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globalization starts wars USA

Updated on August 28, 2011



Globlization USA

There are many factors that play a role in United States cultural barriers to globalization. This article will attempt to illustrate these barriers and provide a few suggestions to overcoming these barriers. It is observational. These include Old Guard mentality, burden of consciousness of USA, and uneven economic prosperity.

Many of the barriers to free trade have to do with public perception of the USA's role in Free Trade and exactly what part of trade should be free and who are those unintended victims of free trade. The first point I would like to make is that the USA is at a cross roads with the baby boomer population in government. There are too many silvered haired devils from the Old Guard who can't give up their cold war days. This is not unreasonable on their part as it has effected the USA economy and there is a bigger profit to be made in black markets than in and open market. Free Trade has collapsed many of the sweat shops that existed in third world countries and have created even more in the America's. Until the old guard in the USA is replaced by individuals who embrace free trade tenants than we are doomed to retreat to Isolationism/Protectionism.

There is also this overwhelming perception that because the USA has companies in countries like China and India and Bangladesh. Personally, I have always bought Quick Silver tee-shirts knowing full well they were made in Indonesia. Indonesia needs the business. There is an argument that can be made that third world countries are exploiting their citizens in these sweat shops and that their is a burden of consciousness on the USA as we believe in living wages. But it isn't a valid argument when you consider countries like Haiti that are in desperate need of organization, infostructure and a GDP. The burden of conscious for America is between closing our eyes to human suffering around the globe or sharing the wealth.

Free Trade also hasn't been transperantly financially rewarding for the General Welfare of the USA either. It is as if the Black markets still exist as we see no monetary profit from participating in Free Markets. It is like the black markets of the Cold War. Only a very few ever saw profits. Profits from Free Trade have been economically uneven for the majority of Americans and they are losing their retirements and their jobs while not prospering from Free Trade.

Old Guard

Do you believe the Cold War Warriors are unable to accpet Globalization?

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Burden of Consciousness

Are you frequently overwhelmed by international impoverishment?

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Do you believe the average person benfits from Free Trade?

Do you believe the average person benefits from Free Trade?

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Going Back

Would you prefer us to go back to Black Markets?

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