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Gillette’s Anti Man ad: You Lose!

Updated on January 16, 2024
Leland Johnson profile image

Leland Johnson is a student of history, religion, politics, and current events. He wishes to respectfully engage readers on those points.

Superior Product at an Exceptional Price

Gillette, You've Lost me Forever!

I wish I could say I've boycotted Gillette because of the recent anti-man commercial they just ran, to their own detriment I would add. I can't say that though because in fact I dropped Gillette about 5 years ago when I discovered DSC (Dollar Shave Club.) For years I had complained about paying over $20 for a 4 pack of razors, but what choice did I have? Friends and relatives could get by with purchasing a pack of macho disposable razors, but they tore up my face. Being blessed/cursed with my mom's sensitive but oh-so-attractive skin, I need a higher quality razor or my face looks like I've spent 4 hours baking in the summer sun every time I shave. Knowing that there are a significant number of men like me out there, Gillette kept their prices high and all but exclusive. Then along comes the Dollar Shave Club. Now I pay $6 a month for excellent razors, every bit an equal to Gillette's Mach 5 for which I was paying 3x as much for so many years.

Dollar Shave Club Items that come with Every Order

High quality and highly functional.  DSC products are every bit as good, in fact better, than Gillette.
High quality and highly functional. DSC products are every bit as good, in fact better, than Gillette.
Every month features a small magazine with hilarious content as well as real issues for grooming, geared predominantly towards men.
Every month features a small magazine with hilarious content as well as real issues for grooming, geared predominantly towards men.

Man or Caveman...What's the Difference?

In keeping with the spirit of Gillette's insulting, gendered, bigoted commercial I would think the company doesn't see much of a difference between men and cavemen. I can, however, provide one similarity- neither will be using Gillette razors.

Why did Gillette run the ad in the First Place?

Gillette ran their anti-man commercial as an attempt to stay afloat. After alternative razor companies like Harry' and DSC entered the market place Gillette quickly responded by dropping their incredibly overpriced razors. They saw dramatic losses due to the more reasonably priced razors from competitors so they did the smart thing. They dropped their prices to stay competitive. The problem was, many men realized that they had been taken advantage of for decades so fat cats at Gillette could get rich on over priced products. That realization led to a mass exodus to competing razor retailers.

Instead of putting on their big boy pants and improving their product or making some sort of appeal to their biggest customer audience (men) they thought it would be a smart move to collectively sucker-punch all men by suggesting that we're all monsters- a sentiment that isn't sitting well with all of us nasty guys. It makes me wonder who's in charge of their public relations branch? Could it beeee... (imagine voice of Dana Carvey as the Curch Lady) Gloria Steinem!!!!

Regardless, it was a disastrous move and Gillette has now destined itself to even more plummeting sales reports. I wish I was still using Gillette just so I could stop using Gillette.

This ad featured, not your typical bad boy images of men, but men at cook outs and boys rough housing. This is evil? No, it's normal. The problem here is typical of liberal/leftist/progressive thinkers. Gillette tested the wind of societal issues, noted that growing animosity towards all things male and chose to betray it's customers. Gillette, like all it's liberal counterparts, has chosen to jump on a bandwagon that has already arrived at its destination, to champion a cause that has already been won. No man in his right mind thinks its ok to abuse women. I don't, none of my friends do either, and guess what- we all like wrestling with our sons and we all like barbeqeuing. The only thing that tops either is wrestling AT a barbeqeue, and I'll be damned if I'm apologizing for it, Gloria.

My Message to Gillette starting at :38 You Lose!

This is a relatively new company that sells razors, razor handles, facial creams, and aftershaves. I just started my free trial and haven't received their products yet, but I look forward to it. This is another example of the free market at work. Companies like Gillette that sell over priced inferior products, then blame their customers for not buying them are on their way out. There are too many options open to men to be held captive by monopolistic gargantuans like Gillette. Unlike Gillette, both genders are welcomed and respected by the alternative companies mentioned in this article.

Time to Change?

Will You Continue Using Gillette Products Despite Their Anti-Male Position?

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This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2019 Leland Johnson


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