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Global warming - what is happening to our earth?

Updated on February 9, 2013

Global Warming.. One of the most dangerous situations, that the earth has to suffer in the upcoming years.

Global warming

Global warming is one of the main discussion nowadays. It's very important to consider this problem, because it is the problem of human existence. Actually all problems with the nature is created by human beings. I am here describing about a general awareness in this matter.

Actual fact behind

Everybody know the fact behind warming. Basically it's not the problem of ruthlessness, but its the problem of brake.

Actually global warming is due to environmental issues. Its known that a huge amount of carbon dioxide is spreading day by day in our environment. This will grow up all of a sudden in ongoing years as the petroleum vehicles are growing up in numbers. over production of Carbon dioxide decreases the oxygen amount and that increases the heat. Now even the roads are not able to fit the vehicles. Burning of rubber and plastic is one of the most dangerous fact that even dangerous for human beings especially for children.

Factory wastes and air pollution is another source of problem. These all pollutions affects the ozone layers in our troposphere, that will lead the access of ultraviolet rays to the earth and in this way to increase the heat. The actual fact behind the global warming is that the people not only stopping the pollution but also not trying to stop this.

Reduction in the number of trees and forests are a very important reason of global warming. We know that trees gives us oxygen by use of carbon dioxide and sun ray. Reduction of trees reduces the amount of oxygen as well as increases the amount of carbon dioxide.

Things to do

We need to do so many things for stopping the pollution. We can slowly decrease our use of vehicles. It increases the health as well as wealth. Today the value of petroleum products increasing rapidly only because of its large consumption. Human beings basically tries to reduce their work. This mentality is right in some cases but worst in many cases. Walking and cycling for small journeys is a good lifestyle, that we need to accept.

Even if our new world is developed in many ways, there is no action against the pollussion problem yet in many countries. We have to take measures to resolve this problems by a proper waste recycling technique. Above of all the things, self control and social responsibility of own is important in this case. If each of us take care ourself, then no matter of any pollution. We have to dispose wastes in a proper way, that will not hurt ourself and others as well. Day today disposal of wastes is a good method to reduce harm.

Forest and tree blowing up are to be stopped. Trees gives us life breath but we don't gives them life, but destroys them. For diminishing the global warming, we have to reduce tree cutting and to plant lots of trees and planets. For our survival in our earth, it's important...

Impact of global warming

The main impact of global warming is starting from the north pole and Antarctic. It's discovered that, the ice in those areas melt slowly. This will leads to a dangerous situation in which the most of our earth would be under water.

Another problem of global warming is the decrease in drinking water and food. It would lead us to drought.

Even if this problem is now an imaginary and estimated thing, there is no guarantee of remedy from it.. Only we have to pray and do our best to reduce pollution and reduce forest destruction..

NASA Global warming facts


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    • chspublish profile image


      6 years ago from Ireland

      Enjoyed your hub on global warming and the effects on our planet. Always a good topic for us humans, who invariably are so, so indifferent to the ongoing and increasing problems. Keep the hubs coming!

    • Shake Shah profile imageAUTHOR

      Shake Shah 

      7 years ago from Manjeri

      Thanks a lot Maralexa, for your valuable suggestion and appreciation.

    • Maralexa profile image

      Marilyn Alexander 

      7 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      This is a well thought out and laid out hub. You have certainly included the main points. You have included excellent images (may I suggest you indicate the source of your photos and the 'rights' associated with them.)

      Welcome to HubPages, Shake! You have been here for less than a week and seem to know how to present your hubs beautifully.

      You present your ideas and arguments very well. I would like to see you improve on your American English skills. It is actually very important. That way your hubs would be not just good, but very good!

      Voted up and interesting. Plus, you have a new follower.

    • Shake Shah profile imageAUTHOR

      Shake Shah 

      7 years ago from Manjeri

      Thanks Cammiebar, for your nice comment.

    • Cammiebar profile image


      7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Great suggestions about what we as humans can do about global warming! Voted Up!


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