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Government: Matt Hancock and Coronavirus.

Updated on April 17, 2020

Public Wearing Masks.

Coronavirus is like nothing we have seen for generations, most of the world is in lockdown.

The UK lockdown tells the public to stay at home and only leave the house when necessary. For example, for shopping and exercise, to practice social distancing, etc. It seems mainly, that the great British public, is, by and large, obeying the government's requirements. However, in some areas of the country, the police have had to dish out fines to those not obeying the rules and brake up house/garden parties.

It appears that social distancing is halting the spread of the disease somewhat, but people are still dying in hospitals, care homes and in the community in general. So far, 12,868 people have died in the UK. These figures it has been revealed do not cover those who have died in care homes and in the community at large.

Although the majority of victims are people in their twilight years, many younger people mainly with underlying symptoms of other afflictions, have also, died. Indeed, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, caught it, at first isolating in Downing Street, he was later admitted to an NHS hospital.

It was touch and go as to whether he made it or not, but make it he did. At the moment Boris, cannot return to work and is resting. Dominic Raab, Foreign Minister, is taking on many of Boris' duties as Prime Minister until such time, as Boris, can return to work.

The government from 10 Downing Street, has been having, regular broadcasts to inform the public, as to the latest news, regarding COVID-19. Many of these live broadcasts were featuring Boris Johnson, until, he fell ill. But since then, Dominic Raab, Rishi Sunak, Priti Patel, Matt Hancock and others have appeared at the podium, on behalf, of the government. These broadcasts feature two other speakers who have more knowledge of the disease from the medical point of view. Such as Epidemiologist, Chris Witty, who himself caught COVID-19, maybe from Boris?

Whoever chairs the public broadcast (yesterday it was Health Secretary, Matt Hancock) today, wait and see!

Keir Starmer (Labour's new leader) and others have been asking about a possible exit strategy from lockdown. However, it is expected that the government will announce today maybe another 3-week extension to the lockdown and then review the situation then.

It is expected that even when some lockdown restrictions are lifted, life will not be the same until the Coronavirus is defeated, albeit perhaps, not completely.

Conservative MP, Nadine Doris, said yesterday that the above would possibly be the case.

There has been much furore over PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. For example, is the right equipment getting to those who need it and to the effectiveness of said equipment? Some in the social care sector feel they are playing second fiddle to NHS workers when it comes to PPE. Sadly, many people working in the NHS and social care environment have paid the ultimate price when treating COVID patients. People up and down the UK have turned out in their streets, balconies etc, to applaud those medical workers on the front line who keep us all safe. Some worry because of the emphasis in the NHS over COVID-19, other illnesses are being neglected. However, the NHS has said, patients with cancer or other illnesses will not be turned away.

The government has also come under attack from some quarters, that, they have not acted efficiently enough when it comes to Coronavirus. Compared to Germany for example, a country linguistically and culturally similar to the UK, Germany has had fewer deaths and fewer cases of infection. That is because Germany has been testing more and has a massive medical industry to back it up.

Meanwhile, countries across the globe are looking to find a vaccine, but some say that could be 12-18 months away.

Boris:  Recovering from COVID-19.
Boris: Recovering from COVID-19.
Emblem of Our Brave NHS Workers.
Emblem of Our Brave NHS Workers.

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