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God's Philosophy (Self righteous punks)

Updated on July 31, 2015

God's Philosophy.


God's Philosophy (Self righteous punks)

Gods Philosophy (self righteous punks).

Stubbornness is the inability to learn.
Perhaps you seek to know no more for you have found truth‎.
Anything else may lie in the depths of lies.
Temptations flirt, with what is dear to us.

What ever images you hold in your mind
Will replay as thoughts, which in time
become the memoirs of our memory.
Take absolutely nothing for granted.

What you love will betray you.
What you hate will haunt you.
You are the reflection of the man in the mirror.

Jealousy makes you nasty.
Hitler gassed the Jews.
Roosevelt bombed the Natzi ‎ regime to ashes.

What are we fighting for?
A better life.
Perhaps if I lived in a better time?
Keep fooling yourself, nobody is going to believe you.

The world, we human beings we messing it up.
That is why angels live in Heaven.
You have to die to rest with the Gods.
That is why the world is cold, there is no love in the
heart of these devils.

Conscious got drunk and passed out on the
He woke up with his chain and phone missing.
He got mugged by this kid named poverty.
But he does not have any money?
He sold the chain.
And bought a gun named armed robbery.
‎Now he has enough change to buy groceries.

You got problems.
How about trying to solving em‎.
With a revolver?
How about a 38 caliber.
9 millimeter chrome black.
A military rifle.
Install fear in the streets.

The block is hot.
Some cops are rotten.

A mothers son is dead.
Is he in Heaven, God"s Philosophy
A widow, the murder"s husband is in jail for life.
What are we to tell the kids?


There are going to be no grand children.

Gods Philosophy!

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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