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Good Omens for the Vexed Mueller Report

Updated on June 1, 2019

There is so much confusion about the Mueller report and exactly why he did not just come to a conclusion, like AG Barr thought he should. In fact, many attorneys on both sides can only agree to disagree as to why. It really doesn't matter because every is entitled to opinions but there is only one set of facts.


Mueller began already confined by DOJ policy and guidelines. These are NOT law, statutes or anything more than company policy on matters the DOJ deals with. Even before the writing of the Mueller report, he knew, as a company man of DOJ, he could not violate the the policy that a sitting POTUS could not be indicted while in office. The policy DOJ relies on is just opinion established years ago and appears to have more substance aka law. Nothing is further from the truth. The Supreme Court would toss out this case based on this notion if a case against Trump was begun.

So, Mueller did what any astute attorney would do, create a case for possible obstruction. His report admits that not all 10 or so possibilities are solid cases most attorneys would take, however, he did points to 2-3 cases that he felt could work. The collusion issue is just dead meat now, unless, something surfaces to reopen the wound. Right now, Trump is bathing in the No Collusion rant, but all Mueller stated is that he could not find anything solid enough to warrant an indictment on this matter. That does not mean it did not happen. Of course, Trumpers won't admit this part because no one really knows, everyone's just spewing out their own spin of propaganda based on political beliefs and preferences.

Because Mueller did not just come out and state President Trump should be indicted for obstruction and end it, he followed DOJ policy, much to his disdain, and just provided the cases and proof for others to pick up the baton. Had he made the statement, DOJ would have been acting as if he broke the law or Federal Code. Barr would have had a different reaction.

Good Omens

Despite the vexed report, Democrats and the few brave Republicans have a fairly clear case in a few instances. They could not wait until POTUS is out office to indict or just go for it after an official inquiry. The DOJ guidelines that restrained Mueller has no impact on Congress. The only things holding the Democrats back are:

  • Is the timing right?
  • Is the public behind them?
  • Is the cases Mueller provided sufficient?
  • Do they want to wait for more evidence to surface?

It would be interesting to see how this plays out between now and 2020, and if the Congress attempts to impeach Trump. If Mueller could have, he would have concluded there was sufficient grounds to indict Trump.

He just could not cross that line.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      22 months ago

      Well, Brad, your opinion is noted and fine. I can agree with some of it but overall Mueller clearly felt confined by coming to a conclusion due to the DOJ mantra policy one cannot indict a sitting president. But, he took it to the edge.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image


      22 months ago


      "There is so much confusion about the Mueller report and exactly why he did not just come to a conclusion,"


      I gave you the answer in your other article on Trump.

      This no indictment, no exoneration, and no conclusion coupled with the lengthy investigation that should have stopped last summer was made to give the democrat political advantage. This worked in the 2018 mid term election because he did stop the investigation until 5 months after the midterm elections.

      Now, his Vol II is working to influence the 2020 presidential election. Who needs foreign governments meddling in our elections when we have the democrats doing it.

      Mueller by turning over the decision on obstruction to congress, the democrat house of congress just passed the baton to them. They will take it all the way to the election because they have no political platform for America, Americans or Legal Immigrants.

      This would be a continuation of the democrats and their investigations and hearings like the Kavanaugh travesty which also went up close to the mid term.


      like AG Barr thought he should. In fact, many attorneys on both sides can only agree to disagree as to why. It really doesn't matter because every is entitled to opinions but there is only one set of facts."


      I have to disagree on your last sentence. In reading through Vol iI and looking at all the information that Mueller says are facts, they really can't be applied as evidence.

      There are a number of events, but to thread them into facts for evidence there are large gaps made by Mueller.

      Once again, he didn't have the evidence to prove his burden as prosecutor. That once again is proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law to get a guilty verdict.

      That is another reason why he left it up in the air for the democrats in the house to use for impeachment. The house can impeach Trump for any reason, it has a very low threshold. The senate is where the big hurdle is for impeachment, and like Bill Clinton it doesn't automatically remove a sitting president from office.

      That threshold is high crimes and misdemeanors!

      Finally, neither the democrats or the republican like Trump. So the fact that Mueller and Comey may have been registered as republicans or worked under both republican and democrat administrations is not conclusive as to the political motivation.

      The reason that they don't like president Trump is that he is shaking up the status quo, and both parties fear they may lose their footing. That is why there are so many RINOS.

      And that is the reason that I like him.



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