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Germany's Considering Wrecking Europe By The Year 2040

Updated on February 8, 2019

It appears that the German army has been predicting the future.

I have read articles on several different websites that mention a document that was written by the Germany army. The websites say that the document was 'leaked' to the news media in November, 2017, and the document contains six scenarios that are essentially predictions of the future. They predict what they think will happen in Europe by the year 2040. So, who asked the German army to predict the future, anyway? Since the German army started World War One and later started World War Two (these two wars killed millions of people) the German Army should be keeping a low profile, but instead of keeping a low profile they have been loudly proclaiming their predictions of the future!

Basically they are predicting that Europe will collapse by the year 2040. The prediction also contains an incredible insult to Europe, it says that Europe is an illusion. I am quoting them, they said the Europe itself is an illusion. This is certainly the worst insult to Europe that has ever been written, and it's especially noteworthy given the fact that it was written by the German Army! The websites I've read don't reveal the name of the German soldier who wrote that 'Europe is an illusion', I suppose that particular German is too cowardly to reveal his name to the public. Whoever wrote that 'Europe is an illusion' should have been subject to courts martial and should have been kicked out of the German Army.

So, why is the German Army telling us that Europe is an illusion and why are they telling us that Europe is going to collapse by the year 2040? Perhaps Europe has not fulfilled the dream of racial purity that was envisioned by Adolph Hitler. Perhaps Europe has failed to put Germany into a position of leadership, and the power-hungry Germans figure that since Europe isn't ruled by Germans yet, then Europe has got to go. After all, the power-mad Germans might figure that since all of Europe has not yet been transformed into a German dictatorship, then Europe is a failure and it's got to be abandoned. I am surprised to see that the Germans have abandoned the spirit of Europe so quickly.

This report by the German Army is certainly nothing more than a new form of Neo-Nazi propaganda. Haven't the Germans learned their lesson on that, yet? One of the disturbing signs that the Germans are preparing to start world war three came a few months ago when the German government announced that they were going to shut down all the nuclear power plants in Germany, during the next few years. If they shut down all their nuclear plants, how are they going to make electricity? I suppose they are plotting to invade Russia, and obtain oil resources from Russia, and they will burn Russian oil in their power plants to make their electricity instead of using nuclear power. Isn't it obvious?

So, if the German Army is predicting that political instability will tear Europe apart by the year 2040, then we must ask, what is the source of this instability? The source of the instability would be Donald Trump and the republican party. Trump's republican party would wreck America by the year 2040, and the shock waves of this political catastrophe would have such a profound effect on Europe that Europe would also collapse. So why aren't the Germans brave enough to say this? Has Trump turned them all into cowards?


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