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Government Blunders: Local and National

Updated on May 10, 2009

Does Your City Waste Tax Dollars Also?

Are you aware of any government blunders in your community? I live in Jacksonville, Fla. and I will mention just a couple. I would like you to send coments on the blunders that you are aware of in your areas.

The JEA has told us the customers have cut back on water and that's why we are going to have our water bill raised. Well, that not exactly true. They were going to build a community and JEA expected over 4500 homes so they jumped in with both feet and built this infrastructure and to date there are eight homes in the community. Right now I can't think of the community but when I do iI will edit my hub.

The US Post Office here in Jacksonville on Kings Road built a gate electrically operated to allow tractor trailers in and cut time and increase safety but it turns out the trucks could not make the turn into the gate so the $2 million dollars it took to construct this monatrosity is your stamp money down the toilet.

Now the city has made a deal to sell 5 million gallons of water a day to the Orlando area out of our St. Johns River. The algae is already blooming whih means the river is maxed out. Go figure. That money does not go back into the economy it will just halp for the exuberant budget.

Please send in your city's blunders. I would like to hear them, I like to know where our tax dollars are going.


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