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Government Has Failed Our Children

Updated on April 2, 2012

The government continues to fails us yet people want to keep giving the government more control, why? Has society been brainwashed to the point that failure is success? Or are people just so use to voting party lines it doesn't matter the outcome?

Over the years the government control of us has grown. We are starting to lose our rights and liberties and pursuit of government control. The government seems to convince the people in this country that we would all fail without them. Our debt has grown, our rights have been taken aways and our freedoms challenged. Some people even say the constitution should essentially be voided because of when it was written.

I have herd over and over the government is needed to make sure we get the what we need. What is it we need welfare, life long debt, monetary system that is useless, corrupt politicians who continue to fail? What is the support they provide us? I am less sure each day. One thing I do know is you lose your freedoms continuously. Police in some states have the right to look through your cell phones, guns are slowly but surely being taken away, taxes continue to go up on business (corporate tax is the highest in the world). Medicare and Social Security are failing systems. Yet the democrats continue to tell us biggest is better. Obviously this is not true at all. When is the last time we truly tried a small government a libertarian perspective. Socialism has only worked in a few places with small populations and essentially homogeneous which America is not.

People need to consider outcomes not what the government tells us. The next time you here the government wants to run a program just vote no. They are no successful at what they do, actually they are an epic failure that needs monitoring. If you were employee constiantly creating debt and failing programs in the private sector you would be fired.


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