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Good Things about Nigerians

Updated on May 3, 2015

Nigerians are Good

The good things about Nigerians. The good side of Nigerians.
The good things about Nigerians. The good side of Nigerians. | Source


Is there really anything good with Nigerians or Nigeria? Nigeria is a country located in African continent and it is known to be the giant of Africa. Nigeria contains 36 states and the Federal capital territory called Abuja. It is blessed with mineral resources and one of the top exporters of crude oil. Nigeria exports an estimate of 2.102 million barrels of crude oil per day in 2009. Nigeria has a total population of about 140 Million in 2006, according to National Population Commission.

This essay is based on what I like about this country of mine. There are many good things attributed to Nigeria which cannot be exhausted in this write-up. Nigeria as a country has many things which make it standout from other nations.

Strongly, I stand to say that there are many good things about Nigerians. Nigerians have dominating spirit wherever they find themselves and they continue to win with such quality. The xenophobia attack in South Africa in April 2015 affected many Nigerians because they work hard wherever they are found.

Nigeria Is Good and Unique Country

This fatherland of mine is a good place with good people and good attributes. The important and benefiting things about Nigeria are discussed under the headings below:

Determination: Nigerians are determined and hard-working notwithstanding where they find themselves. This country has citizens who can do any legitimate works to earn their livings without looking back. They do not shy away from any labour that they can do and earn reward in return. This is why Nigerians are found in many parts of the world. According to Nigeria diaspora.

com, an organization that provides information about Nigerians around the world, 6,725 Nigerians qualified in the 2005 Diversity Visa Lottery. This makes Nigeria the largest immigrants from Africa. It shows how serious minded Nigerians are and they put in their best to see that they get to any country they want to reside. I doubt if there is any country in this globe where a Nigerian cannot be found. Nigerians migrate to other countries because they are focused and want to make better changes in their lives.

Good Agricultural Farmland: Nigeria has fertile soil for cultivating of foods. This makes food which is the basic thing needed in life to be at everybody’s disposal in the country and are obtained at affordable price. What is agricultural ranking of Nigeria? Nigeria is ranked sixth in the world and first in Africa in Agriculture (Wikipedia). Notwithstanding the large increase in population of the country, the government makes provisions to keep Nigeria at the top in terms of food output. The country cultivates many varieties of crops. The carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, fats and oil-containing foods are many in the country. That a country is deficiency in food is a history in Nigeria because there are a lot of foods that are produced every blessed day.

Moral: Nigeria is a country with good moral. We know the good from the bad, unlike some countries that ignore this aspect of life. According to Guttmacher Institute, Nigeria has one of the most restrictive Abortion Laws in the world and abortion is only allowed to save the life of the mother. This shows that Nigeria has respect for the unborn. In United States for example, this Law does not stand to only save the mother but to free the mother from the burden of carrying the pregnancy and this leads to termination of the unborn child. Also, Nigeria value decent dressing and shows concern for that. This moral is made fundamental in many families in the country as the children are taught about it from their early age. The country does not allow same-sex marriage. When the issue of a man marrying a man and a woman marrying the fellow woman was brought into the country to be legalized as a Law, Nigerian government saw that as a challenge and do not legalize it. It is a sign of human respect and show respect to human gender.

Nigerians as intelligent people.
Nigerians as intelligent people. | Source

Intelligence: This country has many intelligent people. Nigerian students for example perform well whenever they are into competition with other schools. Which university came first in Africa in the 2013 American Association of Petroleum Geologist Competition? Students of Geology Department of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria, came first in Africa in the 2013American Association of Petroleum Geologists competition (The Nations Newspaper). Not only that, when they were taken to represent Africa with others from other top universities, they came seventh in position. What surprised a lot of people is that these students from Nigerian university attained better position than University of Manchester in that competition. Some Nigerians have clinched top positions in many competitions in the world. In the 2013 Common Wealth Women in Leadership Essay Competition, a Nigerian woman, Nonyem Odili, came first in the world from about 2000 entrants for those between the age of18to 29. In the same year, a Nigerian, Ugoh Wilson Emenike, came first in the world in 2013 Transparency International Youth Essay Competition.

Nigerians medical doctors and engineers perform many professional functions in the United States of America and other parts of the world, and this shows that Nigerians are intelligent. A Nigerian, Philip Emeagwali, is one of the top ten fathers of computer. He is the most searched fathers of computer according to Google Search Engine. He specializes in Supercomputer and Internet. Philip won the Gordon Bell Prize from Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in the year 1989.

Charity: The citizens of this country help those in need and do not ignore the less privileged. They give to the poor when they are in need and helpless. The flood victims in 2012 felt as if they lost nothing because many helping hands answered them in their needs. Access Bank of Nigeria presented a cheque of Five Million Naira to Ms Jean Gough, representative of UNICEP Nigeria, in support of orphaned and less privileged in the society. This presentation took place on June 8, 2013(Customers’ Digest, Access Bank). On August 2013, a visitor whom I did not know came to the hospital where my father was admitted and gave him some money. What surprised me was my father and I did not know the ‘good Samaritan’. In fact, Nigerians have good hearts and that worth emulating.

Unity: The Nigerian citizens have one heart. They do things together and ‘fight’ societal disorderliness in union. In the recent Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike, some other organizations joined, protesting against the unfair treatment given to the University Union. This helps to put the society in good place.

Culture: Nigeria is rich in cultural practices and this makes them who they are. There are some societies who have lost what they are known for in the name of modernization. Nigeria embraces modernization and still retains its culture. Culture being the way of life of people makes us to be unique from other nations. This cultural practise makes Nigerians to show respect to others because the teaching (respect) is inculcated in many cultural practices. This culture teaches the citizens moral from their childhood.


This topic has been discussed and some reasons that make ‘My Nigeria’ a good place has been dealt with as well. Are you seeing everything in Nigeria to be uninteresting? If you are the type, now is time to change your mindset. You can make suggestions on what to be done to make Nigeria a better place for all as I did in my writing entitled “Challenges in Nigeria and Solutions on How to resolve them”. I love this country, Nigeria; hope you do love the country.


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