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Government Reform - Cash Transactions Demand Security Camera Supervision

Updated on September 12, 2015

Cash Registers

convenient store click in front of cash register
convenient store click in front of cash register | Source

Security Camera for Cash Drawers

cash drawer
cash drawer | Source

Security cameras are present at every major shopping mall, all financial institutions and many small retailers. Restaurant owners have seen a major increase in their profitability as well as bar owners through the simple implementation of what has become relatively affordable and simple to install.

Residential installations have also seen an increase. Yet we have not seen an increase at the thousands of governmental sites that take in cash. From parking lots to utility bills, the security camera is sadly missing.

Yes, the court houses have security cameras but where are the security cameras for your local governmental unit who takes in utility bill payments. Where are the security cameras for the municipal and county parking lot attendants?

The headlines read we are headed to the fiscal cliff, yet we are implementing operational efficiencies or added internal controls.

Cash is king and always will be. Those who believe plastic will completely replace cash don't fully understand human nature. We want the tangible and for many they need the tangible. Seeing and feeling the cash that we spend is an old-fashioned notion that will always be with us. Securing our financial future starts with protecting finite governmental assets with mandating security cameras at every location that takes in cash.

Cash Registers Can Hurt Your Profitability - Security Camera Can Help

cash registers and pockets can become friends too readily
cash registers and pockets can become friends too readily | Source

POS Security Camera System

POS Cash Register Security System Needed for Government Cash Stations
POS Cash Register Security System Needed for Government Cash Stations | Source

Use Technology to The Benefit of the Taxpayer

Is the world this corrupt? Perhaps not but to use technology to its fullest to the benefit of the taxpayers is the job of government officials, employees and the tax paying citizens.

Obstacles to Implementation Very Low

In years past the obstacles to implement security systems was time and money. The systems were very costly. Today the hardware and the software prices are very reasonable. The best part of the new systems is the wireless capabilities that assist in installation.While running wire is not expensive in itself, it can be time consuming.

Home Security Systems

Amazingly it seems the home security system market has grown at a faster rate than the governmental sector. This is sad because government needs to protect the assets of its citizens. It is a sad statement when government is not technologically advanced. It is a sadder statement when citizens do not take an active role. We are a government by the people and for the people and we must voice our opinions now.

Time is Now to Demand Accountability in Our Government

Citizens needs to stand up and demand accountability. Taking action, asking the right questions is needed to running governmental efficiently.

We have the technology, the price tag for this technology has dropped substantially. It is time for the citizens to demand accountability and to mandate security cameras at all transaction points that take in cash.

Diagram of the Video Surveillance Hardware Needs

Security Camera Diagram
Security Camera Diagram
Security Camera System Diagram of Hardware Needs
Security Camera System Diagram of Hardware Needs

Video Surveillance System Requirements

Video Surveillance System Requirements
Video Surveillance System Requirements | Source

Retail Store Camera Overlooking Cash Register

retail store camera overlooking cash register
retail store camera overlooking cash register | Source

Does your local government use cameras to protect your tax dollars?

See results

New Technology Can Help Government and Taxpayers Alike

The wave of new technology that is available today is ever changing, but the one constant is the need to protect the investment of the taxpayers. Investing in a camera next to your cash register, whether you own a small store or restaurant or whether you are a local government is a best practice that needs to be discussed and acted upon. Start today and protect yourself and your hard earned cash.


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    • American_Choices profile image

      American_Choices 4 years ago from USA


      You make some excellent points. Knowing when the camera is really protecting or when it is in reality hindering. The problem that we did not highlight is an un-manned camera without any tape is a foolish display.

      I just read where there are now red light cameras - cameras to help prevent the crazy driver from running red light. Long ago I was injured by such a mad man. So there are safety purposes for cameras.

      Thank you so much for contributing some valuable insight into this new technology. I hope we learn to use this technology well and save lives and valuables rather than destroy our freedoms.

    • profile image

      spiritglove 5 years ago

      What are you a security camera salesman. Personally I think that excess security camera coverage, means an invasion of privacy. There are too many security cameras, they are every where.

      Whats the problem with too many security cameras? They make people paranoid, mostly the people that have them.

      Example- I have a storage space, the company I rent from has security cameras. These cameras are accessible from the residence of the owner. The result, every time someone shows up to access their storage space. The owner drives over to the storage business. Has any crime been committed, nope, never. However the poor owner is driving himself nuts because of these cameras. It is all very unnecessary. A gate with a security code is really all he needs, then He would know who was coming and going no camera needed.

      His security cameras don't tell exactly who is coming and going, but someone made a chunk of change, and are now driving this business owner nuts.

      I do suppose that there are places that cameras should be, like banks, and inside stores, however inside is where they belong, that is where the valuable items are.

      If I have to piss behind a building ( men do these things if necessary), I can almost count on it that some will be recording it.

      There are really too many cameras thank you BIG BROTHER 1984