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Genetically Engineered Food!

Updated on May 1, 2009

Seen the film "The Future of Food" lately? This documentary is about conglomerate U.S. giant Monsanto, an agricultural company that genetically alters the genes of food to produce more yield and less work for farmers. Imagine producing more amounts of food in a less amount of time! Well that is one strategy that works but the consequences are indeed, scary!

The genetically altered foods are having serious fatal consequences on lab mice and insects. Butterflies are dying after 1 day of emerging from their cocoons and mice are developing digestive tracts plagued with cancer after being fed genetically altered food products.

And it's not the people who grow these genetically altered seeds, it's the company that makes the seeds. What's worse is that this company owns every patent in America for seeds and they have taken over, if not by now, all farmers, or have shut down their farming operations in a private lawsuit settlement against each and every farmer and the amount paid out to the farmers in these lawsuits are never to be discussed. And what's worse is, farmers still in operation are suffering because when it comes time for them to get paid after hours of cultivating the "proprietary" seeds and harvesting the crops for the global food & drink market, all the farmers get in the end are paychecks worth pennies while all the other third parties make millions selling the crops for sometimes double or triple the profit to international countries. U.S. farmers have to take out government subsidy loans just to remain in operation while these farmers get paid pennies for doing all the work! How is that possible? Monsanto? The person representing the government for the United States of America, how is that possible?

Is this really happening in America right now? On a business and legal level that operates behind a curtain of deceptive lawyers that bend U.S. patent laws so that Monsanto can claim rights to these genetically altered food patents? Gray corn or black cabbage? Since when did someone invent a gene? If you didn't invent the gene, how can you claim ownership to it just because you genetically altered it?

"Oh well hey, I genetically altered the color of the iPod, therefore, even though I didn't invent or create the iPod, I am now the iPods sole and only owner because I own the genetic rights to the iPod because my version or my patent of the iPod is green and it has GPS satellite navigation technology. Your iPod is yellow and doesn't have GPS navigation!"

It's the same thing with Monsanto! Monsanto didn't invent or create corn, they just genetically altered its genes that complement color so now they own all patent rights to red corn, purple corn, green corn, even rainbow corn! But Monsanto, you didn't invent or create corn, you just changed it's color! And now these genetic alterations also termed biotechnology are having serious and critical health consequences on lab animals and insects!

What's so stupid is, how can you call yourself an inventor or creator of something new? Without genes, life cannot exisit! So how can you claim ownership of something you did not invent or create? Well, the U.S. Patent Law Office claims if you can genetically alter life, you can own the patent to that new life form! Lets just hope your new patent isn't already owned by Monsanto because they claim total ownership of being the original creator for every color of corn imaginable!

Is the U.S. government secretly altering food products and calling it a different name other than calling genetically altered foods a cancer-causing product because of strong evidence that these patented foods have killed butterflies and mice? Why has Monsanto aggresively shut down research facilities that have already proved that their genetically altered foods have killed lab animals and insects? What's going on?


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