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Glasgow Taxis Ltd

Updated on April 10, 2013
Glasgow Taxis Ltd logo
Glasgow Taxis Ltd logo

Glasgow Taxis Ltd is the only taxi company you should do business with if you visit Glasgow.

Made up from an amalgamation between the various radio car companies that have operated in Glasgow over the past 50+ years, all 970 members of Glasgow Taxis Ltd are individual operators working together to offer passengers a safe and regulated form of taxi travel.

Each taxi driver is police checked and holds a current Enhanced Disclosure Scotland certificate, and has undergone rigorous training in Customer Care and Disability Awareness.

All taxi drivers have to pass a knowledge test and so you can be reassured that your Glasgow Taxis Ltd taxi driver will take you directly to your destination by the shortest possible route, thereby saving you money.

If you take a taxi from a designated taxi stance, or hail one in the street, the chances are it will be a Glasgow Taxis Ltd taxi.

Glasgow has 1428 taxis, and all of them are custom built taxis with inbuilt roof signs. When free, they will display an orange light saying ‘For Hire’, or sometimes just ‘Taxi’.

Under no circumstances should the visitor to Glasgow get in a saloon type car whose driver says he is a taxi because he isn’t. At best, he could be a licensed private hire car whose insurance does not cover street pick-ups. At worst, he could be a crazy person without any kind of licence who does not intend to take you to your destination.

Be safe. Always use a licensed taxi.

Glasgow International Airport
Glasgow International Airport

The visitor to Glasgow may first land at Glasgow International Airport, which strangely enough is not in Glasgow.

Whilst it is possible to telephone for a Glasgow Taxis Ltd taxi to arrange to meet and greet you at the airport, it is just as easy to take an airport taxi into Glasgow. Airport taxis are lined up outside the terminal building and are white saloon type cars with a ‘TAXI’ sign on the roof.

If you prefer, there are service buses which serve the airport every 15 minutes or so, taking passengers quickly into Glasgow by a direct route. They normally go directly the Bus station at Buchanan street, leaving you to make your own way to your hotel, or if you prefer, taking a taxi from the stance at Buchanan Bus station.

Glasgow taxi
Glasgow taxi

All Glasgow taxis are wheelchair accessible, so travel is made easier for those in wheelchairs.

Each taxi is licensed to carry 5 people, plus luggage, but you may find this is a tight squeeze if every person has a suitcase about their person.

The luggage compartment is situated in the front beside the driver. There is no seat there.

The boot of a taxi is where the wheelchair ramps are stored, as well as spare oil canisters and things the driver needs to carry for maintenance, and so is not suitable for luggage.

view of Glasgow from the River Clyde
view of Glasgow from the River Clyde
Glasgow open-topped tour bus
Glasgow open-topped tour bus

Glasgow is an historical city with many wonderful buildings seeped in culture, and Glasgow city provides many tourist facilities including open topped double-decker tour buses with guides to show you round.

If, however, your visit to Glasgow does not coincide with the peak tourist season when the buses are running, you can take a tour with a specially trained taxi driver to show you around. The taxi driver can explain a little bit of the historical importance attached to those buildings and a little bit of Glasgow’s fascinating history.

To book one of those Taxi Tours, simply telephone Glasgow taxis Ltd on (0044) 0141 429 7070, or enter their website and book online.

Glasgow taxis Ltd advert

Whilst Glasgow taxi drivers are friendly and helpful, should you ever feel the need to complain about one, Glasgow Taxis Ltd has a very strict code of conduct and will discipline any driver found not adhering to it. The customer is always right, so don’t be afraid to lift a telephone and make a complaint. Even better, put it in writing. The address can be found on their website.

Note that Glasgow Taxis Ltd domain address ends with It is a pity they did not reserve the other domain name endings when they set their website up, like ones ending in .com or .net.

As a result, other companies have taken those who are not taxis. They are private hire, and you will not be offered the same level of care and protection, so remember it is you are looking for, always.

taxis in Glasgow
taxis in Glasgow

If you have telephoned for your taxi, the computer will already have noted who is driving your taxi at the time. If, however, you hailed a taxi on the street or took one from a stance, it is up to you to identify the driver in case of complaint or praise.

If you look around the interior of the taxi you will see a fare structure issued by Glasgow city council on display. On that fare card will be the license number of the taxi. It will be a 1, 2 3 or 4 digit number. Take a note of it as that will lead you right back to the driver at the time, if you contact Glasgow city Council. This is always handy to note even if you have no comment to make about your journey, in case you lose a personal item within the taxi.

The driver will hand in anything he finds to a local police station, or he may return it directly to you if he remembers where he dropped you.

How much easier it would be to simply phone up and state the taxi number so that the driver can return your possession directly.

Glasgow taxi drivers are honest. It is more than their job’s worth to be dishonest, and their integrity and trust is absolute.


Glasgow Taxis Ltd have recently introduced a new service for the hard of hearing. Your can text a taxi by sending an SMS message to 07528 789360.

Simply send a text saying where you would like picked up from and when. You will receive an acknowledgement and your details are entered into the computer and a taxi despatched at the correct time.

This is a superb service for people who have difficulty hearing what is being said over a normal telephone line.


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