comments and directions to follow. Looks like I only touched the very tip of the iceberg. According to these websites, there is so much going on, the general population has no idea, including me. Thank you again.

    • slcockerham profile image

      slcockerham 5 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Great stuff Laurens, Take a look at Prophecy in the news or Raiders newsnetwork for more on these subjects.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you Infomania for your wonderful comments. There is so much information on GM and alteration of the genetics that we should know that we are in trouble for the future. What does the cross breeding cause down the genetic line? Monsanto is one of the biggest food producers and they are heavily into genetic modification and genetic termination, known as the terminator seed.

      Thank you for the link. Wow! Wonder what we do not know. Thanks again!

    • profile image

      Infomania 5 years ago

    • profile image

      Infomania 5 years ago

      Very interesting article. A step further though... your comment: "Now what if there was some really big company who wanted the monopoly on all the food crops of the world. All that company would have to do is genetically modify the seed crops that would not allow germination of any more of the offspring seeds" is more a reality than you would think. Genetically modified seeds has taken place in the food industry. GM corn and others. They have even been put into consumer hands and they are finding out that long term use of these genetically modified foods have consequences to our health. If one would do the research, you can find the information readily available on the internet. Corn is used quite a bit in so many things that we eat. But how many consumers are looking to see if that corn has been genetically modified? The companies that produce that genetically modified corn should also state it on their labels so the consumer knows what it is getting. But I fear as the shortages of food become a reality, we are going to find more and more genetically modified foods entering the market place irregardless of the consequences to the human body.